Share your Favorite Quick but healthy Meals.......either Frozen or Fresh

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Posted: 01 Mar 2010, 18:42
Being that I'm always in a crunch for time between work, school and the gym I love Healthy Choices Cafe Steamers. They're absolutely Delish..... I love the fact that they are low in fat and calories without compromising taste. How could you go wrong with that? My favorites are the Whiskey Beef. Cajun shrimp and Rice, and the Grilled Chicken w/ Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo. Try em out and let me know how you like em
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Posted: 01 Mar 2010, 19:25
I keep whole grain wraps and little cans of flavored tuna on hand. Tablespoon of fat free mayo, tuna, couple veggies and a wrap and I am good to go!
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Posted: 01 Mar 2010, 19:25
What is the average sodium content?
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Posted: 01 Mar 2010, 21:40
My all time favorite quick meals are green smoothies. Whatever fruit, fresh or frozen, handful of greens, usually spinach for me, a little honey or agave, spoonful or two of plain yoghurt for creamier smoothies, splash of water, 30 seconds in a blender, and I'm set. Super easy, super quick, filling, fresh, and tasty, easy to pack for work, (pour and go).

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