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Posted: 30 May 2011, 10:07
i had a thought that perhaps the secret to being thin lies within those who are thin.
i did an informal personal survey to find out what makes skinny girls skinny.
what i found out was not encouraging.
ALL & i mean 100% of the results were that each of the 50 individuals did absolutely nothing. no dieting, no exercising, no thoughts about their weight even. each one ate whatever they pleased, most ate fast foods, pizza, chips, candy bars, cookies, drank sodas (none diet) ,those iced coffee drinks & beer or some other alcoholic beverage.
so, i decided to be fair i should include overweight girls. oddly enough i discovered that ALL of them were on some diet or another & exercising regularly in a desperate effort to be skinny, but none of them were even close to being thin. some had even been dieting & exercising for years with no results.Confused

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Posted: 30 May 2011, 10:09
were they all in the same age range ???

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Posted: 30 May 2011, 10:11
it was a span of 20-40yrs old. didnt bother with teens.

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Posted: 30 May 2011, 10:24
I think it's a fact that overweight people exercise more than thin people.
It's because of metabolism. This is why if you want to lose weight the focus has to be on metabolism. The good news is that it's something that can be improved.
I swear I eat more now than I have have before and I keep getting in better and better shape, and it's because my exercise and my diet put the emphasis on increasing my metabolism.
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Posted: 30 May 2011, 13:55
I think you need to look at not only what they do but why they do it. Do the skinny girls eat pizza but have only one or two slices and stop? Do they hit McD's and get a small burger and not the double big mac? I have noticed similar things among my skinny friends. Many of them don't workout at all and eat whatever is handy, however, they can have 1 piece of candy or pie. I've noticed that skinny people tend to eat because of hunger and they stop when they are full, overweight people eat for other reasons. Skinny folks also tend to be more active then my overweight friends. They are always doing something, going somewhere, working in the yard, walking in the park, while the overweight folks tend to be less active. And let's not forget genetics - that plays a huge part in how we look. Metabolism is an intricate, complicated thing and you really can't look at one or two aspects and make assumptions. You have to look at the bigger picture. The thing is, it can be changed but it takes work and constant vigilance.

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Posted: 30 May 2011, 15:01
I've noticed they tend to eat randomly. So when they might eat a 2000 calorie meal it might be the only one they eat that day.

I'd be curious what their diet calendar would look like if you logged everything they ate and did for a week.

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Posted: 30 May 2011, 18:03
I was that one of them girls you described!!! But everything changed in my 40's, of course I quit smoking and did work in a bakery but I ended up having to change my eating habits to take my usual weight back. Like most of them ladies, I never even thought it would be necessary to even think of ever needing to lose weight. But then I was very active!! Never worked out in gyms or nothing like it but never stayed in place more than 30 minutes.

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Posted: 30 May 2011, 18:20
Here's another observation to add to the great info. others have already provided.

We get whatever we FOCUS on.
[Whether we focus on what we want or what we don't want - we get it!!!] So while all of us who are (or have been) overweight have been focusing on what we don't want -- FAT - we got FAT. If you're always thinking about fat, how we don't want to be fat, gotta get rid of this fat here or there, gotta restrict the eating, etc. etc., -- the focus is still on fat. Even though we don't want it - we get what we focus us!!! So if we focus on what we DON'T WANT or we focus on what we DO WANT -- we get it either way! [The key is to focus on being thin and fit and healthy!!!]

Thin people naturally focus (though most perhaps not obsessively, as you observed), on how to STAY THIN! They simply think in those terms. When they eat they are not only thinking of what they want to eat, but what will also allow them to stay in shape -- they want to look good, or fit into their pants, or whatever it is. So, in the back of their mind, even while they may be at Mc Donald's, they remember that they are thin. What we focus on and how we view ourselves have a lot to do with the food and exercise choices we make! So even though that may not be something as observable as typical habits and trends, it is the motivation behind our behavior and habits.) Best of luck with your studies!

