fruta plata

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Posted: 29 Apr 2010, 14:25
Has anyone heard of this? They sell it on amazon and has good reviews it is suppost to be from natural plants. I have never heard of it.

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Posted: 30 Apr 2010, 11:15
nope, sounds like another scam to me. I almost got sucked into the whole "acai berry" thing.
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Posted: 30 Apr 2010, 11:39
The name is "fruta planta", but never heard of it in Brazil.

As for the acai berry (or açai), in Brazil it is a VERY common thing to eat for generations, we have learned from the indigenous people. Indeed it is very useful and healthy, but I dont know anything about it being good for losing weight.
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Posted: 30 Apr 2010, 13:26
A friend of mine bought it she started it last THURSDAY she lost 8 lbs as of today, she said it curbes your appitite and the only side effect she had was a dry mouth.I have never heard of it until she told me it comes from china I think.

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Posted: 30 Apr 2010, 13:33
Not sure if I would truse something so new and unheard of. Especially those things that come from the place that wants to feed our children lead. Sure 8lbs is a quick loss, but has she thought of the risks long term.
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Posted: 30 Apr 2010, 13:38
Exactly, keli
Coming from the Amazon? Im Brazilian and never heard of this. But shipping from China? Hmmmm

In Portuguese, "fruta planta" means "plant-fruit", a fruit that is a plant? OUCH ehehhe This is way weird.
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Posted: 09 Jul 2010, 20:50
no they sell it on not that it comes from the Amazon. I use it and it does curb your appitite. and its supposed to be all natural and on the box it only list natural ingredients

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Posted: 18 Jul 2010, 22:07's my opinion on this fruita plata or whatever it's called; i think its' the same one I'm thinking of... of course everyone is different so I would take this and add it to the others you receive to make the best decision for you: stay far far away from it. One of my close girl friends tried it and she just about almost croaked. She was eating 1200-1300 calories ( i guess that's all they say you'll need because you're full all the time) but her heart was racing like all the time. She used to complain about these HORRIBLE migrains it gave her and she felt like she was having an "out of body" experience...whatever that means, not to mention the none-stop thirst and dry mouth. So we googled it and in fact went on Amazon to read more of the reviews to see if her symptoms were being reported by others having already tried it. Well it turned out while some people had great success with it, others were experiencing the same symptoms as she was. One person on there sited an FDA site where one of the contents in this drug was supposed to be banned because it could cause horrible side was crazy watching her go through that...she managed to take it for like 3 weeks and despite healthy eating and exercise she saw NO weight loss and returned it to the buyer for a refund. should you decide to try it I would suggest eating with it and I mean eating like 1700 calories with it...drinking tons of water and if you're sensitive to caffeine or have any type of heart conditions or high blood pressure or cholesterol I wouldn't suggest it because her heart rate was like in the high 80% once when we were working out and all she was doing was walking at like a 3.7 mph on a flat surface....Hope I didn't burst your bubble, but I was really worried about her and others experiencing similar symptoms but as her friend, I stated my opinion and had to be supportive of her decision. I was glad when she decided to give it up though.

ON a HAPPIER NOTE: Congrats on your 40lb weight loss! I mean that's a lot when I'm struggling to take off 5! so basically if you've can this far....and you have your health what's stopping you from making it to your goal!
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Posted: 18 Jul 2010, 23:24
Never tried it. If you do, let us know what you think.

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