What was the 'lightbulb moment' that made you realize you needed to lose weight?

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Posted: 10 Aug 2009, 14:04
For many people, something happens that opens up their eyes to the problem.
For me, it was when I went clothes shopping last month and realized how large I really had gotten. I couldn't fit in the sizes I used to. The clothing that I tried on looked so huge. Also, when I went to an amusement park, lots of the roller coaster seats were very tight on me. I could hardly fit them.
Was there a 'lightbulb moment' that made you realize you needed to lose weight? What was it?

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Posted: 10 Aug 2009, 14:39
For me it was a combination of things. 1) my daughter told me I needed to lose weight because I looked like a cow. 2) I got winded when I would eat. (what kinda craziness is that when eating is a workout) 3) for the first time in my life I actually started feeling my weight. I had never really felt my weight before but I realized that I could really do anything that i used to be able to do very well. Hitting over 300 lbs also didnt help.

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Posted: 10 Aug 2009, 15:01
For me it was stepping on the scale and seeing that I was twice the woman my husband married. My knees hurt to walk up and down stairs, my feet hurt due to tendonitis and falling arches and I just did not have any energy. I finally got focused around June 1, found an exercise that I can do and have stuck with it. Still have a ways to go before I get to my goal and I know I'll not hit the pre-wedding weight of 28 years ago! Smile And, I'm OK with that!

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Posted: 10 Aug 2009, 15:15
I lost weight 5 years ago when I realized I had that hard, dangerous fat around my middle and my family is replete with heart disease, stroke and diabetes. I lost my first husband to cancer and didn't want the love of my life (my sweet husband) to have to go through that with me. I lost 63 lbs and kept it off fo 3 1/2 years.

Then.... I gave in to one incredible, homemade Christmas cookie prepared by my husband's "evil" ex-wife for the family, LOL! She made an amazing array of goodies and I chose not to resist them. One bite led to another and another and I let my guard down. It ended when in March I had my daughter pick up some cupcakes at the bakery for me to paint (I'm a proffessional artist). I ate them. They were awful but I couldn't stop. Next thing I knew I was up 15 lbs and none of my clothes were fitting.

So, April 13th I started on Atkins as a way to get my carb addiction under control. I've lost 16 lbs and have 25 more to go to my goal weight. I'm back where I was before the weight gain so all my clothes are fitting again and I'm motivated to go all the way this time.

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Posted: 10 Aug 2009, 15:40
For me it was out with my friends at a pub and seeing my reflexion in a mirror and I was amazed how fat I was. I thought I looked nothing like myself.
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Posted: 10 Aug 2009, 15:54
I donate blood regularly and the place I donate at does a free mini physical for you, including checking your total cholesterol. Mine was about 300 (under 180 is normal) and I was only 23 at the time.

Self preservation is a strong motivator.

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Posted: 10 Aug 2009, 16:10
You know how when you have anything done at the hospital the nurses ask the same questions over and over. Well, they kept asking me, how much do you weigh? My husband was sitting right there. I wanted to choke that nurse. Instead I told myself I would lose weight and never be ashamed to say it out loud again.

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Posted: 10 Aug 2009, 16:37
My sister's wedding. I didn't fit into the size 10 bridesmaid dress. I had to buy a corset thingy and it was still a struggle to wear. THEN I saw the pictures. Horrid. I looked like a whale next to my naturally-thin-eats-anything-and-doesn't-gain-an-ounce sister.
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Posted: 10 Aug 2009, 17:06
Two things: When I started to plan my day driving an 18 wheeler around how close I could park in the truck stop so I didn't have to walk too far from the from the bathroom and restaurant and Casual XL never has a sale on workout gear.

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Posted: 10 Aug 2009, 18:00
for me i don't think that it was one "lightbulb" moment but many, i've lost weight before, most recently 6 yrs. ago for my brother's wedding. but this time i just finally decided that this is not how i want my life to be(as a fat person). after a year and a half of taking care of my parents and concentrating on everyone but me(don't misunderstand i wouldn't change a thing i did) i finally decided i was going to do this strictly for me so that i could feel better about myself. i was having knee and foot pain from my job and felt miserable and tired all the time. i started last september at 251 lbs. and i'm pleased to say that so far i'm down 71.8 lbs and i feel better than ever. i'm still a work in progress, but this time i'm not depriving myself and i'm learning to eat new things, and i'm having a great time doing it. so it wasn't one moment but many that have led me to where i'm at and i'm hoping although i know this journey will be life long, i feel i may actually succeed this time.

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Posted: 10 Aug 2009, 19:05
Having a baby made me realize I want to be healthy to be around for him. I don't feel attractive in pictures and it affects my sexual desire for my husband. I feel like I have always struggled with my weight. I desperately want to lose 35 pounds to get down to the 140's at least.

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Posted: 10 Aug 2009, 21:15
the light bulbs keeps going off- my health, my clothes, shopping, a brat child telling me i was to fat to play soccer, my health, family pictures but the current lightbulb is that my mom passed away last year. her dying wish was that I get healthy. it's fraught with emotional landminds, like why didn't she love me as i was/ am but generally, i know that i want to live past her age, i want to see grandkids and sit on the porch with my husband when we are 80, and i don't see that future unless i make some serious changes. My life can get so out of balance, i am now just trying to go slow, day by day, and deal with the compulsion food habits.

