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Posted: 03 Jun 2009, 16:23
I bought a pint of ben&jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Any thoughts on why I sabatoge myself this way? To my credit, it's been in the freezer for almost a week untouched. But, still. I can't stop thinking about it and it's driving me crazy!!!!!!! Rolling Eyes
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Posted: 03 Jun 2009, 16:29
leave it out on kitchen units tonight and when you get up in the morning it will be ruined then you cant eat it and you know you didnt throw it away!! ta daaaaaaaaaa Smile dont torture yourself if you can ration it then do it x
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Posted: 03 Jun 2009, 16:32

I think that a way to curb your craving may be to go to the store and pick up some low-cal ice cream (not the same, I know, but it helps). I just finished up some Breyer's Free strawberry and it's pretty good. It has 90 cals, 0 grams of fat, and 3 grams of fiber per serving (1/2 cup), so it's only one WW point. In the meantime, try to pawn the ice cream off on one of your friends who isn't currently watching their weight and likes cookie dough Smile

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Posted: 03 Jun 2009, 16:33
Yeah... or give it to someone you secretly hate to sabotage them. That's way less wasteful AND satisfying. Bwa ha ha!

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Posted: 03 Jun 2009, 17:10
Portion it out! Put a small scoop in each cup of an ice cube tray and cover it up w/ plastic (make sure it's very tight). Let yourself have a bite once or twice a day. You'll help keep your sweet tooth at bay without taking in too many excess calories. And it will probably freeze a little firmer than it was in the pint container so you can really savor each bite.

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Posted: 03 Jun 2009, 17:16
Only you know why for sure, but it could be that you are in the habit of buying ice cream and just went with it. The fact that you didn't eat it yet means you thought about it after you got home. You could make yourself a nice fruit salad and have 1/4 cup of ice cream at a time - stretch it out! It's so hard to resist temptation though! I like the sharing idea - can you take it to work and put a note on it "free ice cream - please eat!"?
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Posted: 03 Jun 2009, 18:58
I know that conversation we have in the store when we pick up an item, like icecream, and say I will only have the correct portion, or I will only have it once a week....OR it's on Sale! How many of us have put something in the cart, then put it back, then go get it again.Rolling Eyes If it is one of those trigger foods we normally can't stop eating once we start? We know eventually we are going to the freezer.

I think we set ourselves up for icecream sabatoge or any goodie, splurge ect... if we are trying to avoid it. There are so many ways to still have your cake (so to speak) and eat it too. Without feeling like you ruined your diet. When we say we can't eat this or that, then we hear the freezer calling our name until we cave. I like the idea of having something you enjoy in smaller portions. Not too many people measure that 1/2 cup of icecream.Wink

Walmart carries those small little cups of icecream. Also try Sorbet or Sherbet. The idea is not to feel deprived so you won't be left staring into the fridge saying what can I have? Sometimes if you can stick to your grocery list is great. But when you find yourself debating about get this or put it back? I make sure I have say for example keeping with the icecream, some in the house. That way when I do shop I can say nope, don't need it, have some at home. In my freezer I have real icecream. Says 180 calories for 1/2 a cup. I also have Blue Bunny sherbert, 90 calories a cup. We can plan for icecream.Very Happy

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Posted: 04 Jun 2009, 07:27
invite friends over and then casually ask if they want some icecream.... you have a small bowl, they have a really big bowl, then its not wasted - or if u dont care about the money being wasted just put a few bits in separate containers and then chuck the rest.
and the reason why you do this? cz your human, we all do it, be thankful you haven't eaten it yet and that your willpower is that strong

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Posted: 05 Jun 2009, 09:27
I have done this sooo many times it's ridiculous. So I have come to the point where I eat some of it to just satisfy the craving. Then I just throw the rest away. I know this sounds wasteful, but I care more about my health than money. But sometimes, you just got to have it!

You have strong determination, though, to not have eaten any yet, so kudos for that! That counts for something!

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Posted: 09 Jun 2009, 14:13
I ended up eating half of the pint on Saturday, and just letting the rest go to waste, melting on the countertop. Thanks for the tips! I will try to not let this happen again. Smile
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"Look, it's crazy for people to try to be as thin as we are. We have personal trainers and personal chefs. It's our job to look this way." --Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Posted: 09 Jun 2009, 15:46
Congratulations on your self-control!

I'm vehemently against that sort of waste, personally, but I'm still impressed by your resistance.

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Posted: 10 Jun 2009, 11:28
Hi - I like to skim a few spoonfuls from the carton. I know it sounds piggish. Embarassed But skimming a little off the top straight from the carton plays a mind trick on me.

It makes me see how huge the pint really is and if I take only a few skims and don't make a noticable dent in it, I feel a lot better.

Whatever you do, don't beat your self up over it. Getting healthy is a mind thing. We all have that one weakness that we'll always revert to. Mine is beer!!!

Take baby steps. If you have to have ice cream everyday, try to cut it out one day a week and add a piece of fruit instead.

Hope this helps! Good luck!


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