Still hanging in there, not losing really, but didn't give in

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Posted: 05 Jun 2011, 10:54
OK - So I've been doing the adkins plan since mid May. I show losing as much as 6 pounds, then I show only losing 2 pounds - and it fluctuates all the time. I could show 6 pounds, then two days later 2 pounds - one time it showed I didn't lose anything. So - I keep drinking more water, focusing on keeping out the hidden carbs. I had a terrible time on Friday night - I sooo bad wanted a DQ buster bar and a fast food hamburger. I didn't do it. The next day (Saturday) it showed I had lost 6 pounds. Today - it shows I only lost 3. Saturday wasn't a bad day, and I didn't cheat. So, now I'm just venting - getting ready to go grocery shopping. I'm not going to give up, but I find I am thrilled one day just to be disappointed the next.

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Posted: 05 Jun 2011, 11:08
I have been adkins for five days and have only lost 2 pounds been thinking about quitting becauswe I want to have carbs soooo bad... they had cookies at work yesterday which was a killer. but I did good and did not have one . Man this is hard.....

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Posted: 05 Jun 2011, 11:19
After the second week, my cravings for carbs went down - way down. Friday was unusual in that I wanted the DQ and fast food. Really truely - the cravings go way down after a bit. Hang in, I'm gonna. I keep thinking it just might take me longer than normal Today I am going to get the actual keotone sticks to make sure I am in the right place.

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Posted: 05 Jun 2011, 11:21
Malibugirl - you did good to pass on the proud of that win. Next time won't be so hard to say no thanks.

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Posted: 05 Jun 2011, 15:32
the first few weeks is always the hardest. think of it like an addiction to carbs, you're going through withdrawal so that is what you're craving. for some it's worse than others, but it will get better. when you have a bad craving for something sweet try eating something sour, like a pickle. i don't know how it works, but it helps me.
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Posted: 06 Jun 2011, 04:14
If you want a burger...have it! I eat double double protien style burgers atleast once a week...cuz I wuv'em! Not sure where you live, but in CA we have in-n-out and carl's jr (hardee's). You just need to ask for "protein style" and they will give you a nice lettuce wrapped (no bun) burger. Also, if I feel like tearing down the wall for a treat...I either drink a cup of hot chicken broth or I have a small pience of my favorite atkins bar. I try not to eat the whole atkins bar because it can stall you, but it can save you if you have a major craving for sweets! Also, I agree with gkcfm95....a cruchy dill pickle can satsify a sweetooth...I eat the baby dills...only 1 carb each.
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Posted: 07 Jun 2011, 13:17
Hello all!
I've been on induction since 5/2/11 and have lost 15lbs. I'm at a stall now. Haven't lost for over a week. I've made up my mind to forget about the scale and just continue to eat Induction friendly foods. As long as I'm in Ketosis I know I'm burning fat for energy and the weight will eventually come of.
My favorite sweet treat is sugar free Jello with home made whip cream (sweetened with Splenda)

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Posted: 07 Jun 2011, 13:23
ppina, that is the right attitude. Just keep on the right track and the weight will follow. Sometimes our body needs time to adjust to the new weight and the new exercise, etc.... You can do this, just hang tough

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Posted: 07 Jun 2011, 15:13
A stall is going for 4 weeks or more without inches or pounds lost. So don't stress if you don't lose anything for a week.

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Posted: 07 Jun 2011, 17:59
hi chris51595! you want the fast food burger, have it, but don't eat the bun. you did awesome by skipping the DQ.

didn't see much in your food diary, so can't comment on what you're eating. are you getting 20 net carbs, 15 from veggies? enough fat?

the hardest thing for me when I started was eating enough. you should be getting between 1600-1800 calories. after years of doing low calorie, low fat dieting (which didn't work for me), it was hard to get my head round eating more.

I had a stall in April. up & down the same 3 pounds. went over to the Atkins site & read up on stalls. turns out, it was the sugar-free gum I was chewing. even though it's sugar-free, each piece counts as 1 carb. when I was having 4-6 pieces, those carbs were adding up.

you can do this! there are lots of great people here that give wonderful suggestions. the lessons & information on the Atkins is a good source, too.

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Posted: 08 Jun 2011, 06:05
Boy did I need to see this this AM. I am also on in the beginning, and was on steady down, until about 5 days ago... now up 2- down 1- up 3 -down 2 etc... and I have been NOT CHEATING. I am very determined not to give in though. I know that I have to stick with the program, and jst keep telling myself L O N G T E R M
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Posted: 09 Jun 2011, 04:38
I have been on atkins for going on 4 weeks now. I have lost six pounds and moved into the OWL phase. The scale is not budging!!! Thankfully I have not gained any back but I am not losing. Very frustrated at this point. I took my measurements the first week I started and then took them again a week later. There was not much of a loss there either. Just an inch here and a half-inch there. Need encouragement to continue.
Have a happy day!

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Posted: 10 Jun 2011, 00:17
Everyone should make sure that they are eating enough fat otherwise the diet does not work as it should

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Posted: 10 Jun 2011, 06:31
I'm on SB, but I will offer this - focus on the process. If you eat right and exercise, things will take care of themselves naturally.

My life got thrown up into Chaos (I was working in Detroit, my wife and fam in Columbus - finally consolidated). I took the opportunity in all the chaos to make fitness changes and have stuck to them. Since March, I have lost about 15 lbs.

So pick your method and have faith in the method. The rest will come.

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Posted: 10 Jun 2011, 09:56
Malibugirl1 -- Think about it this way: No matter what diet you're on, you would have been skipping the cookies at work if you were really trying to eat healthy. I'm not on Atkins, but if I don't skip the cookies, I can't lose weight. Nobody loses weight falling victim to what's in the office kitchen. I kept string cheese in the fridge at work so that when the cookies and donuts showed up, I could eat something that wouldn't get me into trouble. Keep the faith. (P.S. I'm not as disciplined as you are. After 2 days of 100 degree weather this week, I ate a DQ Blizzard. My downfall isn't so much the office kitchen as it is the fact that when it gets too hot for several days, about the only thing I can tolerate is ice cream or tuna fish. I should have gone for the tuna fish, but it was the first DQ in a year, so I don't feel so bad!)

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