I'm Dying to weigh in!!

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Posted: 12 Apr 2011, 20:13
I have realized I am completely obsessive compulsive about weighing in!! I was weighing in every day.. but I told myself I would not weigh until Monday next week.
Does anyone else have a complete addiction to the scale? Or am I just completely insane Very Happy
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Posted: 12 Apr 2011, 20:19
lol. my roommate keeps his scale in the bathroom so i get on it everyday im at school, but have noticed i dont actually see good results when i do so. it's when i'm home and dont have a scale at my disposal that i -in my case- gain weight. so i guess the moral of the story is dont keep your scale where you can get to it easily. i keep my scale away from rooms that i get dressed so im not tempted to weigh myself everytime i change my clothes or get a shower.
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Posted: 12 Apr 2011, 20:36
I got rid of my scale because I used to do this, and it was like testing myself and my commitment every day -- giving myself a reason to quit: "Oh, it's no used, I can't lose weight." So now I weigh in weekly at Curves and quarterly at the doctor. It's created a much healthier environment for me.

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Posted: 12 Apr 2011, 20:45
See, I think that it's actually motivatin to me. I push myself harder the night before so I can see some difference on the scale the next day.
But I will admit that if I do see a gain it controls my mood... At least until I pull my head back out of my ass and realize it is probably water weight.
I am going to stick to not weighing myself until Monday next week... we'll see how bad I'm feining by there!

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Posted: 12 Apr 2011, 20:45

I don't know what is wrong with my keyboard.. it keeps skipping letters!!

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Posted: 12 Apr 2011, 22:12
Hi my name is Ginger & I'm addicted to the scale. Some days I'll weigh 3 different times and I'll admit that some of the most foul language I'ver ever heard has come out of my own mouth while I'm on the scale! There's no sense throwing it out the window - tho I've threatened to do just that numerous times -and hiding it from myself is futile as I always wind up telling myself where I hid it. If it's a little OCD...eh, whatever. At least we know we're focused!!
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Posted: 12 Apr 2011, 23:42
I too weigh myself daily, I think if it's motivating and keeps you on track that's what matters...we all work differently. I bought a scale that goes up and down in .2lb increments so as long as it's going down or staying the same even I am good or know to step it up a notch...ect...eat more salad or watch what new items I've re-added to my diet, so my words of advice would be to not beat yourself up over it. I know a lot people on here say to get rid of the scale but if I didn't have one and weigh every morning before I shower I'd be eating crap and gaining more weight....I need the motivations to keep me going!!! Smile

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Posted: 13 Apr 2011, 00:14
I weigh myself every day as well. First thing in the morning ritual:

- Turn off the crock pot containing the oatmeal
- Go to the bathroom
- Go to the Wii and weigh myself

The trick is that I know fluctuations are normal. If I've gained a pound or even two, that's no big deal. In fact, I can often think to myself, "Oh yeah, that thing you ate for dinner yesterday had a lot of salt in it. You're retaining water."

For me, the longer-term pattern is all that matters.

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Posted: 13 Apr 2011, 04:01
Have to admit I weigh in every day as well. It makes me feel more on top of my eating habits, and I fear if I didn't keep close control I'd cheat and think it's okay because I wont have to weigh in until next week. In other words, it keeps me on track, and I know the scale will go up and down.

Ofc I keep an eye on my weekly progress, but I do need my daily weigh-in fix Smile


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Posted: 13 Apr 2011, 06:40
Nice to know I'm not alone in my addiction.. lol Smile Thanks for the support guys!

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Posted: 13 Apr 2011, 07:02
*raises hand* Me too! I really really try to resist, and I don't record all of them on site, at least. But I do tend to jump on in the mornings after brushing my teeth.

The way I look at it is - if I see a gain or a stall, I can kind of prepare myself for maybe not losing at my "official" weigh in for the week. I can also reassess what I've eaten and done in the last couple of days and make some adjustments if necessary to get me back on track - even if it's just committing to drinking more water, if I think I'm retaining.


