Not hungry for breakfast.

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Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 10:35
so i've been doing some reading on the benefits of eating breakfast (as if it wasn't drilled into my head throughout this young life of mine as the most important meal of the day) and i've been making an effort to eat within 40 minutes of waking up to get my metabolism up and running.

howeverrr, i'm finding i'm having a really difficult time trying to eat. i have an excellent selection of good things to eat to suit my diet and my tastes but after only a few bites i start feeling like i'm going to be sick. not eating isn't an option to me so i try to choke down what i can before i have to give up and try again later.

something i've noticed is that i started having a particularly hard time after i started taking a daily dose of metamucil berry burst (which tastes like something sweet and hellish). even after just drinking the dose i immediately start to feel terrible.

anyone had any problems with this? what helps you eat breakfast?

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Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 11:06
I have to take a million pills in the morning. I take those with diet cranberry juice. Then I relax and savor my lovely, hot mug of coffee. THEN I have my oatmeal, cup of skim milk and scrambled egg. Don't take anything (like Metamucil) before you eat if it makes you feel terrible. Actually, if you are eating enough natural fiber (fruits, veg and complex carbs), you shouldn't need Metamucil. I LOVE my breakfast. It's my comfort food for the day.
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Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 11:10
If the metamucil makes you feel sick, don't take it in the morning. Maybe you could try taking it at night before bed, after dinner.
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Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 11:15
I had that problem in the beginning, I found if I made a smoothie out of frozen fruit and yogurt/milk and took it with me I could sip on it and it would fill me up and wouldn't make me sick. I am not to the point where I can eat first thing in the morning with out any issues. I still make smoothies from time to time and add metamucil fiber - non flavoured and wheat grass and hemp protein into them with out having any issues.

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Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 11:19
I still struggle with eating in the morning too. I usually still wait 2 hrs after I've been up to eat.

But I do make smoothies sometimes too - it really does help.
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Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 11:23
i really like the idea of taking the pills and metamucil then relaxing with coffee or tea before eating. that sounds like it would work wonders for this appetite of mine.

thanks for the ideas. (:

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Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 11:26
I have been getting up at 5 in order to get a morning work out in and it has been drilled in me that I need to eat both before AND after my work out. Well, trying to eat something at 5:00 in the morning isn't all that tempting, but I have found that I notice a huge difference (in energy and hunger control) if I have anywhere from 1/2 oz - 1 oz of raw unsalted almonds and a 1/2 of an apple, pear or hand full of grapes. It isn't a lot of food, but it has a lot of benifits.

Normally I would laugh at a 1/2 oz of almonds (I think it is about 6), but they are great for that morning start! GOOD LUCK

After my workouts, have been enjoying 1- 6oz container of vanilla non-fat Greek yogurt with 1/4 cup grape nuts mixed in!

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Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 15:17
I love breakfast because I don't worry so much about the calories and eat whatever I feel like - bacon, eggs, toast, cereal, fruit, pancakes, french toast, or yoghurt - depending on my mood. I figure it all gets burnt off during the day. Then I just have a smaller, more salad/vege filled dinner at night instead.

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Posted: 11 Nov 2010, 07:13
I've had the "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" drilled into me all my life. I've also read you should eat within 45 minutes of waking up. I personally can't do that - I wouldn't eat and then I'd feel sick. I do need to take my vitamins with food in the morning, so I eat when I get into work. It's usually about 1 1/2 hours after I get up, but it works for me. I sit with my breakfast of either egg whites, yogurt or oatmeal - or a combination - all things that are easy to keep in the fridge at work, and relax with a cup of tea as I open my morning emails. It also keeps me from being hungry before lunchtime. It works for me - and so far I have lost over 50 pounds since June.

I think we're all different and just really need to find what works for you. Once you find it - this change of life to be more healthy is quite easy!

good luck!!!

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