What was the catalyst that made you decide to lose weight?

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Posted: 11 Dec 2010, 10:37
I've needed to lose weight since I was 5, but it's so hard to get started. Throughout the last years, I've been constantly thinking about losing weight, but I never started. I would think about it, get stressed, over-eat, and gain weight. It was a vicious cycle. (I'm already talking about it like it wasn't just a week ago). So looking back over the last five days, I was wondering what got me started now? What was the catalyst that made me actually do something about it?

For me it was buying a scale that could weigh me, and taking my weight for the first time in years. That combined with Fatsecret has gotten me to focus on losing weight.

What was the Catalyst for you?

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Posted: 11 Dec 2010, 10:57
For me it was the fact that I didn't fit on any rides. It was completely embarrassing, when I saw a full grown man able to ride and I simply could because the ban couldn't click past my gut. Then after I had that realization I found that I couldn't hop on one leg, and I couldn't buy the clothing I so wanted to wear. I knew I was going to college and I wanted my freshman year to be great.

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Posted: 11 Dec 2010, 11:02
My Sister in law died at 55 due to obesity complications. It was a real eye opener. I had always been on a "diet" of some kind but the last 5 years really let myself go. Between what I saw in the mirror and my sister in laws preventable death, I decided it was time I did something about it, once and for all!

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Posted: 11 Dec 2010, 11:15
For me, I would have to say it was the epiphany I had about a year ago. I realized that I put the weight on while in an abusive relationship, just after high school. It acted as sort of my barrier.
Ending up in yet another abusive "relations##t", I felt the weight "kept me safe".
I think I subconsciously kept the weight on because no one finds "this" attractive... and if I'm not attractive, then I won't have anyone pursuing me, keeping me safe from abuse.
After being single for almost 7 years now, I realize that I've become strong enough to know what I want, and what I'm not going to put up with. I'm not just going to settle, like I have the other 2 times.
Mind you, there have been other factors, such as not fitting in/through things like rides and openings, being limited, physically, to do a lot of fun things... and just letting myself be me.
When I had my "Summer of Fun", the year I graduated from high school, I pretty much had no inhibitions, and it made me a happier person. I'm looking to find her again, and I know I'm on my way! Very Happy
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Posted: 11 Dec 2010, 12:14
My family vacation to Puerto Rico last May was the straw for me. Before we left I had already been considering giving weight loss another serious try because I was really hating the way I looked in pictures. Our travel included 2 layovers each way & this was problematic for a few reasons.

Physically I was in terrible shape, so all the walking involved getting from gate to gate was rough. And my husband had just had knee replacement a few months prior, so getting hung up in security longer than expected because of that then having to rush more to get to the proper gates made it even worse. As if that wasn't enough, he was too proud to have someone push him around in a wheelchair & preferred to clench his teeth & suffer through all the walking.

And none of that was even the worst of it. With all of our encounters with different flights & airports, what shocked me the most was how "average"-sized travelers are openly critical of overweight people. So many people - both airline staff & fellow travelers - didn't even attempt to hide their judgment & I was really not prepared for that.

After that trip I decided that I am still young, I have a lot of life left to live, & I don't want to live it being treated like that ever again. I don't want to miss out on things like hiking through an amazing Puerto Rican rainforest & swimming at the bottom of a waterfall because my fat ass can't handle it. It also brought me back to times during my childhood when I was teased for being fat, & I knew that by staying unhealthy myself I could be passing that legacy on to my kids.

So here I am.
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Posted: 11 Dec 2010, 12:41
I had my gallbladder out in July and it scared me. I was put on a low fat diet about 2 months prior to having it removed and saw some results with that. It was a minor surgery, but it got me thinking more about my weight and health. I don't want to have to face surgery because of something that was induced by my weight. I'm very lucky to be as healthy as I am with this much fat on me. So I decided to do something about it! I want to be around for my little girl for as long as I can, and I want to be able to go out and do things with her. I want her to be healthy as she grows up and not learn the bad habits I've had for so many years.
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Posted: 11 Dec 2010, 13:10
I moved cross country and thought it would be a good time to make other changes in my life since I would be in a new place and would not have any habits built in. I also would not have old friends (and drinking buddies) to pressure me not to change, as people seem to love to do. When I moved, I made sure I moved close to my new office and ended up reducing the commute time each day by 1.5 hours. I immediately joined a gym. I figured if I had 1.5 hours to spend sitting in my car in traffic before, I now had time to work out.

