Weighing Daily vs. Weekly

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Posted: 11 Nov 2009, 13:19
I have heard conflicting reports on whether it is good to weigh yourself every day. I weigh myself almost every day, then obsess a little if the number doesn't fluctuate or moves in the wrong direction. Does anyone weigh every day? Does it help or hurt? Should you weigh daily or weekly? Any input is appreciated!
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Posted: 11 Nov 2009, 16:25
I weigh every day. For me, it is incentive to keep going. This way I am less likely to cheat. The days that I see a slight increase, or flat line, it is usually contributed to water retention. I can honestly say that it usually follows a day that I didn't exercise or drink enough water. Funny to say that, but someone else posted somewhere else I saw earlier that when you don't drink enough water, your body retains water to prevent dehydration. THAT made sense to me. I drink a lot of water, so I have seen days when I didn't drink enough that I may not loose any the next day. Then I may have 3-4 days in a row where I loose .4 to .6 lbs a day, which is what is happening with me right now. I didn't loose much last week though. I had a knee injury I was nursing and it was my time of the month, so I didn't stress about it. So I think your answer would be more up to you. Are you one who will stress eat and say well I didn't loose any today, I will just go hog wild and eat what I want, or this isn't working and give up? Or are you like me and say, ok what could I have done to improve my situation and see a loss? I am determined to loose this weight and I am putting everything I have into it. I could exercise more, yes, but I am happy with how it is going now. I am not ready to join a gym that I probably won't go to anyway. I have a free park and I have the My Fitness Coach on the Wii. That is working for me right now.
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Posted: 11 Nov 2009, 17:45
I started off weighing every day, and for the same reasons as kmaxwell, it kept me on course and i knew when to step it up, and if i lost a pound, it kept me motivated! Then I after a couple months, I started losing my edge and losing a pound here and there, or nothing at all for days at a time, was stressful. So people on here suggested I switch to once a week. well, did that, and now feel like i have completely fallen off the wagon. Not weighing in at all because suddenly the scale seems like an enemy. Expectations of doing good and waiting for the week-weighin result in nothing lossed or worst, a gain! Lost all motivation and seem at a standstill. My fire isn't completely out, I feel the need to keep blowing on my lil flame and start up again with a-gusto, but I think weighing in every day helped keep me going. Reminded me of what I was doing here, instead of forgetting and then falling behind. Even though it was sometimes stressful and nerve-wracking, it kept me on course. This is just me, I have seen PLENTY of people do awesome during a week and look forward to seeing their number at the end of it, and keep going with it, but I don't think I'm ready for that, I'm still too weak to do it. I need more of a kick in the butt and weighing every day does that, so I think I will start doing that again. LOL
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Posted: 11 Nov 2009, 19:01
lol at the thought of throwing gas on your fire girl! (meant for sarahlynn)
Karen Maxwell

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Posted: 11 Nov 2009, 19:14
I weigh every day, but I don't stress (too much) over the small ups and downs. It helps that I have an understanding of what my normal patterns are. A LOT of people get upset when they jump up a little. For those people, it is definitely recommended to weigh only once a week.
There are whole strings on the atkins site of people who are addicted to the scale. I probably am too (since I weigh every day), but for me it is more about enjoying statistics.

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Posted: 11 Nov 2009, 19:36
When I did this diet before, for about the first 2 or 3 weeks I weighed myself everyday. But when I realized I gained weight or stayed the same, I had to stop. I knew I wouldn't do anything but stress myself out over it. I plan on weighing just once a week. If I gain weight or stay the same, I figure that will motivate me to have a better week Smile

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Posted: 11 Nov 2009, 23:41
I weigh everyday and then write my weight on a little pocket calendar. Then I know month over month if I really lose weight or not. I don't worry about day to day fluctuations.
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Posted: 12 Nov 2009, 21:22
I weigh every day, but I only record once every 2 weeks. I find I weigh the least on Monday and the most on Friday Smile Weird. But whatever, a 5lb fluctuation means nothing. Could be water, could be you didn't use the bathroom yet, could be that pizza slice sitting in your tummy. The only reason I do get on the scale every day is curiosity.
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Posted: 14 Nov 2009, 09:10
Well I regard daily weighing as a dangerous thing! If one is VLCD-ing and sticking to it ridigly the pounds will come off fairly steadily but on other diets as with 'normal' eating weight and water levels can fluctuate wildly from day to day, and even from hour to hour.

I have lost count of the many friends who have given up dieting due to weighing too frequently, obsessively you might say, and finding a result they dreaded, accurate or not.

If you can handle daily weighing, great. I weigh once a week at the most. Was told years ago in OA that weighing once a month was even better. This is a personal choice of course but for some daily weighing can bring a kind of tyranny into dieting and maintaining. The scale can become your enemy, something to be feared.

It seems to be working for you ladies so fine! Whatever suits you best. Daily weighing for me proved a mistake - just another excuse to beat myself up.

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Posted: 14 Nov 2009, 11:18
Thank you everyone. elfprincess, I think I may be beating myself up by weighing everyday. Case in point I weighed every day this week and the scale went up .2, .4 just a bit to where it drove me nuts and I went to McDonalds last night when I wasn't even that hungry. I think I'm going to try to only weigh once a week and make healthly food choice and continue exercising. The weight will come off!
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Posted: 15 Nov 2009, 12:36
I weigh myself once a week because my water-weight fluctuates way too much! For example I can weigh in on a sunday and be x amount, the following week I will be x+4, x+6, x+2.... but then the following sunday I will be x-1 or 3.

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Posted: 15 Nov 2009, 17:12
I would say it depends on the personality of the person weighing. I think if you are going to weigh in every day you have to take it in good humour, if you are going to get uptight and stressed out it wont be a positive experience. For me weighing daily is pretty near essential for motivation and success. I lost 72lbs weighing in every day and whenever I listen to people saying weigh in weekly my motivation wanes and I lose interest. I think weighing in daily is a good thing because if its down you know you're doing well and it boosts your motivation and if its the same or up then you know to try a bit harder and stops it from getting out of control. You can be more careful and at the end of the week will be more successful as a result. I actually weigh myself daily at home and whenever I work out at the gym. I see quite a drop at the gym and a steady one at home so its like a double motivation! Smile
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Posted: 15 Nov 2009, 19:53
IMHO, constant weigh-ins can only offer discouragement. I've experienced days like we all have when I eat very little and work in the yard all day only to find the next morning I've gained three pounds. I don't need the discouragement.

When I started my diet six months ago, I decided to weigh-in once a month, on the day I started the diet. If I adhere to my plan, I'll have to lose weight over the month's time. It takes time to progress with weight loss. It's not a thing that happens overnight. Think about the diet and forget about the scale.

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Posted: 16 Nov 2009, 01:32
I agree with you. I weigh weekly with my trainer, but even then sometimes women's weight fluctuate from week to week so monthly sounds like it's the best route. Although I heard that going a month without weighing means that you can gain weight and not have a reality check or you're not getting the encouragement you need from seeing the numbers go down weekly. Most people can lose .5 pounds a week when they are reducing calories and increasing activity. Thanks.
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