Throwing my scale out the window!!!

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Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 08:25
My scale is about to suffer a terrible fate!!LOL I am 3 weeks into induction and only show an 8 lbs loss. I am following the program, and have not eaten any non-Atkins friendly foods. The scale hasn't budged in over a week, but I FEEL thinner! I know that I am losing inches, and I have started to measure myself just to make sure. I am just really discouraged by the scale not moving. I have read in other posts to try to lower the dairy amounts, which I think I should try. I am staying within the 3 recommended sweeteners and drinking water. Maybe too much protein or too much fat from cheese, etc??? Would someone please take a glance at my food intake and let me know where the problem might be? Thanks so much everyone.
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Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 08:41
Don't blame your scale- it's doing the best it can but is a very crude measure of progress. Look at the scale as ONE, not the only, measure of progress. I'm not on Atkins, but reading your entry, I would say you're doing great! Lost 8 lbs, losing inches, feeling better in general. That's terrific progress! Isn't getting smaller what we're going for anyway? I don't know about you, but I don't wear my weight posted on my back for all to see- I wear my clothes, and if they look better on you, you're making great progress. Sometimes the scale IS out of touch with reality and if your whole definition of success is centered around it, you're going to lose focus quickly- always keep in mind the bigger picture!
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Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 08:46
Thank you gnat. I appreciate that and you are so right!!! I think that you get into the mindset that the scale needs to move to prove that you are on the right path. I am feeling better and my waist appears to be getting smaller and I am definately not as bloated. Maybe my expectations are not realistic. I appreciate the pep talk so much, thank you!
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Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 09:15
If an Atkins guru has a quick minute, would you please take a peek at my food diary to see if you spot any obvious problems or areas that I need to cut back on? Thanks everyone for your imput, it is much appreciated.
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Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 10:10
Well said nat! 8lbs is great progress. Keep up the good work. That number will budge soon enough Smile

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Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 10:13
You lost 8 pounds in three weeks. That is over 2 pounds a week. That is great progress. One of the biggest issues I see with any dieter (even myself at times) is this unrealistic expectation that the weight you gained is going to come off quickly. It took years to get overweight. Be patient and keep going.

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Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 10:24
I absolutely agree that 8 lbs is good, however, that loss was within the first week to 10 days of induction and I have not lost ANYTHING since then. I'm just concerned now that I am not doing induction correctly since I am not seeing the weight budge in the past week.
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Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 18:16
Move out of induction into OWL. adding variety and more calories will jump start your weight loss. My weight loss is very slow, 4lbs on induction. i have come to a point where I am comfortable knowing the program and feel I can do this long term. I was able to go away for 10 days w/out FS or Atkins site gained 2 lbs which turned out to be bloat, went away in 2 days. So get comfortable with OWL it is easy to follow long term and works. I will stick with Owl because I added things I like to eat, plus I am at a point where I have treats (probably too often ) and although not losing weight not gaining for the summer. i feel confident on OWL. but I have decided I eat fairly healthy all the time now. (I am eating 1/2 a red pepper for a snack)while typing. Good Luck

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Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 22:03
Congrats on the 8 lbs, that is a lot. I think I broke through my mini-stall by doing the following:
-cut out the Atkins bars
-less cheese
-find and eliminate hidden sugars(I was eating a lot. Read the labels and learn the other names for sugar
-take a fiber pill
-exercise more
-take a vitamin without iron
-add more vegetables plus more fat
Also, I am starting to take a bunch of supplements I learned about from the book, Living Low Carb. In the book, it states thatvcalories do matter. I still make sure I eat fat but I don't force myself to set a big dinner. Plus, I'm just not that hungry. I now weigh my almonds to actually see what 1 oz is. Before I was going over and didn't realize it. Best of luck!

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Posted: 26 Jul 2011, 18:27
May not only be your diet. If you think you are following it pretty closely try changing other things. Just shake things up. I have noticed things like if I change my eating times it may increase my weight loss. Not eating to late. Im a routine eater. Same things for many days in a row then on the weekend may go a little over carb count (only healthy carbsSmile) and will lose the next day. Eating most of my carbs through the day not later at night. Excercise increases loss for some people, it slows mine a bit. Dont get in too much of a hurry or stress out about it and change things up once in a while give it a couple days and see what happens. Different things for different people. You will eventually work it out. Good luck!
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Posted: 07 Aug 2011, 01:43
Gotta agree with Maw here I don't understand the science but when I mix things up a bit I see big results but then we are all made differently. Also have to agree with with 2 lbs a week being great progress put a two pound weight in your pocket or better yet and eight pounder and walk around for a day you will quickly see just how significant that weight loss really is lol. Good luck and stay the course!
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