I knew I had to lose weight for a long time and before I moved I was perpetually on and off a diet losing and gaining the same 20-30 pounds. Something clicked this time and I finally found moderation and was able to stick with it and lose all the weight I wanted to lose Smile
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Posted: 11 Dec 2010, 16:29
I saw some photos. I was embarrassed on a trip to France by having to appear in a bathing suit in front of friends I hadn't seen in many years. I'm on a leave from work this year and have more time to focus on cooking better and exercising. My little girl's a preschooler now and less demanding than in the early early years. I'm turning 40 in February... bascially it just seemed like a lot of stuff was coming together and the timing is right.

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Posted: 11 Dec 2010, 16:54
I didn't like having my stomach roll over when I sat down, and I didn't want to start fitting into size 14 clothes--as it is a lot of small boutiques don't even carry size 12, and I just did not want to become a "plus-sized" person, but I kept heading that direction. My dad, who is obese, says that all the people in our family "tub up" as they get older--like I should just accept that it will happen to me too. I hate that phrase. It's not like it's fate or bad genes--the people in our family eat like crap and don't exercise, no mystery there. I realized that I was starting to "tub up", though, and that it was time to reverse the process.

Then I saw a colleague of my husband's for the first time in a while and he had lost a lot of weight using an iphone calorie counting app, which seemed like it would take a lot of the guesswork out of losing weight. It took a while before I committed to getting a smart phone (which I eventually got for a number of reasons), and it did turn out to be just the tool I needed.

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Posted: 11 Dec 2010, 17:46
I was in pain. My kneess hurt, my hips hurt, my back hurt, and then, the last straw, my chest started hurting. Not heart pain, but from my bra being so tight it was compressing my ribs. And then I got puffed doing the dishes. And just thought "screw this. this isn't a life."
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Posted: 11 Dec 2010, 18:27
Buying size 24 pants and looking at myself in the mirror, thinking "Wow, this is the biggest size they have... what am I going to do next?". I was fat, unhappy and unhealthy, and I had enough.

Vegan, P90X grad and happy Smile
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Posted: 11 Dec 2010, 18:39
I have hated being over weight for the past 20 years, gaining more every year and never losing any. Decided to stop smoking and drinking 14 months ago...gained 15 lbs the first 2 months. That had to stop, at 277 I decided I was never going to weigh 300, I was tired of traveling with a seat belt extender, shopping in plus sized stores, not being able to climb stairs, couldn't put on my socks and tie my shoes without my husbands help, can't find boots to fit over my calves. All of that still wasn't enough until my doc put me on high blood pressure meds and cholesterol lowering meds. That was it! and here I am. I will have to say, I have never stuck with a weight loss attempt this long in my whole life until I found fat secret and all my wonderful buddies here!


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Posted: 11 Dec 2010, 19:13
Hi..... you sound a little like me.... I am happy you are doing so well!

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Posted: 11 Dec 2010, 19:24
I decided to go for a bike ride with my family, my husband was in front pulling our 2 and 3 year olds in a bike tailer and my eight year old was on her new bike in the middle... after about 1 - 2 miles, I was the one in back crying because I couldn't keep up and the "fun family time" quickly turned into a moment of pure pain, panic and sadness. (One year later however, we have managed to enjoy several 10+ mile bike rides and they were truly "fun family time!"Wink


