Can't stop the night-time snacking!

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Posted: 10 Jan 2011, 19:50
Anyone have any unique tips for keeping the night time snacking at bay? I try so hard to not eat anything after 8PM, but it's been really hard lately. I can go the whole day, until about 6PM, with only eating about half my calories, but as soon as the sun sets... look out! I do try to "save" a bunch of calories for the inevitable evening snacking, but it sure would be nice to go to bed with 100-200 calories under my limit. Anyone else have this same habit? Any tips on how to stop?

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Posted: 10 Jan 2011, 19:52
Maybe by 'saving' some of your calories all day you're setting yourself up to be unreasonably hungry at night time?

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Posted: 10 Jan 2011, 19:57
Big cups of herbal tea?

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Posted: 10 Jan 2011, 20:00
I agree with Lee. You are too hungry by the evening. Smaller meals for you spread out will help. Possibly 3 meals a day is not best for your system.
Ok, so in the meantime, allow yourself one small snack in the evening. It will not wreck your diet if you keep it under 150 calories. If you enjoy sweets, have a jello mousse or a pkg of 100 calorie cookies. If you like salty, measure out some nuts or pretzels. Better yet, have a cup of tea, pick up a magazine and see if it all just doesn't pass!

Good luck!!

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Posted: 10 Jan 2011, 20:01
I agree with Lee2010, you need to eat more during the day. Evening snacking is my big downfall as well. After dinner, brush and floss your teeth (you don't want to go and undo all that work with a snack do you?) and try to find a hobby that keeps your hands busy instead of just sitting and watching TV. I like to work on needlepoint projects. Knitting is also fun. Basically, you need to keep busy and break the cycle. But definitely eat more during the day so you're not so tempted to snack at night.

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Posted: 10 Jan 2011, 20:05
Plan the snacks into your routine if you're hungry at night.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't matter when you eat, just how much. If you're regularly hungry at a certain time of day, plan your calories so that you can have a snack at that time.

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Posted: 10 Jan 2011, 20:11
Eat stuff your body takes a while to process. Nothing wrong with snacking in the evening as long as you're not putting crap into your body. Eat complex carbs or foods high in protein, something like whole wheat toast with peanut butter will get you both. Don't be fooled by those 100-calorie packs of stuff...what good are they if you're still hungry afterward?

I used to like eating cereal before bed. It kept me away from ice cream, & eating high-fiber cereals like Kashi or Fiber One will be more satisfying than others high in sugar.
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Posted: 10 Jan 2011, 20:11
I have got my counting down to having 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Also if your eating right, you should be able to eat a lot of fruits and veggies.They will make you full with no calories. All meals should be around 300-400 and 2 snacks at 200......if you have the 1500 calories. I love Zone Bars. they are 210 in calories and you get them from Target or Walmart. Mini oranges. Don't give up. I loved my milk and cookie after everybody went to bed. But just get full by 8 and maybe go to bed earlier. Also A personal Trainer told me that what ever your calories are you must eat all of them, and must exercise.

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Posted: 10 Jan 2011, 20:15
Chew gum..I eat when I'm bored, and recently I've started chew guming. And it's helping.

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Posted: 09 Feb 2011, 15:02
celery with laughing cow cheese seems to help, also sugar free jello with coolwhip. Both very low cal snacks.
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Posted: 09 Feb 2011, 17:34
Try drinking a glass of cold water anytime you get the munchies. It'll fill you up and the cold will shrink your stomach slightly. The added benefit is that water helps you lose weight, stay hydrated and you'll burn more.

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Posted: 09 Feb 2011, 17:48
Holy Beans!!! I was just googling about this. My problem (well one of them) is I wake up almost every night around 2:30AM and eat something like cereal or something around 300-400 calories and go back to sleep.
I have real hunger and if I don't eat, I don't sleep. When I get up 3-4 hours later I am not hungry and I get my workout in. For me it seems to work good since it doesn't take me over my daily calories.

PS, I don't go to be hungry and I don't starve myself during the day.
I really don't know if this is bad or good or unusual or should be a different topic?

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Posted: 09 Feb 2011, 18:03
Well I have found that I need to make a huge dinner. I am good all day eating little things here and there but at night I used to eat myself out of my house. Now I make a huge meal and stuff myself. I know its bad but hey..when I'm stuffed I am not even remotely thinking about food. My meals are about 200 more cals for dinner than lunch and breakfast and are mega hyped up on veggies so I can eat a lot and not have a lot of calories. This stuffing allowes more time to go by and then I will eat a snack pretty much right before bed. Like right now for instance.. I ate at 5 and it is 7 which is my kids snack time..I am so full I cant even think of having my chocolate pudding. I would love it right now but I am forced to wait because I cant put it room. Eventually I am sure I can get control of this but till then this is what is working for me.
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Posted: 09 Feb 2011, 18:15
One thing that work's well for me is to drink a large glass of water 10 min. before each meal. If I get the munchies close to bedtime, then I have another glass of water, wait 10 min., then, if still hungry, have a tangerine or small apple.

Good Luck!

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Posted: 09 Feb 2011, 18:30
I don't worry about eating between 8:00-9:00 p.m. if I'm hungry but I make sure I don't eat something that is overly high fat or with high calories. My usual choice is popcorn cooked on the stove. Everyone has a different metabolism and processes foods differently and not everyone can stick to same type of meal plan. I do what works for me.

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Posted: 09 Feb 2011, 23:24
Hi eag,
There are two factors that trigger hunger: physical (blood sugar level) and psychological variables.
You can control the sugar blood levels by eating high protein meals, like eggs, meats and cheese. Supplement with salads and vegetables low in carbs. This way you prevent spikes of insulin release; once insulin leaves the body after a carb loaded meal, hunger reappears. Eat a high protein diet for a week, even late in the day and you will learn how to control hunger. Once that is done, you are in control and will be able to follow a desired schedule. Let me know if it helps. Good luck!

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Posted: 10 Feb 2011, 03:48
I've just started having this problem also...My husband worked 3rd shift for years so we always ate later. Recently he's switch to 1st shift and we're eating at like 6pm so I'm starving by 10pm or wake up at like 2am needing food. Thanks for all the tips everyone lol hope one works!
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Posted: 10 Feb 2011, 08:40
I wait until about 9 PM to workout. If I do about an hour on the exercise bike by the time I shower I pretty much just drink something and I can go to bed before the hunger kicks in. If I workout at work byt the time I get home I'm starving and I tend to overeat before realizing I'm full.
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Posted: 10 Feb 2011, 09:04
To be honest, I would be hungry ALL the time on the amount of calories you're eating (or not as they case seems to be).

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Posted: 10 Feb 2011, 11:41
I've set the alarm to AWAY. So, if I HAVE to get up to eat, I have to first Run downstairs to turn off the alarm before noshing. That alone has detered me, but from the Cheese-it box next to my husband's side of the bed, he has NO PROBLEM working through that.

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