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Posted: 23 Apr 2009, 14:34
Does anyone have trouble staying on their diets during when TOM visits each month? How do you handle it? How do you motivate yourself to continue the exercise during this time?

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Posted: 23 Apr 2009, 15:31
I don't have visits anymore ...(BC pills), but when I did, I would actually just notice how crappy I felt (bloated, etc)...and think, "If I just do like 15 mins of the elliptical, I'll feel a bit better". I didn't worry about diet during that time. It's one of those things I just had to do, you know? Anyway, once I got my butt on a machine, I would do a little more than 15 minutes (since I was already off the couch and at the gym). Then I just felt better and accomplished, and knew even though it was very little exercise, it was leaps and bounds better than nothing.

Not sure if that helps any, but I hope so!

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Posted: 23 Apr 2009, 15:40
Thanks, queen. I had a freind here tell me the same thing. I plan to just suck it up and hit the treadclimmer tonight and maybe do some ab work too. Midol is my best friend right now.

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Posted: 23 Apr 2009, 17:15
during my tom, I gained about 2 lbs of water weight! I had and it took me two weeks to get it off!! and it is true, if I'm exercising my cramps are less severe...

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