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Posted: 30 May 2011, 18:23
I feel like skinnier people don't realize they are working out...for example I didn't start gaining weight until I stopped going to school and was working 8 hours a day in an office...When I was at school I was walking everywhere but I never considered that working out..just running errands and getting the things done that I needed..So it may be that those who are skinner have lifestyle that is more mobile

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Posted: 30 May 2011, 18:42
I don't know where you're getting your sample from. The fittest person I know runs almost daily and rock climbs several times a week. She lives an extremely active lifestyle and makes good decisions about her food, though she doesn't obsess--it does seem to come easily to her. Another girlfriend of mine bodybuilds and teaches aerobics; she's diabetic, so is very cautious about her food, in particular sugar. Frankly, I can think of only one thin person I know who is thin in spite of her unhealthy lifestyle.

The people I know who are overweight are sometimes moderately active, but to a much lesser degree, and when I see them eating it is frequently hamburgers, candy, doughnuts....

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Posted: 30 May 2011, 19:17
Really interesting. If you could bottle will power / self control you would be wealthier than Steve Jobs!

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Posted: 30 May 2011, 19:24
very interesting Smile my bestfriend is a nz size 8 and she eats anything and everything, we work together and have our breaks together, while i sit and have an apple and a couple ryvitas with marmite she'll eat 8 weetbix and a bag of lollies for her morning tea for lunch she'll have a hot pie and half a block of chocolate and two milos with three spoons of milo per cup i'll have a slimmers cup of soup and two slices of unbuttered wholemeal bread and another piece of fruit she hasn't gained a ib. gutting to watch and so frustrating as i've been on a diet since i was a pre-teen and can have two bad days and gain a kg Sad

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Posted: 30 May 2011, 20:08
I used to be one of those people that was skinny (54kg - 58kg) and I could eat whatever I wanted. Until I was about 22 and then my metabolism slowed, and I gained 10kg in a year and a half. SO, I think if you eat crap, and don't exercise, eventually it's going to catch up to you. It's just a matter of when.

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Posted: 31 May 2011, 00:52
Careful -- an "informal personal survey" is not scientific research. People are notoriously dishonest when they talk about their eating habits and exercise habits. At age 59, none of my contemporaries actually eats anything they want in large quantities -- in other words, even those who eat whatever they want generally eat less than I do while on a diet. They may not choose healthy foods, but they make healthy choices about the quantity of food they eat. The only people I've ever known who could eat anything they wanted without ever gaining any weight were teenage boys in a growth spurt and participating in 2 or 3 competitive sports.

Here's the thing: the evidence is overwhelming that if you want to be thin and healthy long term, you have to eat healthy food and engage in regular exercise. Yes, there are people whose metabolism makes it difficult to lose weight and those rare few whose metabolism is such that they have to work at maintaining weight. I'm low thyroid, so believe me I know -- and I have worked with people in the past who had to eat nutritional supplements together with their meals to keep from being skeletal.

But each person has to find their own reality independent of what they think anybody else is doing. My reality is that if I stay on a low glycemic diet 6 out of every 7 days, and I make even a minimal effort to exercise, slowly but surely, I lose weight, and all those critical numbers that measure good health -- blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol -- improve.

As a result, I've stopped paying attention to everyone else and their eating habits. I have to do what I'm doing for the rest of my life. Sometimes I get frustrated and wish it was different for me, but more and more, I've been able to take responsibility for the fact that I'm fat because of choices I make, and even if someone else can be thin making the same bad choices, it doesn't make me thinner to be aggravated about it. Does this make any sense?