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Posted: 11 Aug 2009, 07:36
for me it was when my husband's mother made us a family calendar. I had to look at myself every single time i walked by that thing and one day my daughter told me that one the pictures made me look like a penguin and i wasnt wearing a costume! From that point on I vowed to lose weight. I just take it one day at a time.

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Posted: 11 Aug 2009, 09:41
My family was in Disney World January '08 and my Dad and I were looking at pics of Christmas '07 (the month before). I pulled up a picture on my laptop and said "Who is that?" My Dad said, "That's you, honey..." I couldn't even recognize myself I was so big. When I graduated high school I was grossly underweight at 130. I weighed myself when we got back from Disney and I couldn't stop crying. I weighed 209. I lost almost 60 lbs that summer and was SO proud. Then the holidays came and I lost my self control. I have gained back 30lbs and am NOT okay that I am no longer fitting in my "skinny" clothes I was so excited to buy last year. It's time to take control again.

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Posted: 10 Mar 2010, 12:57
I lost 40 pounds in college due to illness, and I quickly gained 30 back post college. The defining moment for me was when my best friend came over and we were getting ready to go out, and I literally could not fit into ANY of my jeans anymore. That was back in August of 2008. I joined a Curves for Women, but then broke my ankle. That lead to gaining a few more pounds. I got serious again in January 2009, and finally joined a better gym in August 2009. Now I am on my way! I've lost 10 pounds this year, and diet and exercise have become a way of life.

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Posted: 10 Mar 2010, 13:10
Just a quiet feeling of constant sadness, not being able to relate my innerself with my outward appearance. I don`t want to be that fat nurse dishing out health promotion advice - such - eat low fat/sugar etc.
So when I got ill before christmas and couldn`t eat the weight dropped off me - I took it as a sign......
Have lost weight before and kept it off for many years, hoping this time to extend further the weightloss and maintaince Smile

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Posted: 10 Mar 2010, 13:42
I stepped on the scale at Publix and it said 170! I looked at my husband and said "why didn't you tell me Im fat" .. he said you aren't! Well I went home took all my clothes off and really looked at myself in the mirror!
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Posted: 10 Mar 2010, 13:44
Getting on a scale and realizing I was close to 300 pounds and I had once vowed never again to go over 200 and knowing that if I kept doing what I was doing, I'd probably put myself in a wheelchair eventually if a heart attack didn't kill me first.
Fun times!
Now I feel so great Smile It was all worth the struggle.
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Posted: 10 Mar 2010, 13:45
My clothes not fitting. I have A LOT of clothes, I love clothes and when I know I'm going out someplace I start to picture in my mind the perfect outfit and 9 times out of 10 when I go to put it on, it doesn't fit. Then a mini reunion with some old high school friends was scheduled and I wanted to lose 10lbs for that. So I forced myself on the scale (how else will I keep track right?) and was astonished and sicked to find that I was actually 10 lbs heavier than I thought I was!! And my heaviest to date! Finally, I'm starting to fit into some of my jeans again.

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Posted: 10 Mar 2010, 14:15
wow, well it's hard to pinpoint one defining AHA moment. But I had lost 100 lbs between 2000 and 2002 and was fit and feeling great! I vowed not to gain it back, but then job stresses and the sudden death of a loved one got me off track. The scale started creeping back up. I had vowed never to go over 150 again, but I did. Then I vowed not to go over 200 ever again, but I stopped weighing myself. Flash forward to New Year's Eve 2008/2009. We went to my sister-in-laws for a party and photos were taken. I had already planned to start fresh new years day, but boy did those pictures help fuel my desire! I looked huge! My sister in law wasn't happy with her weight either so we started on New Years by working out together and keeping each other accountable. I weighed in and found that I was over 200 again, so my first mini-goal was getting under 200. We did good from January-June, and I lost over 30 lbs getting down to 186. Summer vacations threw us off then, but by September we were finally getting back on track, and I was back to about 190. Then on Sept. 13 we were out walking on a local rural road, no sidewalks or birm, and my sister-in-law was struck down by a young driver. She was badly injured, shattered pelvis, broken neck, concussion with bleeding on the brain. The good news is she has been recovering better than we expected.. she is a champion of spirit! She can walk now without a walker (since about Christmas), but she can't walk for fitness yet or really work out. I'm getting off track, but basically that whole event was traumatic and life changing. I quit smoking October 1st when I finally realized that it was incredibly stupid to smoke and throw away my health willingly while my sister-in-law laid in the hospital fighting for life and health. The result of quitting smoking, dealing with my trauma of having witnessed the whole thing, concern and help for her, led me to binge eat compulsively and gain everything back. I've been trying to get back on track since new years 2010 now, but only in the past 2 1/2 weeks have I had a real break-through by deciding to trust God to help me with this struggle. I turned 40 last year and my oldest daughter is getting married in October 2010, so I have to say those are motivating factors as well!

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