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Posted: 24 Aug 2010, 09:47
I thought this would be a great way of eating. I have the terrible habit of wanting meat every single day at least once a day.

I'm thinking that I am going to try to limit my meat consumption to only 4 times a week to start and aiming for a goal of 2 times a week.

Would love any advice, suggestions and even a few buddies to come along for the ride! Wink

I am starting my first meatless day tomorrow.
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Posted: 24 Aug 2010, 09:58
hello - I have been a vegetarian for 20 years so if you would like any advice, please feel free to ask.

One I can give you right off the bat is that often I crave an experience more than a specific food - so I recreate my favorite childhood meat recipies without the meat.

Another is to make sure you still get protien into your diet as it does keeps you full... but there are certainly lots of non-meat sources.
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Posted: 24 Aug 2010, 10:48
I'm a vegetarian also Smile. Happy to offer tips. You are more than welcome to check out my food diary for ideas!
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Posted: 29 Sep 2010, 10:41
this is how i eat. i am not a vegetarian but i do try and limit the meat that i eat. I have always had a problem with my digestive system moving things along at a moderate pace. when i cut back on meat, i find things move along better and i feel better in general. last night my husband had a hamburger and i had a veggie patty burger. looking at them both, i really dont feel as if i am missing anything. i dont keep track of how many times per week i eat meat i just try and find alternatives when i can or cut the meat in 1/2 or even 1/4 at times.
wishing you the best

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Posted: 29 Sep 2010, 11:13
How about treating meat like a side dish, spice, or garnish, rather than the main course that most Americans do?

A great example dish is ma po tofu. It's a Chinese dish made with a lot of tofu and a little bit of ground pork.

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Posted: 29 Sep 2010, 13:45
I love meat. I would never give it up. Is there a specific reason you're trying to limit your meat intake?
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Posted: 29 Sep 2010, 17:12
The main thing is to make sure you get adequate protein from non-meat sources, and combine them for a complete protein (grains and beans/peas, nuts and milk, etc.)

There may be body chemistry reasons you are craving meat (hypoglycemic, pre-diabetic, etc.), so you may not thrive on a vegetarian diet. Some people do well on a vegetarian diet, but some people (like my mom) get very ill on a vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian diets are very trendy these days. I know I would never consider being a vegetarian. Good luck with your new goal.

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Posted: 29 Sep 2010, 17:50
Why would you eliminate eating meat daily? I usually eat at least two chicken breasts (or equivalent) a day.

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Posted: 29 Sep 2010, 17:59
I just want to point out that there are a TON of reasons to be vegetarian, not just trendiness. I wouldn't mind eating meat, and I would eat it, IF I was sure about where it came from and how it got from the animal to my plate. IF I knew that the chickens weren't kept in a dark building wading in their own feces for their entire lives and bred to have extremely large breasts and fed god knows what- including ground up other chickens.

IF I didn't care about the treatment of the animals, which I do, but I know many don't, I would still care about my own health. I would like to avoid both e coli bacteria AND chemicals like the chlorine bath the chicken meat is rinsed with before it's packed up and sent to the market.

IF I had the money to purchase only the cleanest, grass fed beef and free range chicken, or even better, had the skill and inclination to hunt the animal myself... IF all those conditions were met, I might not be a vegetarian.

But I simply can't pretend I don't know where the meat came from that I could afford to acquire from the grocery store. I DO know where it came from and it is disgusting, unappetizing, and I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. Smile

That's why. (for me anyway)
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Posted: 29 Sep 2010, 18:43
You're right, I'd much rather eat the fresh vegetables sprayed with toxic agricultural chemicals Wink

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Posted: 29 Sep 2010, 19:25
Natural, I personally try to buy organic foods rather than those sprayed with toxic chemicals. If enough people were to do that, it would cause a change in our agrobusiness. In fact, that is already starting to happen at the edges.

