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Posted: 22 Jul 2011, 21:23
OK -- I don't want to sound like anyone's mom, but I had an experience this week in the Midwest heat wave that made me realize how careful we all need to be. I got out with the dog very early to try to beat the heat, and we walked briskly for about 35 minutes. And I felt great. Then it took me about an hour to water the backyard garden and the front porch plants. All of the sudden while I was finishing up in the front yard, the sweat just starting pouring off me -- I mean my shirt was so wet it was like I'd been in a rainstorm. I finished up, came inside and before I could even take a shower, I sat down and drank about 16 ounces of iced herb tea, and I could honestly feel my body cooing off.

I didn't really think too much about this until yesterday, when I read an article in the paper about heat exhaustion and discovered that the reaction I and -- the sudden massive sweating -- was an indication that my core temperature had risen to the danger point.

So...to all my friends on FS -- be very careful with your exercise programs during this sweltering summer. Yes, we need to stay fit. But we need to stay safe, too. I felt fine right up to the point when I didn't feel fine anymore -- and even then, I wasn't aware that I was in any particular danger. I just said to myself: gee, I'm really a mess. Better finish up and go inside and take a shower. But it turns out, I was being foolish.

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Posted: 22 Jul 2011, 21:31
Glad you're ok. Heat exhaustion can be very serious. Water might have been a better choice at that time instead of tea, but cooling down is definately the right move. We're seeing a pretty severe heatwave (and drought) here in Texas too. So I know exactly what you're talking about. Take care.
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Posted: 23 Jul 2011, 06:52
Wow L., scary times. Good post. I hope you and the puppy stay safe in this crazy heatwave.

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Posted: 23 Jul 2011, 08:59
This heat can be dangerous. I'm back to working out in the basement, and the treadmill for walking. Feels like winter...why do we live in the Midwest again?? Smile

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Posted: 23 Jul 2011, 11:01
I agree, my body doesn't respond well to the heat regardless of the heatwave so have been going to a friends to use her treadmill.
Stay safe everyone!
I'm glad your o.k. Hermoines mom Smile


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Posted: 23 Jul 2011, 12:51
Thanks for the good wishes. Glad to hear so many smart FSers are exercising inside. I was a bit worried because there seemed to be a lot of posts from folks who were announcing how far they had run, despite the heat. Especially for those of us who are still, shall we say, plump, extra care is in order on high heat index days.

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Posted: 23 Jul 2011, 12:59
It's 65F at the Pacific North-West! It's funny to get emails from BedBath "Escape the summer heat with our product..." - we still don't have summer here!!! How about Mid-West gives away 10 degrees to the Pacific North-West? Very Happy
But yeah, it's easier to warm up in cool weather than cool down in the heat - glad you caught the overheating symptoms in time! Be safe!

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Posted: 23 Jul 2011, 13:11
You definitely have to be careful. Sometimes we get busy doing something (like watering the garden) and before we know it we've been out way too long. I try to get up and do yard work early in the morning before 10 or I do it just before the sunsets around 8. You can still exercise outside but you do have to go for a few minutes then take a break to cool back down. Its been extremely hot in NC too. Today our index in the triple digits for the 4th straight day.

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Posted: 23 Jul 2011, 14:20
Wow @Hermiones Mom. I'm SO glad you were at home when it hit! I haven't been doing much outside activity because I've been exercising with my wii but this is a great warning to all. Thank you for sharing and take care. ♥Ruby
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Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 11:28
Thanks, that is a good tip. I typically swim so I suspect that tends to keep you pretty cool even when the water is a bit warm. But I do walk too so I'll watch for that symptom.
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Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 22:37
Believe it or not, this all occurred before 10 am. I never take Hermione out after 8:30 on a hot day. But that should give you all an idea of how hot it's been here. We've had a couple of days when the temperature was past 85 by 8:30 am. Today was great...much lower humidity and temperature than the past week, although it was still high 80s. Tomorrow is supposed to be gruesome. Meantime, since I started this post, my neighborhood had 8.59 inches of rain between Friday and Sunday. This is just getting nuts this year.

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