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Posted: 24 Feb 2011, 17:08
So I'm trying to get into the exercise thing again. Anyone want to be accountability buddies? My starting point is 0. I work out very irregularly. I want to be come consistent with it and aim for working out at least 5 days a week!

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Annual Update
Cheers D , hope all good with you :)
by spacey48 on 16 Jul 18 09:33 AM
new to group
I am new to group but not new to weight problems-so im doing the moderation,portion,calorie watch diet or life style since may 15th ive lost 12 lbs from 230 down to 218, my goal at this time is to reach ...
by joycebagley10 on 16 Jul 18 05:05 AM
Hello everyone
5 yrs HFLC here. Saved my bloody life!! So easy now, too. Keep it up, you will probably fall prey to occasional carb feats, but HFLC is kind😀
by cerobit on 15 Jul 18 05:35 PM
Can I change my recommended daily calorie intake
Hi Im new on here and my recommended daily calorie intake is 1600 but I want to set it at 1200. Is this possible
by cooolbean on 15 Jul 18 07:45 AM
How to loose the last 6lbs
You're not obese let alone morbidly so. You lose the weight the same way you lost it before. A calorie deficit.
by Diablo360x on 15 Jul 18 04:49 AM