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Posted: 13 Apr 2011, 07:21
Me too! I honestly feel this has helped me overcome my reluctance to get out of bed in the morning. Once I wake up and realize it's time to weigh-in, I scoot out of bed to see what present the weightloss Santa Claus left for me. Sometimes it's coal, but mostly, if I've been a very good girl, he leaves me a treat!

I'm not ashamed of this. I think it keeps me on track.
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Posted: 13 Apr 2011, 08:54
Haha.. you guys are too funny! Smile I like the weight loss Santa Claus analogy a lot! That is how I feel too!! It drags my butt out of bed in the morning! And it also keeps me on track with knowing where I stand at that moment... I know if I need to adjust something, etc...

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Posted: 13 Apr 2011, 10:07
I am addicted to weighing in too! I haven't stepped on the scale for 2 whole days and it's killing me! BUT, I think giving myself a specific day to weigh in is helping. I'm more likely to "be good" the entire week if I only have one weigh-in. Plus, I just get way to frustrated when I lose over a pound one day and the next I've gained it all back. Once a week helps me see the big picture. Smile

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Posted: 13 Apr 2011, 10:41
Okay, I have a problem in that I don't own a scale and need to weigh myself as I've been on my program for 10 days. Now what is funny is I've always been a jump on the scale every morning kind of person and then my mood will be dictated by that stupid number! So now, I'm thinking, should I really buy a scale? I mean isn't the point of this journey how you feel, how your clothes fit and what we see in the mirror? If I don't buy a scale, I actually need to depend on these things instead of a stupid number. So I'm in a dilemma. I may just wait another month (if I can last that long) and then buy a scale.

Oh, how do I know what my starting weight is? I had gone to the doctor the day before I started this journey (which I must state was a total scare), so I'm using that weight... knowing there is a difference in scales, but really, unless there is about a 50 pound difference, I'm not too worried. Smile

Good luck to everyone on this adventure!

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Posted: 13 Apr 2011, 14:56
@weirdangel - I agree, it's more about how you feel than what the scale says. To be honest, I *feel* skinnier these last couple of days which has pushed me to go to the gym more and eat better. I'm glad I haven't let the scale consume me and ruin my optimism. Smile That being said, I think we all need a reality check, whether it be once a week, twice a week, once every two weeks, etc. Do you workout at a gym? If so, weigh yourself there instead of getting your own scale. If you get your own scale and don't want to weigh every day, maybe store it in an inconvenient place so that you're not tempted to weigh yourself all the time.... just take it out on your weigh-in days.

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Posted: 13 Apr 2011, 18:13
I think that the trick is to get scales that are not too granular. this way you won't be trying to wight in again after removing your socks hoping that it'll show 0.2lb less Smile yes, I do that!
Also, as we exercise on top of dieting, weight often stays constant, but muscles grow in place of fat. it helps to measure your body once a month or so to stay motivated. Say you don't get upset that you only lost 2 pounds a month if it also came with 4 inches off your waist line!

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Posted: 13 Apr 2011, 19:00
The scale and I are " FRENEMIES!"

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Posted: 13 Apr 2011, 20:21
I usually say weigh in only once a week, but this morning I broke my own rule and it paid off. I woke up wanting a big bowl of Fruit Loops, but after seeing my progress (I'd lost a few pounds) I decided I wanted oatmeal instead. Yay for me!

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Posted: 13 Apr 2011, 20:28
If I'm trying to lose weight, then I definitely don't want to weigh in everyday! It will drive me crazy, and due to natural fluctuations, you can't see the results on a day to day basis; it's definitely something you see over time.

However, when trying to maintain my weight, I DO like to weigh everyday. I don't log it into fat secret, but I have a piece of paper taped inside my medicine cabinet mirror that I record it on (always weigh in the morning after bathroom), and I've actually found this to be super helpful in maintenance. I give myself a 4 lbs allowance to stay in, but it's always nice to know where I stand. And yes, some days are just the anomaly, but it helps to hold me accountable; when I start to see trends I know what I have to do!

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