What's a suitable "punishment" for pigging out on junk food?

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Posted: 14 May 2011, 20:51
What do you do when you lose it for a sec and pig out on junk food for an hour?

Push ups? Sit ups? Run a mile? What do you guys do? Smile

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Posted: 14 May 2011, 21:03
Seriously, and sorry for the caps.
You don't have to punish yourself, the guilt you have is FAR worse for your body than the extra calories.

When you slip up, just recognize it and stop, remind yourself that everyone who has lost a lot of weight has had a moment JUST LIKE THAT, then forgive with NO GUILT and get back on track.

After you do that, drop and give me twenty!
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Posted: 15 May 2011, 17:16
just file away as eaters remorse.........penance is viewing the exercise diary and noting the min/hrs of strenuous activity to reverse the kcals............don't worry..just calculate the neg calories needed for a few days..........

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Posted: 16 May 2011, 07:11
Honestly. If I ate something really, really awful, and lots of it, I do feel l should address it. I allow myself plenty of wiggle room, but if I sat down and at, say, a whole carton of ice cream, I would address it.

For me, it's either that I don't allow myself any sweets for a couple of days - or cut 100 calories for the next few days, etc. It helps to average out the week more appropriately. I don't do any exercise specifically to punish myself - mainly because I want exercise to keep being a 'good' thing. Though since I have my slight failure in my mind, I may be more apt to work out for an extra 20 minutes or something Smile

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Posted: 16 May 2011, 09:17
If it helps you to know, I have so far allowed myself a food only cheat day each Friday or Saturday and it has not impeded my weight loss and toning process. I do not cut back my workout schedule while I'm at it though. That cheat day has not been a little cheat either - it's been no holds barred since I go dancing every Friday or Saturday night and a few cocktails really amps up my appetite when we get home and the morning/afternoon after. I do feel that I sometimes overdue it in a manner I'd like to trim - not because I gain weight but because I feel bad about myself sometimes afterward.

In any case, my answer has been to try to not view whatever my response is as punishment but just as an opportunity for an amped up fitness routine (because frankly you ate lots of fuel - so use it, right?) on the Sunday and/or Monday after. Or, like thqueenbe says, I'll do a gently reduced calorie intake on both of those days. For example, yesterday I ate 200 calories less than normal and did an hour at the gym and my normal bikram yoga session since Saturday was my cheat day. Today I'll do the same calorie trim but I might do a bikram yoga double session (two 90 minutes sets) in addition to my gym hour. If I'm too tired for a double, my normal yoga and gym routine is plenty of exercize and I won't torture myself over any of this. Then I go back to normal Tuesday. I like writing out my honest feelings in a food journal instead of beating myself up over it. Process not perfection.

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Posted: 16 May 2011, 09:44
When I find the urge to pig out on junk food I try to exercise FIRST. I find that in exercising I usually make myself feel better and then lose that urge to pig out. I frequently decide I no longer need the junk, or don't eat so much of it.

Times that I do eat too much- like if I go out with the girls- I don't do anything to punish myself. I just try to keep it to a minimum as far as frequency goes. You have to live a little too.

As far as punishing yourself- if you are an emotional eater (I am) I think looking at it as you need to be punihsed is counterproductive. Toss off the guilt so you won't feel the need to feed it. I have found success in tossing the guilt aside and instead rewarding myself for my accomplishments- maybe some new nail polish or skinny jeans- to make losing weight fun and cut some of the negative emotion out of it.

Good luck!

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Posted: 16 May 2011, 10:36
I agree with Russell- we all make mistakes, you just need to vow to do better tomorrow.

Rather than punishment, focus on prevention. Try to figure out the circumstances where you binge and change them. If having the stuff in the house is the problem, remove the temptation. If its because you're depriving yourself, build in small treats throughout the week or a "cheat" day (which might actually help your metabolism too!) If it happens when you let yourself get too hungry and there's nothing else available, work on planning your meals ahead of time or having healthy snacks available that will fill you up. If its emotional eating, figure out in advance something that you can do when you feel the urge arise- take a walk, dance to your Wii, call a friend or something else that can distract you. I've read that if you distract yourself for even a few minutes, the impulse to eat will often disappear as quickly as it came on.

The most important thing is that when you screw up (and we all do!), pick yourself up as quickly as you can and get back on the wagon. When you realize you're in a hole, stop digging! And keep in mind that you have to consume an extra 3500 calories to put on a pound. Easy enough to do in a week, month or year but the damage you can do in one afternoon is pretty minimal.
- Natalie

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Posted: 16 May 2011, 14:05
Agreed...don't punish yourself. Allow yourself a treat at least ONCE a week. Today I'm gonna try and stay below cals and tomorrow and maybe work out a bit more to even out the week. Calorie cycling might work better for you. Just google it and I have found a few sites that will calculate it for you. the days that you can eat more calories can be your treat days...yay!!
But remember, whats done is done...today is a new day and a new beginning...make it count Smile

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