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Posted: 20 Oct 2008, 14:31
My name is Vanessa and I hate THIS!! I am almost 23 years old, am 5'4 and weight 161 (maybe a 1lb less I hope) and I am so sick of dieting and exercise. I have been at it almost a month now. I have tried other times in the past and the most I lost and kept off was 10 lbs as I used to be 167 and then stayed at about 158 for awhile, honestly at that point I was so sick of dieting and exercise not working I basically staved myself and only ate crackers and water (in which I lost 5 of the lbs with) but felt like crap for a week.
This time I tried dieting and exercising. I got the wii fit and do it at least 4 times a week, and get up as much as I can (as before I would always just say 'well since your up, can you get this for me' now I just get up). Every minute I am trying to work out. I sit down less, I even dance around in the showers, and look like an idiot when I walk around the house because I exaggerate my moves so that I get a better exercise out of it (Like lift my knees really high as I walk). I feel like I am exercising every minute that I am consciously aware that I should be! And I lost maybe a 1lb or 2 at most.

Here are all the problems I seem to have had every time I tried dieting and exercising:
1.) I get really red (I guess since I am so white) and really sweaty! If that was the only problem it wouldn't be a big deal but it makes me feel so disgusting and I don't 'recover' for awhile.
2.) I get light headed really easily! I feel sick and even feel like throwing up. People say that you should exercise and you will feel more energetic and that does not work for my it makes me sick and it makes me even more tired. I tried working out further away from my last meals, and I felt sick and starved. Then I would work out soon after eating (within 20 mins) and I still felt sick)
3.) When I sweat a lot doing ANY of the different exercises I've tried, I end up getting a yeast infection!! And it makes me feel even worse and when I have to work out when I already have one I feel like its just getting worse. I keep myself clean but sweat just seems mess me up (and I can't swim anymore because it's cold and I can't afford a membership to any pools)
4.) I don't lose weight!! I lost maybe .2-.5lbs a week but I want to lose like 20lbs (for now) I don't want to wait almost a year to lose that much! Now this is with over 40mins-1hr of exercising, if I end up going back to work then I won't have 2hrs a day to spend working out! So I will never lose anything!
5.) Time. Right now I work out about an hour a day but I don't feel like I will have the time to after I get a job. People say 'if you even ad just 30 mins you will go far' and I feel like I am not going anywhere.

Someone please help me. I am getting so depressed. I am the fattest of my friends and feel like I will never change. I feel like I kill myself just trying and I get no where. Even little tips are helpful.

Oh and I also eliminated all drinks from my diet besides water and unsweetened iced tea. Every so often I might have a literal sip of soda or half a can of diet soda. I try to eat as healthy as possible (but I still live with my family so sometimes I just eat small portions of 'normal' stuff).

What else can I do? Is anyone else like this, and maybe even gotten through it?

Thanks so much for taking the time out to read this. I was tired of just crying to my boyfriend who just says that I'm fine and will lose the weight eventually or some crap like that.Sad

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Posted: 22 Oct 2008, 19:38
The key to exercising is finding something to do that you enjoy. It should not be a giant chore. At the same time, for exercise to become a habit, it takes time and patience. You might want to try a form of yoga that doesn't require you to sweat a lot. Walking is also great and you can do it anywhere. You want to make changes in your life that you can live with. So take different classes, go ice skating, bowling, etc. Now most of losing weight has to do with eating. I wish I knew the magic secret but I don't. You might want to make small changes in your diet so that you don't feel like your on a diet. Start by adding in more fruit and vegetables. Make sure you get in your calcium (studies show people who get calcium lose more fat than those who don't). Learn as much as you can about eating healthy. There's a magazine out called "Clean Eating" and it's all about eating healthy. It gives you 30 days of menu's and recipes. It might give you some ideas. Losing weight is very hard but you can do it. Good luck!

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Posted: 22 Oct 2008, 22:11
Thanks Violet for answering.

To answer your questions, yes I am trying to make a lasting lifetime change but I am being a lot stricter as I am trying to at least get to my ideal size.

I do not take multi-vitamins, I used to take one-a-day for women who want to lose weight but I would feel sick (another annoying thing, like what the hell is wrong with me). Even when I take a few pills like a calcium pill, vitamin, etc..I'll feel sick. I get a heachache and just feel so out of it. That can not be normal and I swear I am not making it up. Last time I just took a cranberry pill, a yeast guard and a regular pill I am supposed to take for a temp medical condition and I had to add two Tylenol to that. I have no idea what that could be!

