Too tired to workout?!

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Posted: 26 Jan 2009, 12:40
Help!!! I need tips on how to get motivated to exercise. Once I ,start I quite enjoy it for but just don't have time, for example today Ive been so busy at work all I want to do it shower, eat and then sleep.

How do you get motivated when you are just so tired after a long day?!

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Posted: 26 Jan 2009, 12:46
Just do it. Make time for yourself. I go work out in the mornings and I have water aerobics scheduled twice a week at night. You have to make it a priority and put it in your schedule. Eventually it becomes a habit you hate to miss.
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Posted: 26 Jan 2009, 12:51
CHOCOLATE!!! When I have a day like that I think to myself "I really need chocolate, but I'll feel guilty if I don't work out..." So, I work out burn off a 300-500 calories and eat 50-100 calories of delicious chocolateyawesomeyumminess.

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Posted: 26 Jan 2009, 15:14
January has been my worst month for exercise, mostly because it's sooo cold and dark outside by the time I get home after work. But, I started two weeks ago forcing myself to do bits by bits while watching TV - now, I'm looking forward to doing my new Biggest Loser DVD workouts.

If you're tired during the day, you may not be eating enough or your foods may not be balanced out enough throughout the day so as to keep your blood sugar leveled out.

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Posted: 26 Jan 2009, 20:38
Luckily my gym is around the corner from my office. My trick is to not go home. I go straight to the gym after work and workout. It is a little extra trouble to pack a gym bag and clothes but that also helps the motivation, when I see that gym bag, I know I have to go around the corner and use it before I'm allowed to go home.

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Posted: 26 Jan 2009, 20:52
I have found that keeping the gym bag in the car and going straight after work will do wonders! The hardest part is just getting there. No matter how tired or stressed you are, know that you will feel so much better on the car ride home!
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Posted: 27 Jan 2009, 04:22
I have a list of reasons why I should go to the gym in my car so when I get in to drive home if I don't feel like going I read it and hopefully it kicks me into going.

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Posted: 08 Apr 2009, 09:48
I am constantly running and understand being tired. I was always tired by dinner time and just didn't have a lot of energy to get me through the rest of the day, then I started working out 5-6 times a week. I have energy all day and look forward to the gym for my time for me. It is fairly quiet and I get to look forward to doing something one thing that I want to do. I cut out everything to drink other than water and it took 3-4 days to get my body cleared out from all the coffee and soda and that helped my energy level as well.

The best advice I can give is jump into it, make it a priority and keep it in your mind your day is not done til you get out of the gym.

Good Luck
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Posted: 16 Dec 2009, 13:57
Do you have an exercise bike, treadmill or such at home? Do you watch TV when you come home? If the answers are yes then but the machine in the room and watch tv while exercising. That's how I do it.

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Posted: 17 Dec 2009, 10:31
I'm always tired too. It's commitment that keeps me going. I'm very busy at work and "don't have time" for the gym. But I made a decision that I would go and there are no acceptable excuses. Like work. Whether you feel like it or not, you go because you have to. Yes, I do work evenings but from the hours of 5-7 I am unavailable. You have to make the time.
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Posted: 17 Dec 2009, 11:49
I agree. You have to just fit it in and make it a priority. For me, the trick is not going home first. I have to go to the gym straight from work or it just doesn't happen. My TOPS meeting once a week for one hour helps keep me on track and honest. Set aside this time for you. You deserve it.

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Posted: 26 Mar 2012, 13:54
k8yk wrote:
I'm always tired too. It's commitment that keeps me going. I'm very busy at work and "don't have time" for the gym. But I made a decision that I would go and there are no acceptable excuses. Like work. Whether you feel like it or not, you go because you have to. Yes, I do work evenings but from the hours of 5-7 I am unavailable. You have to make the time.

"I'm always tired too. It's commitment that keeps me going." - Excellent!
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Posted: 27 Mar 2012, 13:20
im not very motivated to excersise at home i do go to gym once a week thats all my scheduel allowsi try to take a walk every morn but mostly to lazy to leave home so early

what can i do?

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Posted: 27 Mar 2012, 13:50
Wake up early and get it done first thing. I can find every excuse in the book as the day goes on later and later to not workout. Just set your alarm clock and get up and do it. Now, it took me about 2 weeks of setting my alarm clock early until I finally got my butt out of bed, but once I started I'm totally into the habit.

