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Posted: 25 Mar 2011, 08:25
Does anyone have any low cal, low fat breakfast food that they would like to share?? I'm a pretty picky eater, but I would like to change it up from scrambled eggs or an egg and cheese sandwhich. Usually protein is what I need to stay full longer, but will to try out high fiber foods. Any suggestions would be great!

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Posted: 25 Mar 2011, 08:28
I eat the same thing for breakfast every day - Kashi Go Lean Crunch (Regular)! It suprisingly tastes GREAT and for 1 cup it is 190 calories or 143 for 3/4 of a cup. It's not plain tasting and actually has some sweetness to it. Tons of fiber and protein really keep you fuller longer (not just a hoax from TV). It's great to have if you need a quick breakfast and to run out the door. If you're looking for something easy for busy mornings, I'd recommend this cereal to anyone.

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Posted: 25 Mar 2011, 08:55
For me, it's all about eating my breakfast in shifts. Within 30 minutes of waking up I have a piece of fruit, generally a banana and half a serving of peanut butter. Then sometime, usually two or so hours after, I'll have something around 200 or so calories. Right now I'm loving Bob's Red Mill 5 grain plus flaxseed rolled whole grain hot cereal with some almond milk and brown sugar, and I eat that cold. I'm usually fine till lunch, but will sometimes have a cup of coffee with more almond milk before that.

But I'll admit, this only works for me because I can take the time to eat in shifts.

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Posted: 25 Mar 2011, 09:02
I find that oatmeal made with milk, instead of water, keeps me satisfied for a long time- I think the extra protein in the milk alongside the fiber does it. For a quicker breakfast, I'll have whole grain toast with peanut butter- just look for lower calorie breads to keep the calorie count reasonable when you factor in the PB. Otherwise, I go with Kashi GoLean, frosted mini wheats, or a fiber one cereal. I pretty much rotate among these, with an occassional breakfast burrito (that I make and keep in my freezer) thrown in there.
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Posted: 25 Mar 2011, 09:05
Just as Healthy_allie, I have Kashi Go Lean Cereal 5 days a week. You probably can not find a breakfast higher in protein and fiber.
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Posted: 25 Mar 2011, 09:28
Kashi Oatmeal is pretty good too. Amy's makes a breakfast burrito that is quick and easy.
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Posted: 25 Mar 2011, 09:34
I love Vitatops for breakfast! Also Fage 0% Greek yogurt with fruit, 1/4 cup granola and agave.

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Posted: 25 Mar 2011, 10:18
I tried the Kashi GoLean Crunch cereal this morning that I got from our cafeteria (I work in a hospital) and it was very good. I like the easiness of cereal, but sometimes the milk gets to me. So far so good this morning (I used fat free skim milk). I also bought a greek yogurt for later just in case. Right now I want it just because I know it's so good, but putting it up until I AM hungry. Thanks for all the tips.

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Posted: 25 Mar 2011, 11:57
I usually go for a half of a whole wheat bagel w/ peanut butter that has flax in it. On days where I want something a little more interesting (and I have time to cook), I scramble up 1 egg and an egg white, cook it til it's about halfway done, add 1/4 cup fresh spinach let it wilt just a bit in the pan, then add 1/2 chopped tomato w/ salt, pepper, cayenne. Give it just about 30 more seconds and then put it on a small whole wheat burrito. The same recipe, but with black beans in place of eggs is also good and filling with fiber and protein.

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Posted: 25 Mar 2011, 12:12
I'm going to third the greek yogurt suggestion. I buy the plain kind and mix in my own fruit (three strawberries and kiwi is my personal favorite). No fat and a lot of protein! I typically switch between that and the eggs for my breakfast. I'm sort of looking to add in a third breakfast, but I tend to eat a smaller breakfast so I'm pretty content with the two options!

It's light and leaves me feeling satisfied and ready for my day Smile

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Posted: 25 Mar 2011, 12:21
Unfortunately Greek yogurt (esp with fruit) is too high in carbs.
I have not yet found a full fat or even one with any fat.
The protein level is good but the carbs and no fat are not (unless you are strictly counting calories).:>Wink

But yogurt is my favourite breakfast and/or snack and even one with fat has too many carbs for low carb.Sad
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Posted: 25 Mar 2011, 12:23
Watch out for the bananas for breakfast! They pack a pretty solid punch to your blood sugar. Our three kids are diabetic and they all use bananas as a quick boost when they wake up with low blood sugar. Some string cheese and blueberries are a favorite at our house for breakfast, but I admit that life with three type 1 diabetics is not the norm.
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Posted: 27 Apr 2011, 19:28
I use Lean Body for Her by Labrada and add frozen fruit (no sugar). Very tasty and 30 grams of protein keep you satisfied until lunch.

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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 16:26
i have an activia with extra fiber and no sugar

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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 16:54
+whatever on the Greek Yogurt!

My favorite way is plain 0% (Fage & Chobani are the best, I think), strawberries, a drizzle of honey & just a Tbsp of walnuts. Something about the nuts puts it over the top on flavor and satisfaction.

This has replaced my old favorite of a Bagel Thin, a little WW FF cream cheese and Polaner All Fruit with Fiber - but that's still a great option, too!

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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 17:05
Every night before I go to bed, I toss a scoop of steel cut oats + some water into a small crock pot. When I wake up in the morning I have fresh, hot oatmeal waiting for me. Some of the things I eat it with:

- A tablespoon of fruit preserves
- Cream, agave nectar cinnamon
- Fresh berries when they're in season
- Cheddar cheese
- Cheddar cheese + sun-dried tomatoes


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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 17:18
Most days I do 3 egg whites & 1 whole egg scrambled with chorizo & I never seem to get tired of it. I switch up the meat sometimes but there aren't any others I like as much. When I get tired of savory, I'll do a MIM with some cream cheese or peanut butter.
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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 17:52
I like oatmeal with cinnamon and milk, or a scrambled egg and a piece of fruit. Sometimes I will grab a boiled egg. I usually save the yogurt for a snack. For the past few weeks I've been drinking 2 oz of fruit juice as soon as I get up. It stops the hunger immediately and gives me an energy boost, which has helped me cut way back on caffeine.

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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 17:53
I tend to mix it up. I switch between 2-3 egg whites with a bunch of veggies and a little lean meat (if I have some), peanut butter on whole wheat toast, steel cut oats, Kashi Go Lean. I often supplement the above with a banana or greek yogurt.

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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 17:58
3 Egg whites with Onion, Spinach, Spices... whatever you like made into an omelet! Good protein! Also I eat OatFit oatmeal, 100 Cals but filling, or 6oz of yogurt with 1/2 C. fiber one! Fiber keeps you fuller longer!

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