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Posted: 09 Aug 2011, 21:40
I have lived a life of weight problems right after my second child and sadly to say she's 18 years old. My weight has been up and down, diet after diet, running, body sculpting classes, zumba and aqua zumba and toning to the point where i have bad knees and chronic joint pain. I guess running myself down wasn't the answer. My biggest enemy was my food intake and continues to be my downfall today. I'm a Zumba instructor and love what i do but seems to challenge myself everyday because of my weight. Tried and stopped awhile back. Gonna give this a shot..

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Posted: 10 Aug 2011, 22:46
My journey also starts here. I believe this is gonna work, and am excited about it. I am taking responsibility for my food choices. I joined on 7-1-11 so far I'm very happy with this site. I love to read the forums, and get tips. Smile

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