HCG diet???? does it work is it worth the money???

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Posted: 01 Jan 2011, 21:50
Im curious about this HCG diet ive been hearing about. and i want to know. is it worth it. I found the 26 day drops for $79 and i want to be sure its worth it before i shell out that kind of money. please if youve done it. tell me your experiences and wheres the best place to get it

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Posted: 02 Jan 2011, 08:23
Do some serious research. It's an extremely low calorie diet.

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Posted: 02 Jan 2011, 09:47
It's not worth it. My boss tried the HCG diet and it nearly killed him. It caused some electrolytic imbalances in his body which led to a heart attack.

I have seen a few people here who followed the HCG diet who lost weight very quickly - and then gained it all back. Most of the people who say they're following the HCG diet do not publish their weight history (I wonder why???). They seem to have an almost cult-like, them-against-us viewpoint, which is why they'll probably respond to this post, saying I'm lying or I'm ignorant, etc.

I also think there are a number of people following the HCG diet, so they can have an excuse to be anorexic.

It's a very dangerous and unproductive diet. I would advise against it. Take the time to lose more slowly and permanently by following a moderate, healthy weight loss program.

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Posted: 02 Jan 2011, 09:54
I think HCG is very dangerous and would not recommend it.

First of all, there is no reason why a non pregnant woman should be consuming the hormones of a pregnant woman.

Second of all, the diet is only 700 calories a day. At that point, your body loses more tissue than fat. 700 calories is very dangerous.

Your body needs at least 1,200 calories to function, but more if you are active.
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Posted: 02 Jan 2011, 10:32
A friend of mine went on this to drop weight quick for a wedding she was in. She lost 30-ish pounds in 6 weeks. She paid some crazy amount (that $79 sounds about right). She told me it was 500 calories a day. Drops or no drops i would think if you forced your body to 500 calories a day you will loose weight. Anywho, it has been about 3 months, yes she has gained some of the weight back about 5 or so pounds.

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Posted: 02 Jan 2011, 10:32
Does it work? Yes- eating 500 cal/day will make you lose weight. Is is worth the money? I'd say no- you can starve yourself for free.
If you want to drop some weight and money really quick while doing something that is likely dangerous and definitely unnecessary, then you've found the diet scam for you!

If you want to lose weight permanently while improving your health, it's really easy- and free. Eat less but not too much less.. Move more. Take care of you!
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Posted: 02 Jan 2011, 12:07
HGC lol

- it can kill you
- master of the yo-yo diet
- human body needs a minimum of 800 calories a day just to maintain normal body functions. At just 500, your organs are suffering.
- you will be very weak, and dizzy. Very possible you could pass out from standing up too fast
- Umm did I mention one of the side effects is possible death
- made from the urine of pregnant women
- how long can you really live like this ?

It's all been pretty much said above.

Just do plenty of research first. Be cautious of the scam sites. The message base had about 50 messages in it... none bad. I tried to post a negative opinion and it was deleated by ops. There is no magic pill. HGC users don't want to admit being taken. Eat 500 calories a day your going to lose tons of weight and your health and perhaps your life.

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Posted: 02 Jan 2011, 15:54
I had a feeling there had to be some negative thoughts on it. everywhere i looked all i found everyone saying how great it was. the 5oo calorie thing didnt seem right to me either. glad i posted this to find out real opinions.

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Posted: 02 Jan 2011, 16:12
I agree with everyone else, it is not good for you. My friend tried it because she wanted to lose weight quick before she went on a cruise. She was telling me about it and it sounded too good to be true....lots of weight loss in a short amount of time. But each day I would ask her how it was going and it sounded insane. The first thing she told me was she wasn't allowed to have breakfast....just coffee or tea, or an apple if she wanted. I've always learned that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gets your metabolism going. Anyway, then she told me how you are only allowed ONE vegetable per day. So if you eat carrots at lunch, you have to eat them at dinner too, no switching to broccoli or another vegetable. Extremely weird to me. And of course....bottom line is the diet is restricted to 500 calories a day. Of course you will lose weight at 500 calories a day, but it is not healthy. I bet the drops are just placebos or something and don't even do much of anything.

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Posted: 02 Jan 2011, 16:41
The drops you can buy over the counter are homeopathic, which means the HCG has been diluted by such great amounts that it is just a placebo. In any case, HCG is a protein hormone and would be broken down by the acid and enzymes in your stomach. It's just a starvation diet.

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Posted: 02 Jan 2011, 18:15
A bunch of my family did it while I was just trying to eat well and exercise. None have them have kept any of the weight off at all. If you eat 500 calories a day you will lose some weight, but your body will just replace it as soon as you go off the diet. To show them that it was just a fad diet, I did it with them for a cycle.

It is a miserable diet, and not effective...

Also, the best way to lose weight quickly is to eat a low calorie diet AND exercise. The HCG diet makes you soo weak that you can't really exercise. I ran 4 times a week up until the start of HCG, and a couple days into it I could no longer run. I didn't even want to get up. It was pretty counterproductive...

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Posted: 10 Jan 2011, 11:36
you've got to stick with calorie counting girly. Find someone to do a challenge with and who will loose weight with you as well. You need to set up weekly plans and talk to that person weekly. Otherwise we tend to easily set ourselves up for failure. And it's proven that if you do it with someone your more likely to succeed.

However, I have an aunt who did it about 5 months ago and dropped alot of weight. She's managed to keep it off but that's because she is now sticking with a calorie diet and stuff that increases metabolism. but she was very very overweight, and short on top of that. (like michelle) So, i think it gave her the motivation she needed to push forward.

So, try sticking to a calorie diet & exercise and if you can manage to keep it up and are diligent with it. Then maybe look into the hcg. Because if you can't keep up with something now, then you'll probably put all that weight back on pretty quickly.

keep at it girl! every little bit counts, and take failures as a way to readjust your plan! Smile


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