Confession Time...what's your secret?!?!?!?

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Posted: 02 Dec 2010, 21:22
Ok, we all know that eating healthier and exercising is benificial. We will lose weight, gain energy and overall feel better.

However, I also know that I have my own little confessions for wanting to lose weight and I know you do to! So fess up...what can't you wait for when you finally lose the weight.

I guess it is only fair that I start...
I want to go out with my friends and not be the biggest one there, in fact what I really want is for a complete stranger to give me a compliment on how I look. (flirting would not be a bad thing) I love my husband dearly and he gives me more compliments than any one at any given time, but I also know that he loves me no matter what...I have never been the "pretty girl" when I go out with my friends so for once I would love to know how that feels.

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Posted: 02 Dec 2010, 21:37
My little confession is I wanted to be the "Skinny One" at my husband's family reunion. I have always been the one that was overweight and awkward. I always felt like everyone watched everything that I put in my mouth. My SILs are 5'10 and always weighed about 110 lbs! Well, this year at Thanksgiving, my SIL and MIL were shocked at how little I am! The looks are their faces were priceless. Of course, it didn't hurt that my SIL gained weight this past year. I know that is bad of me but I was the SKINNY one at the family reunion!!!!

Now I need to find another goal (besides be healthy and feel better). What should that be?

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Posted: 02 Dec 2010, 21:49
The cute clothes they make for thin people. And I too don't want to be the biggest one when I go out with my husband and friends. (Though my husband will always be the thinner looking one Darn String Bean Laughing )

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Posted: 02 Dec 2010, 21:55
I want to be able to cut up my Torrid credit card and never give the thing a second thought!

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Posted: 02 Dec 2010, 22:01
I am 5 foot 11...and a plus sized gal. I will still probably be a plus even when I lose my weight (doctor says healthy for me is 185 - 200 lbs read ANY magazine and for my height that's still *big*). Broad shoulders big chest, build like a brick *bleep* house, I guess I am lucky that I have a 35 inch inseam (but clothes shopping is a bloody nightmare!!!!)...and heavy thick bones...most of my gal pals are like under 5 foot 4 and maybe 100 lbs (growls) Well damn it my little secret is I want to strut my tallness and everything else...without hiding under baggy clothes. I even had a ex a VERY ex ex tell me I am beautiful but would be gorgeous if I lost 20 lbs, and that was at my lowest weight of 220. I dumped him after he can kiss my jiggly but and my current and wonderful bf can see me get healthier and more confident...and still like me even if I don't.
I want me back!!!

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Posted: 02 Dec 2010, 22:02
When I started, I honestly think my initial motivation was because I moved to a really hot climate (arizona) and I didn't want to sweat so much.
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Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 00:49
I use to be confident and sexy. Now I'm self-conscious and live in t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. My kingdom for a skirt or dress - I hate the way my thighs rub together when I walk. Thats what I want to do when I lose these last 10kg's! Wear a nice dress!

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Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 01:23
i want to be able to be around other people without being so paranoid/embarrassed over things i am sure are only in my mind.

and i want the confidence to meet some of these people! i can't imagine the sort of things, experiences and beings i've been missing out on in my young life because of all the time i've spent hiding.

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Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 02:43
I want to fit into my old clothes.

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Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 04:54
There's a lot of them. I want to be able to be able to feel in control of myself and the way I look. I have a shape underneath all this flab and I want to see it and feel good about it. I want to be the one not described as "that big girl". I want to feel more confident and dress nicer and not try to hide myself anymore. My thighs rub together and I have flabby arms I want to cut away ..Maybe wear something that I can feel good in and not feel so bad about myself. Just want to give myself some self esteem and power over my well being.

I know nothing happens fast and losing weight will not get rid of all my insecurities but it will help me feel better. I will start to thinking more positive. Positivity is what I want and health.(Also it wouldn't hurt to look nice like I used to but even then I thought I was fat .) ...Oh yeah and to fit into all of my old stored clothes.
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Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 07:27
My goal is to get off the CPAP. I was put on it about two and a half years ago. I miss camping in a tent and spending time outdoors in the summer (the option is a camper or a generator running all night outside the tent to power the CPAP - who wants that while camping?).

