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Posted: 18 Feb 2011, 10:58
I need some ideas on how to stop night time eating. I do so well during the day, counting calories and measuring portions, but when I get home and relax for a bit is when I eat. I am a busy person, I work 2 jobs, one full time at a credit union and the other I am a part time Karate instructor. When I am not working either job, I am either in Karate class or workout out at the gym... but when I get home, and relax, I eat....

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Posted: 18 Feb 2011, 11:05
Just make a concience effort to NOT eat. If that means not going into the kitchen one night, then so be it. After a few nights of controlling yourself, if will come as 2nd nature.

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Posted: 18 Feb 2011, 12:48
Have some water with you! I know sometimes that doesn't help the cravings, but it helps take my mind off food. Or if you absolutely think you have to eat something. Tell yourself you have to eat vegetables first. If I stick to that I either A) don't eat or B) eat the veggies and feel healthy and don't want to ruin it by eating something unhealthy. Good luck. Like MomofTwoGirls said, it starts getting easier the more you do it.

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Posted: 21 Feb 2011, 12:40
I have the same problem and have posted about it looking for advice as well. The past week or so, I have been doing much better. I've just been engrossing myself in a computer project during the evening hours when I would usually relax in front of the tv and eat. Now I am working on something interesting to me on my laptop and not wanting to take time out to eat. Try to find something that really keeps your interest while you "relax".

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Posted: 21 Feb 2011, 13:31
Rather than trying to change the big picture behavior (wanting to eat at night), try focusing on something smaller and easier to tame-- what you eat. Pick some snacks that work with the rest of your diet, and have them readily available to snack on. Budget these calories into your diet, so that you won't feel guilty when you snack.

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Posted: 21 Feb 2011, 13:48
It's less important THAT you eat than it is WHAT you eat at night. If your diet calendar is complete, you must be hungry ALL the time. Adding some protein to your diet might help.
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Posted: 21 Feb 2011, 16:27
Increase the slow burn food in your daytime diet. lentils, barley, split peas, yellow lentil. believe me I had severe munchies at night after meals in bed the lot, due to the reduction of my usual calorie input. Today I have been pleasurably full from the moment I woke til now.

Try it and see.

Just make bulky soups so they are like a stew and instead of bread use a cripbread should you feel the need to have a bit of crunch.

Or cook a bit of lean meat as a side order with it for variety.

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Posted: 21 Feb 2011, 18:20
Years ago I finally broke myself of evening snacking, and I know how hard it is...and in fact, I think it's the most common downfall for all of us who struggle with weight. At that time, I decided I was going to eat three normal meals per day, have a little dessert after dinner if I really wanted it, and that was snacking. I concentrated on just breaking that ONE habit. It took 2-3 weeks, but after that I was done with evening snacking forever. I've really never been tempted since. Just like I hate overeating and almost never do it. I just don't like how I feel when I do.

On the other hand, if you're really hungry, you may need more protein (as someone said) or just more food during the day. I also learned years ago to try to do most of my eating in the first half of the day, and then I just naturally don't want a snack in the afternoon and I don't want a big dinner. If I don't eat enough protein at dinner, I do sometimes get hungry at bedtime, so then I have something with protein, like maybe a piece of cheese.

One way or another, you can do it! You'll learn your own body.

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Posted: 21 Feb 2011, 19:42
my best night time munchy food is edemame. Buy a whole package at costco and just microwave a bowl of it...keeps me busy while watching tv. I don't add any salt to them..just pepper and chili flaked...

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Posted: 24 Feb 2011, 11:13
Thank you for all your advice! I am going to start using some of your suggestions. Smile

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Posted: 24 Feb 2011, 11:59
What I've found to really help is to drink a big glass of water, spend 20 minutes actively doing something (reading, cleaning, showering etc not sitting in front of the TV thinking about snacking haha) and see if I still want to snack, generally I don't.. when that fails (as it sometimes will) I've come to buy things that are healthy low cal/carb choices that satisfy my craving (cheese and chocolate are my late night downfalls) but are also pre portioned to avoid over snacking. Until you adjust to no late night snacks, avoid buying the things you tend to go for. Good luck!

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