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Posted: 31 May 2011, 07:30
An even more intriguing idea is to look at those "skinny people's" cognitive choices. They tend to be in constant motion, eat more frequently in smaller amounts, and avoid binging on calories in general. There is an argument that the three body types have a lot to do with a persons metabolism, and we would be describing "ectomorphs" generally here. I plan to look into the real science on this idea soon.
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Posted: 31 May 2011, 08:00
I don't think this is that accurate to say that skinny people can eat whatever they want with little or no exercise and not be affected, although there are some people out there that are just naturally thin and can eat whatever they want, eventually it will catch up to you unless you’ve been blessed with an amazing metabolism/genes. Also most of those people surveyed probably do not eat that type of food all day every day. I read/heard an interesting fact somewhere and I really believe it to be true, which was something along the lines of your weight is 80% genes, 10% exercise and 10% diet. I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted with minimal exercise, but then at about age 21, I slowly started to pack on the pounds.
Your body keeps an accurate journal regardless of what you write down...

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Posted: 31 May 2011, 09:07
Genetics and the difference between being insulin sensitive and insulin resistant. The big lie out there is that fat people are fat because they don't exercise or they eat too much or both. Yet every overweight person I know eats too little and exercises like crazy. Their problem is that they eat THE WRONG THINGS.

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Posted: 31 May 2011, 09:21
I'm going with a lot of folks on this forum. I have been in the skinny category for much of my adult life - with a few periods heavy for me but not nearly overweight - and it's because of very hard work and definite retriction. It's the same for every slender woman I know well enough to garner honest information from about diet and exercize. An anecdotal survey isn't going to produce much but this sort of oddly skewed result. Sure, some people just have amazing metabolisms - but I'm also betting many people won't answer honestly anyway. Diet and exercize conversations can be minefields amongst 20-40 year-olds, or any age really. I've watched plenty of ladyfriends omit their weight maintenance struggles from discussions with people. It's just too personal to share sometimes. So they just shrug and say "nothing, I eat what I want" but really they are mindful of what they eat and work hard to maintain their shape. I have observed that I am a rarity when I reply to the question, "How do you do it?" with, "I restrict my calories, eat whole, healthy foods and bust my backside exercizing 5 to 7 days a week". And people often don't like that answer. Really.

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Posted: 31 May 2011, 10:06
Greerp -- I know quite a few fat people who do not exercise like crazy and eat very little. Again, research in the U.S. demonstrates without question that our epidemic of obesity and diabetes, especially among kids, is directly related to inactivity and overeating of high-fat, high-carb foods. I have struggled with my weight my whole life because my family's idea of a great Sunday was brunch, followed by a ride in the country, followed by a stop for a hot fudge sundae, followed by an evening reading Will & Ariel Durant's History of Civilization. Other than walks at the botanic garden, I don't ever remember my family engaging in physical activity -- it was all about intellect and observation. And then there was the fact that my dad thought any meal not based on beef and potatoes was a light snack.

My mom, still a size 4 at age 90, stayed thin, because she always feels full after about 2 ounces of meat anda big salad. My dad died at 62 from complications of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. My sister has been obese for decades and suffers from a variety of autoimmune disorders that are almost certainly worsened by obesity.

I have spent a lifetime chubby, bouncing up and down from a low of about 140 -- achieved by starving for weeks on 900-1000 calories per day -- to a high of about 175. Then menapause hit and my thyroid stopped working and I was disabled for 18 months, and I ballooned up to 234. Did my metabolism let me down? Absolutely. But if I had been eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, I don't believe for a minute I would have gained that much weight.

Severap is right I believe -- women chat about the latest fad diet but they seldom share the real struggles they are undergoing.

Thank heavens for Fat Secret. Not only has it provided me with a forum for sharing my story and listening to others, finding out how much I share with others, it's helped me begin to share with my friends. And the best part is -- I don't have to pay $200 an hour to get results.

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Posted: 31 May 2011, 15:00
all i can say with absolute certainty is that i was once thin & am now obese. i do not now nor have i ever eaten large portions of anything, i do not binge, i make healthy meal choices but no matter what i do i cannot lose any weight & i am extremely depressed about it. it seems pointless to put so much effort, time & money into meal planning when i get no rewards from doing so.

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