The thing that finally put me over the top was missing out on sleeping outside in the summer.

The flirting, the better body, the attention, it's all good and makes you feel good about yourself but I want my active outdoorsy lifestyle back.

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Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 08:17
For me, aside from the health benefits, fun and general good feelings, and medicinal decreases... well, it's pretty embarassing. I kinda had male breasts for the longest time. It's one of those areas on my body where it likes to store fat. Even when I was skinnier throughout the rest of my body, I still had them. I have had two surgeries to remove this issue, but as I would gain weight, they would grow again. Right now, it's not too bad, but it is still something I am very uncomfortable with. I want to be able to take off my shirt and not be ashamed of my appearance. A little muscle tone wouldn't hurt either. Smile

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Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 08:19
I would like to be healthy and strong! I want to be able to handle the stress and physical demands of taking care of myself and loved ones as we continue to age. Truthfully the secret is I worry about my husband... he has a service related disability that will get worse as he gets older.

Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself is not a luxury - it's an absolute necessity. ~Author Unknown
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Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 09:28
Zenwolf...I soooo want those boots too!!! Smile

Ed and Matt (any others)...yes over all health is the BEST goal of all, but don't you just have that one little thing that will make you smile and say "YES, I did it"...what about someone coming up to you for advice at the gym, or the cute younger girl at a restaurant that turn to give you a second glance, how about going into a store grabbing the first shirt you like and knowing that it will fit and look good without going into a dressing room or hanging on you like a sack! We ALL have our "diva" like dreams that make us feel unstoppable! We are human and it is what drives come on and fess up what will make you feel like a diva Smile

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Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 09:38
1) I hate the way my thighs rub together - I want to be able to wear a skirt or dress in summer time and go for a long walk and not end up in pain from the rubbing.

2) I want to go back to work in August looking great and knock everyone's socks off.

3) I want to wear nicer, funkier clothes from local boutiques instead of winners or old navy or worse, the plus-sized stores.

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Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 09:43
I'd be lying if I said it isn't partly about what I look like. Although I'm mostly comfortable with my body as long as my clothes fit me, when I see myself in a photo I can't believe it's how I look. I guess my perception of what I look like, even looking in the mirror is different than what I actually look like. Delusion is bliss, I guess.

I actually feel stronger now than I did when I was skinny. Isn't that crazy? I guess because when I was skinny I always felt sick, because a lot of the skinniness was from health issues. Of course now some of the weight is from health issues too, and causing some to boot.

So, ultimately, I want to feel strong and healthy. I don't need to be 120 like when I was in high school, but nearly 180 is too heavy for me and causing sleep apnea and acid reflux. I like that I will like myself in pictures again, but I think I really just want to be the best me which I think is around 140-145 lbs.
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Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 10:11
Z'smama: I'm right there with ya sister. I went to the Oregon coast this summer, and after about a day of fun in the sun, sand, and water, I began to get a mild case of what I like to call "chub-rub" hahaha. I also want to show up to a school event (maybe prom) and blow everyone away. And last but not least, I'd like to stop shopping at walmart and our local discount store, and go to the mall. Be able to try on clothes that fit AND look good on me. Good luck on your journey sista.
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Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 10:15
If I am being honest...because I really miss being thin. I miss the clothes, the compliments, the way I felt in private and public..... What we look like is not suppose to define us as people. I have a great marriage, great kids, succesful business, etc. But despite all that when you get fat, in reality, people treat you different, they don't take you as serious, they watch what you eat, what you put in your shopping cart, what you wear. And then my sister in law died, basically from obesity at 55 years old. A beautiful wonderful life cut short because she never lost the weight. I just refuse to be that person! I see my Dad with his cane and hardly able to walk, and its pretty much all due to his weight, my Grandmother lived and died that way. I WILL NOT DO THAT TO MY KIDS! Or myself.

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Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 10:34
I would like to finally look at myself and know that I've reached my goal and feel good about it.

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Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 10:34
I used to be the one everyone turned to look at when I entered a room. I want that back before I get too old to make it happen.

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