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Posted: 31 May 2011, 00:13
Hi everyone,
I found this site off a Goth forum site that I'm frequently on and was encouraged by others to join so I did.
I'm 18 and I really do hate myself because of the way that I look, though oddly enough I'm also happy to show off my body. So I'm not really sure how that makes scene lol.
I've been vegetarian since I was about 10 and so I really don't eat too much fatty food. My really big down falls being Salt and vinegar chips and mac&cheese packet pasta and sauce. I've actually cut out a hell of a lot of chocolate from my diet.
My big problem is exercise for a couple of reasons, the first being that I've got a hole in my heat and so I lose circulation to my legs if I run to long, I've got a sweating condition which makes me really sensitive about being a gym or even walking around outside and I'm always sick with something(from a cold to influenza to Gallstones). This has lead to extream lack of motivation.
I'm here to get the motivation and support needed to lose the weight and not let myself stop due to being sick.
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Posted: 31 May 2011, 08:09
First off, check with your doctor to see what your exercise limits are with your conditions. No sense debilitating yourself. Wink Secondly, it's time to get real about what you eat and log it. No one expects perfection, but minor slip ups can be covered up by eating properly the majority of the time. Guess what, I sweat like a pig and am glad to see the scale move because of it. I can honestly say that I have never seen an instance of someone sweating so much at the gym that they drew attention (code for no one cares but you... Wink ). Mindset is key. You have to believe in yourself and your future success. To do otherwise is accepting defeat and creating a self fulfilling prophecy. Set up a support network at home and with friends too. Maybe an exercise buddy? Imagine there are some kick ass black outfits to be put together. Would be hot outside in summer though... lol! All joking aside, you are too young and too pretty to sabotage yourself with bad eating and exercise habits. Take it from a fourty something rocker chick, it's time to get real and do something. Anything. Even if it's just moving more. Good luck and keep us posted.
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