Addicted to cheese in an unhealthy way?

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Posted: 16 Feb 2011, 13:17
I am addicted to cheese in an unhealthy way? Is anyone out there having the same issue? I eat anywhere from 1-2 pounds a week usually. Since I began this diet I have drastically reduced that but I am beginning to have withdrawals. What do I do?

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Posted: 16 Feb 2011, 13:20
I LOVE cheese, but I wouldn't say I was addicted Wink I snack on the laughing cow cheese wedges and the mini light babybel cheeses. They seem to help!

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Posted: 16 Feb 2011, 13:58
Capri, I'm a self-professed cheese lover. If I let myself, I'd easily eat it all day. Love all kinds. I'm not sure how to beat the withdrawal deal...but definitely try to cut back - some. I allow myself at least one serving a day, sometimes two. I just keep it to reduced fat types to try to help offset. Try replacing one serving per day with a piece of fruit. I know it's not the same, but to start somewhere... Smile Then every week or so, reduce it by another serving each day til you're at 1 or 2 servings a day. Cheese isn't awful for you in moderate amounts, so don't worry about having to quit altogether.Smile

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Posted: 16 Feb 2011, 14:09
I'm allergic to dairy-- I get horrible migraines and stomach cramps from it-- but only cut the cheese craving when I stopped having dairy very often. Now I go weeks without any and I don't usually crave it anymore. I'm trying to cut it out completely but I don't know if that'll happen. Cheese actually has an addictive quality- it releases opiates when digested. ( It does get easier once you stop feeding the craving though, I promise!

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Posted: 16 Feb 2011, 14:22
I easily eat at least one pound of cheese a week too and I managed to lose everything I had to lose and more!!! As long as you are eating the real thing and not the fake ones like cheese whiz and indivually wrapped slices you are not doing anything wrong. There is good nutritional value in cheese and we should not be deprived of it!!! Just eat smaller portions of the fattiest cheeses like brie and cammembert.

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Posted: 16 Feb 2011, 14:55
I too am addicted to cheese. I tend to eat it when I drink wine and crave it frequently. I am going to look into some healthier cheese varieties. I saw that the laughing cow has some new flavors out and they are just 35 calories a slice. I plan to get some tonight Smile Best of luck to all!

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Posted: 16 Feb 2011, 15:04
Personally, I don't think it's a great idea to eat too much of one thing. I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with cheese- but with the "addiction" part.

I started trying to cut back on it when I realized my impulse is to put it in/on everything I eat, lol Smile What I noticed was that I didn't miss the cheese on my turkey sandwiches or on my pasta. Sometimes you add it and it's a lot of calories for something that doesn't necessarily add a lot of flavor.

I still use cheese, for now, but I've migrated to the stronger flavored cheeses like blue, feta, swiss, etc. Because the flavor is so strong, a little in a salad goes a long way.
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Posted: 16 Feb 2011, 18:21
I love, love, love cheese also. I learned that when I make a salad, I use much less cheese if I grate a little in my salad instead of putting big cubes or chunks in. The green giant broccoli and cheese steamer is a good cheese satisfaction without much fat or calories.

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Posted: 22 Feb 2011, 14:57
Thanks for all the responses. I have much to consider. I can say that I did find that stronger flavored cheeses do require me to use much less to get that flavor I am looking for. I eat more aged varieties now. Weight watchers has an american cheese slice which is great for cooking with as it has only 45 calories a slice and fiber and tastes better than the name brands I used to like.

@FrostyLady - our diet goals are almost identical. Thanks for the encouragement. I know if you can do it, I can. Hopefully you won't mind if I look at your food calendar for some ideas of what better to eat. Mine is full of mac and cheese and sandwiches right now. I have had radiation treatment and can't stomach much so I am always looking to try different foods which may agree with me better.

Thanks again to everyone! Smile

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Posted: 22 Feb 2011, 16:54
A year ago, before I started here, I would eat a block of cheese with some mustard as a snack. So I very much understand the addicted to cheese idea.

What I found though was that I was rarely even tasting it. For example, when I added salsa to my eggs, or when i made a turkey burger with bbq sauce, the extra 110 calories of cheese was really wasted, since the flavors of the food completely covered up the flavors of the cheese.

So I started buying things like low fat feta, blue cheese dressing... things with very strong flavor, that I'd use in a small amount. A half a serving of feta cheese in an egg white omelet comes through, so i'm satisfied with the taste, for a whole lot less wasted calories. =)

Also, the laughing cow cheeses got me through for a long time, when I wanted to just grab a piece of cheese and eat it.

(Oops, was reading your reply while i was typing mine... guess you figured out that stronger tasting cheeses meant using less *blush*)

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