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Missy Anee

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Posted: 12 Aug 2011, 23:47
My name is Melissa, I got by Missy tho. Im just entering college and the whole freshmen 15 is starting to scared me. For any of those who are confused its where freshmen gain 15 lbs. I am already at that point where i dont want to gain any more weight because then i will completly let go and it wouldnt be good. My goal is to find a good healthy diet and to be comfortable with my body type. I dont have good self confidence already and its getting worse which is really starting to scare me. I need motavation for encouragement to get me going.I need to be commited to something so its harder to put it off. I believe that if I do the action first i can be succesful but i need at much help as possible!!

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Posted: 13 Aug 2011, 00:10
Missy, you talk about how you need motivation and encouragement. Do this for yourself. Find the motivation and encouragement within yourself. Take responsibility for what foods and how much you put in your body. Only YOU can do this. This site is a great site to inspire others, read some more posts.

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