weight watchers=undereating?

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Posted: 25 Sep 2010, 19:46
wow i can't even believe it.. i think i know why i hit a plateau.. undereating??

i totaled up the calories i was getting on a normal day with weight watchers.. it was anywhere from 850-950. along with 30 minutes of intense exercise a day.. i was losing no weight.

i think calorie counting is the new answer Smile

anyone else switch from weight watchers to calorie counting?!

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Posted: 25 Sep 2010, 20:31
I followed WW from January 1st - April 28th in that 4 month time span I lost 20 lbs. I found Fat Secret and within days they got rid of the WW points. I decided to switch my diet over to calorie counting because I liked that I could record what I ate on my computer and I could sync it with my phone. I have been counting calories from May- present, so about 4.5 months and have lost 30lbs. You usually drop a lot in the beginning due to water weight so when I look at my numbers I can for sure tell I did better eating based on the numbers Fat Secret gave me. I am much happier counting calories too. I tend to eat a wider variety of food then I did on WW. For some reason on ww I got very fixated on "low points" to the point it drove me nuts. Now I happily eat things I love like burgers and french fries and still lose cause I have learned how to balance other foods around them to fit them in. For me counting calories has definitely helped me learn how to eat for life.

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Posted: 25 Sep 2010, 21:36
thanks! Smile how did you find out exactly how many calories you need? i'm so confused about the whole calorie deficit thing!

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Posted: 25 Sep 2010, 23:34
FatSecret will tell you your Recommended Daily Intake for the speed of weight loss you want and the level of exercise you do. A lot of people seem to find FS's RDI a bit high (I agree), so you can check it against a few others and edit it here yourself. Two other websites that give good RDI's are
I like the fat2fitradio calculator because it tells you how many calories to eat to lose weight as well as how many calories you will be eating when you are the weight you want to be. It helps clarify the calorie deficit.

I also low ball the exercise activity level. That will make heavy exercise days bonus days rather than expected exercise for my daily RDI. I can always increase my intake by a 100 calories or so on a heavy exercise day, but if I put it in as my daily level it really bumps up the RDI.

Under 1200 calories a day is generally considered unsafe....That's just for basic survival. If you were eating under 1200 regularly doing WW, your body was reacting to the starvation by hoarding fat. Definitely get those calories up just a little, and you'll probably start losing again. Good luck!

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Posted: 26 Sep 2010, 00:13
Thanks for posting those links relz, off to read.

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Posted: 26 Sep 2010, 12:24
I think you have to find what works for your body. A long time ago, I tried WW. I had been losing weight successfully on my own, and my mom suggested WW as she had done it in the past. I joined with my Grandma. I followed the points system and went to the meetings for support. I GAINED weight! I actually gained the weight that I had successfully lost on my owned. After giving it sometime and continually gaining, I gave up and went back to doing my own thing. Again, I lost. I did get some good recipes, and loved the WW magazines, but the points system didn't work for my body.

The other thing, is when working out with a trainer when I got to my goal weight before, he taught me that your body can quickly get used to things and this is what causes a plateau. I learned that you have to regularly change up your eating and your excercise program to be successful. Well, at least this worked for me and my workout partner. We both got to our goals before our husbands came home from deployment!

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Posted: 08 Oct 2010, 18:30
I just switched to calorie counting. I like to know where my calories are going and I can see all that on here. I'm loving it! This site is so cool.

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Posted: 12 Oct 2010, 21:41
I was on WW before discovering FS. I lost weight at frst but could not keep up with my calorie and fat intake. I am on the calorie count diet here on FS and so far so good with understanding calories, fiber and protein. Found out from my doctor that I was depriving myself of the proper calories and protein! Off to a positive start!

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