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Posted: 12 Dec 2010, 02:34
Wow. All of these stories are so inspiring. Seeing myself in a photo was my reality check. Coupled with this, all the things I used to enjoy doing (rollerblading and cycling) were getting harder to do so I just eventually stopped. My weight crept on over the course of the last 3 years. I had a lot of change and issues personally and professionally (moving, break ups) so I consoled myself with colleagues in the pub. When the inevitable hangover came, I would seek to cure it with greasy fry ups in the morning or eating as soon as I got home (often in the late hours). Following death of my grandmother last year, I crept up to my heaviest. I didn't like it but I wasn't sure how to change. Discovering FatSecret has been a godsend. I have had some stops and starts but I am a lot more conscious of the type of food I eat (calories, protein, fiber). I have lost 10 pounds and am starting to feel myself again. It'll be a long haul but I'm prepared for and committed to it this time.
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Posted: 12 Dec 2010, 08:33
my agoraphobia was getting increasingly worse as i was sure my weight was rising, only being able to sit inside and eat and waste time online. i never knew how much i weighed; i was scared to find out. i'd been under the impression that weight loss was an impossible struggle and that even if i lost weight i would still be in the same position i was before. but hell! i've only just begun this journey and i'm already experiencing such significant change in my day to day life. after educating myself, i think i've almost lost fifteen pounds and i've been able to join a gym, take care of this house and my family, get a full time job.. nevermind the increasingly noticeable health benefits.

i am grateful i started when i did, rather than twenty years from now when i had no other choice.

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Posted: 12 Dec 2010, 09:58
I am like most of you with the same reasons to lose weight.

I have been to amusement parks and had to exit the ride because I am too big for the restraints to hold me in. ( I was motified - but at the time still didn't do anything about it).

I am ALWAYS the largest person in the room. I feel like all eyes are on me - watching me eat, wondering why I let myself get this way.

I also until recently could not put my socks on or tie my shoes without my husbands help - it kills me to have to ask and times I would rather just wear my slip on shoes in the pouring rain to work rather than have to ask him. BUT, this is improving with every pound that I lose.

The "waking moment for me" is what I have in my bio - I had back surgery in May because of a herinated disk that was pinching on the nerve going down my leg. Back surgery because my back just CANNOT support my weight anymore. While I was in surgery - my doctor spoke to my husband and one of my best friends and told them that I HAD to lose around 100 pounds and should consider weightloss surgery or my back along with my extremely high blood pressure would never get better. I was humilated that he told them I was SO FAT, BIG, OBESE - I know they know I am OVERWEIGHT( the term like better)- but it is like I didn't acknowledge they knew - they didn't look at me that way, they didn't care what I weighed or what I looked like. BUT, because of this horrific moment I had when my husband told me this - I knew it was time for a change - so I let my body heal, and now I am working on what needs to be done and when I go back to him next year for my check-up I will show him I am smarter than he thinks - I am aware of my "problem" and I can do this with learning and bettering my knowledge of diet and nutrition and that I do not need a surgery for this...Especially after I HATED having to have back surgery.
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Posted: 12 Dec 2010, 12:20
For me, it was seeing a few friends drop significant portions of their body weight.

I have a group of dear friends who I mostly only see for one week a year. One year, one of the guys had dropped so much weight that nobody recognized him. Really! I'd spent a week of my life hanging out with him for a decade and a half, and when he walked up to say hello I had no idea who he was.

Having living examples in front of me made all of the difference. "If they can do it, I can too."

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Posted: 12 Dec 2010, 14:32
Well , just starting here but pretty sure what had sparked me is what sparks some others into this change. I went on a trip in Canada with my boyfriend and we had taken some pictures of us. As soon as I went through those photos I felt so bad about how I looked. Now I'm a very self conscious shy person anyways and I always know I am not the best to look at.

Just the whole trip I was reserved and so insecure because I was forced to be around more people. Just felt so guilty and I realized I am trying to hide behind this weight. It makes me feel so clumsy and old. I just realized I don't want to be that woman. I want more for myself and be around people without feeling like peoples eyes were judging me. (Although I know people aren't like that...the universe doesn't revolve around me. But that mindset is there for me. Like I am the literal elephant in the room)

So just want to get out more and feel better. Want to be able to be myself around others and not focus on such a trivial thing.

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Posted: 12 Dec 2010, 21:49
once my stomach was bigger than my boobs i had finally had enough! short sweet and to the point. Razz
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