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Posted: 29 Sep 2010, 20:03
How do you know where your organic veggies come from? Aside from the sticker that says organic?
This is for the crowd that buys from Whole Foods type stores and not Farmers markets.
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Posted: 29 Sep 2010, 20:13
I recently watch a documentary called "Food, Inc", a friend of mine recommended it. This friend now purchases most of her meats and produce from a small local organic farmer that is about 2 hours away. The documentary was a real eye opener for me. It is divided into three segments. The first segment looks at the industrial production of chicken, beef, and pork. The second segment examines the industrial production of grains and vegetables. The third and final segment scrutinizes the near-monopoly power of the food companies.

My daughter has been a vegetarian since the age 8. I totally respect her decision and prepare many meatless dishes for her. On the other hand I was raised on a farm so giving up meat doesn't make sense for me. I live in the city now. I have to admit I don't eat nearly as much meat as I use to and I buy organic when I can.

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Posted: 29 Sep 2010, 20:17
Natural.Lifter wrote:
You're right, I'd much rather eat the fresh vegetables sprayed with toxic agricultural chemicals Wink

This is true, and I do my best to shop at the farmers market and wash my produce although I am aware I still haven't completely avoided the chemicals and pesticides that have invaded the food supply. I wish there were a feasible way, but I have yet to find one.

But we should never let perfect be the enemy of good. By that logic, why bother quitting smoking when you are still inhaling car fumes every day? Why bother losing weight when stress will give you a heart attack too?
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Posted: 29 Sep 2010, 23:20
I've gone mostly meatless due to budget. I find that I'm loving it. For protein, I eat a lot of bean and brown rice combos. I do eat eggs and dairy. I find that I seldom miss meat. If I could afford organic, I would go that route as well. I do get organic milk and eggs because stores like Walmart, where I can afford to shop, have started carrying them for much less than the same brands at health-food stores.
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Posted: 29 Sep 2010, 23:26
I don't think there's anything wrong with eating meat. I control the amount of red meat i eat but i indulge in fish and chicken. Ofourse you can get your protein from other sources so it is not necessary to eat meat.

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Posted: 30 Sep 2010, 08:21
Indeed. Everything is ok in moderation. I also eat a lot of healthy chicken and fish for the nutritional value. However if you're eating macdonalds every day then that's clearly not the way to go Razz.

I think meat substitutes such as quorn are a great way to go if you're wanting to eat less meat. They're a tad on the expensive side, but they contain lots of protein and little fat. I particually like the sausages. If you casserole them up with onions, peppers, and other veg they tend to absorb the flavour of the sauce well and you can hardly tell the difference Smile.

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Posted: 03 Oct 2010, 18:10
Can I just say that I love Ma-Po Tofu... Hoser do you have a good recipe?

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Posted: 11 Oct 2010, 01:38
I haven't made this in a while, but the last time I did I enjoyed it. It's from Chinese Cooking Szechwan Style. I love this cookbook, but let's just say it's not all that well edited. Here's their recipe to the best of my transcription ability.

2 (no units... packages? pounds?) bean curd
75g (2.5 oz) minced pork
1T hot bean paste
1/2t sesame oil
1/4t szechwan pepper powder
dash minced green onion

(group 1)
1T minced green onion
1t minced garlic
1t minced ginger

(group 2)
1C water
1.5T soy sauce
1T cooking wine
1/2t salt

(group 3)
1T water
1.5t corn starch

1. Cut bean curd into 1cm cubes
2. Preheat the wok, add in 2T oil, stir fry pork until cooked, then remove. Stir fry group 1 with the remaining oil until fragrant. Add in the hot bean paste to fry and mix well, then add in group 2, bean curd, and pork. Bring to boil and simmer over low heat for 3 minutes. Thicken with group 3. Sprinkle on minced green onion, szechwan pepper powder, and sesame oil. Serve.

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Posted: 15 Oct 2010, 14:52
My suggestion is to go to your local library and check out a few cookbooks. My son rarely eats meat and I found tons of awesome vegetarian and mostly vegetarian recipes that are tasty, nutritious, and easy to prepare.

His favourite is a multi bean salad with oil and vinegar dressing and poultry seasoning to taste.

We don't eat tofu (because it's kinda the hotdog of the vegetarian world) but there are tons of delcious beans, grains, etc. I suggest quinoa in a tomato, cucumber, and chickpea salad...perhaps with fresh herbs. It's very chic!

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