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Posted: 11 Aug 2010, 07:19
I am close to goal weight, but it’s becoming very hard now cause while people congratulate me for having lost 21 kg, they are now starting to say I am fine like this and do not need to lose anymore. My boyfriend thinks I am emaciated and is begging me to stop dieting.

I could stop now, cause my BMI is healthy, I feel great about how I look, and am so proud of my achievement. But I feel curious to be thin, I’ve always been overweight and want to see if I can do this, besides I’m on a roll, and 21kg lost is a lot of effort to make if I will then stop at a place where I’m no longer overweight, but also not thin. And my goal is still a BMI of 21, which is well in the 18-25 healthy range, so it’s not like I’m being obsessive and unrealistic.

What should I do? Do this for me and ignore everybody who cares about me? Or be happy now instead of never being quite satisfied with the result? Are people afraid to see a different person if I’m not my usual curvy self? How have you dealt with his?

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Posted: 11 Aug 2010, 07:46
Do what you want, not anyone else, as long as you stay in a healthy weight and BMI range, there isn't a problem. now, if you desired to be 80 pounds, that might be a problem. good luck to you.
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Posted: 11 Aug 2010, 12:17
Hi, well done on the weight loss for a start. If you have a goal stick to it, if you don't like it when you get there you can always put on some weight. Just think of that!! I too have lost 20kg and although I still have 20kg still to go I look pretty good and everyone comments. What gets me is that they say I should stop now, I look great. blah, blah, blah. I have come to the conclusion that when we change shape etc people's perceptions of us change and so they react accordingly. Most of us really do not like change in any shape and subconsciously we feel threatened by change and how it will affect us. Friends could think we look better than them, dress in nicer clothes, partners could worry about us looking good to others and feel threatened and insecure. When you get a chance why don't you sit with friends, family, boyfriend and explain your goal and that it ill make you happy to achieve it but that it shouldn't change who you are inside as a person. May be they just don't understand how you feel. Mind you.... if I got too skinny my husband says he will divorce me, he likes curves to snuggle!!!! Like I'm going to be anything else but

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Posted: 11 Aug 2010, 21:13
Honestly, you are the only person who has to live in your body. As long as you are in a healthy weight range, and not starving yourself, do what you want. Those who love you don't notice your body as much as you think. My boyfriend thinks I am beautiful, and perfect the way I am, and I am close to forty pounds overweight for my small bone frame. I wouldn't rely fully on bmi though- for me, I will be technically underweight when I reach my goal, but my doctor said that it would be a safe, healthy weight for me, although I may go higher. My mum, on the other hand, is five six and 165 pounds. That is overweight, but she runs marathons and is super fit. If she weighed 130, she would look Incredibly sick. It depends on your body type.

It looks like you have worked incredibly hard to get to where you are now. Good like with finding your happy weight!
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Posted: 14 Aug 2010, 08:36
Hi all, many thanks for the advice! The change in my appearance is a little unsettling to most I guess - at times to myself too! It's weird! I've now decided to just do this for me - even if it's against the current. Well, no part of dieting is ever easy anyway. Good luck to you all!

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