Also, drink lots of water before you go to bed. That way after your alarm goes off, your bladder will "second the motion." Smile
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Posted: 27 Mar 2012, 13:55
i understand being busy ... friends, family, work, self, bills, appointments, etc.

... but really, do you want it? if you want it ... you will find time or make the time...

there really are so many benefits to exercising, aside from it being my own personal time ... better overall health, better love life, better energy for everyone around, better sleep, less depression, more drive that can really impact every aspect of your life.

BUT ... you really have to want it ... otherwise, not to sound too harsh, but it is all just excuses, lip service ... take control ... empower yourself.

it may be difficult at first, but we all stand in our own way ... just one day can lead to two, etc. until you are going 4 - 7 days a week ... and loving it. if you don't like the gym, take up golf, tennis, rollerblading, biking, volleyball, yoga, you name it ... anything you will WANT to do. our lives depend on it ...

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Posted: 27 Mar 2012, 15:53
I am with losin25, if I don't exercise in the morning, I won't do it at all. I found that after 2 or 3 weeks of struggling with waking up early, it gets to be routine and you don't mind it so much. Also, now if I don't do my workout I feel like something is missing all day. I love being able to get on this site and record my exercise right away so I can see how many calories I've burned. Really, you have to be ready to make the commitment to do it or you won't stick with it.
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Posted: 27 Mar 2012, 17:08
Find something you LOVE to do. for example, I love Dance Dance Revolution...It honestly does not feel like exercise because I love it so much...on the other hand, running...eugh....

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Posted: 27 Mar 2012, 19:03
Get motivated ---- why do you want to exercise?
1. Increased energy -- if you want to stop feeling so tired, get moving.
2. Weight loss -- how bad do you want it? I mean if you really want to lose weight, you will do what you have to do. If you have to exercise to lose weight, then you will make time for it. No excuses, just get moving.
3. To have a nice sleek body - do you really want that? Then do it.

I'm running on motivation these days - I am 100% focused on the prize. I am on the homeward stretch and have about 25 lbs left to lose and I want it so bad!! I've dropped over 60 lbs and that is motivating, but I want MORE!! You have to find what your TRUE motivation is and focus!

Your true motivation has to be very specific and not like "better health" and "live longer" as those are vague and skipping exercise or not eating right one time won't affect those long term goals (unless of course one day turns into a week or month). What thoughts will keep you from eating that cupcake and what will keep you in the exercise routine? Guilt works pretty good for me.

One last thought and no I am not a sales rep. But, I have a bodymedia fit and it calculates calories burned and that is very motivating. I've had it for just over a year. It's a little expensive and you have to pay $7/month, but for me, that is a small price to pay for success. Think of all the diet plans, meal plans, supplements, diet books... all that stuff that is out there and maybe you even bought some of it. I'm willing to pay for this device b/c it helps keep me motivated and on track all the time. It reminds me of my goals and helps me remember that I am on a lifestyle change. ( usually has some good deals that include the subscription; and you don't have to be a member to buy at

It does help to find exercise that you like and to change it up. I don't do the same exercise more than twice a week - I rotate zumba, walking, elliptical, kathy smith DVD, and weight lifting.

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Posted: 30 Mar 2012, 14:26
the thing thats get me unmotivated is by thinking about it days, weeks or minutes before! just empty your thoughts, doubts, everything! its a physical meditation, just truly focus on what your doing, when i do the housework i just focus on the dishes, covering them in soap, and setting them to dry, or vacuuming i just focus on pulling the vacuum and getting the backgammon pattern. when your walking just focus on your feet, arms, legs, posture, lungs, everything! monks do this by sweeping, and id like to think we aspire to be monks when it comes to inner peace and stress Razz
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Posted: 05 Apr 2012, 05:22
I agree with lots of the suggestions above. My two top tips are
- exercise in the morning if you can. I started getting up 30 minutes earlier to exercise and after several months it became a habit - it does take time to get used to though
- if you are going to exercise after work make the decision first thing in the morning, and have it in your head when you think about the day so you make sure to leave work in time. Tell other people (work colleagues/people you live with) that you are going to a class or the gym after work (personally I think classes are better as they have a set start time so you have to be there, and that gives a structure to your day)

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