I do not keep a regular food journal (I used to and I know I should and promise to start) but I basically gave up most 'bad' stuff (like chocolate, junk food, foods without veggies), and would eat smaller portions. So it's like when I would have let's say 2 bowls a pasta without realizing it normally, this time I would have 2 really small bowls. When I was hungry I would almost always eat a fruit or vegetable. But I will start a journal just to make sure and to be sure I am following weight watchers correctly.

I thought I might not be eating enough calories but even when I eat enough I still get dizzy when working out, and I don't seem to lose weight.

Water? I drink as much as I can but drinking too much does make me feel really crappy (like my stomach feels like all it has is water and I just feel gross) to contrast that though I am starting to drink a lot more and eat a multigrain cracker to help my stomach. I also drink unsweetened, decaffeinated icedtea. Do you know if drinking that is good too?
And I have been starting to drink green tea in the mornings.

I believe I am raising my heart rate. (even though they say every little thing helps and I do those little things too). When I used to go to the gym I would watch it rise up on the machines. How would I know now though? Is there something like a pedameter but for heart rates? I think my sister's watch used to measure it.

I don't usually switch up the activities. I always feel like I don't get enough if I don't do everything, I know it's probably foolish.

I've tried the cotton underwear (even though I spent money on other types before I found out that cotton was better..heh sucks) I still get an infection..or rather the same one gets worse..I am going to the doctor fri about it but last time she didn't give me much advice but 'keep dry and wear cotton underwear'. I only have one pair of 'offical' workout clothes, I don't have enough money to buy anymore so I just wear normal clothes. I will try to invest in more.

What is the lotion supposed to help with? the redness?

Thanks so much for the help. I feel so alone in this as my sister lost all the weight, and got smaller then she was before she was pregnant (and she STILL wants to lose weight, shes as the perfect BMI!!) and my mother lost weight without much exercise just a little extra walking everynow and then but she was always active before that yet was able to lose weight by adding so little. By she also diets (a little too much because of her acid reflux). My boy friend 'gained weight' and has a belly but he's not overweight and loses weight without trying sometimes. And I am the fattest of all my friends. It's very depressing. So thank you for your advice and time!! I wish you all the luck with your goals, you seem to be on a good track!!

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Posted: 22 Oct 2008, 22:18
Thank you Suzi161

I hate most exercise!! Sad I know it's terrible. And the ones I do like I either can't do a lot (like playing soccer or different sports due to the cold) and/or they do not work out the specific places I want to work out.

I added lots of veggies and fruit.

I can't afford classes so I am trying tapes (which are wearing my wallet out too).

Clean Eating sounds interesting! I started reading 'Skinny Bitch' which is also interesting! It's a great book. I love learning about healthy food cause it seems like there is really good HEALTHY food out there sometimes that we are to blind to see through the fast food adds.

I am also trying to drink 8oz of milk a day, do you think that's bad to have before bed (since you arn't supposed to eat/have calories before bedtime) ?

Thank you again! I appreciate the support and advice!

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Posted: 23 Oct 2008, 15:44
There are really no quick fixes or easy ways out. Sad The best thing to do is just remind ourselves that we're going to have to be patient to watch the weight come off. Trying to overdo it and make it come off too fast will just hurt our bodies. There are tips that will help a little but every body handles things differently. Lots of water and small, frequent meals will help raise your metabolism. So will building muscle. Aside from all the typical dieting stuff we all already know, it really just takes patience and persistance more than anything. Smile
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Posted: 23 Oct 2008, 17:05
So the best advice I could probably give is double check everything you are eating. Especially your favorite foods. If you are just trying portion control for eating, make sure all of your foods are really on the core list and you are only eating until you are full. If you are watching points, you have to watch points and figure out what makes you really full, but keeps you within your points. With either method (portion control or points) a food scale if you don't already have one. I never knew how much I was underestimating my points by giving myself what I thought was "a serving" of pasta. It ended up being two and I thought it was one. If you tend to try "cheat a little" and count 2.5 points as two...count it as three. Overestimate food points...underestimate activity points. That way you know you are counting and don't feel like you did SO well that week, but gained. That was one of my problems before. You have to be honest with yourself. If you have to think twice before you write it in your journal...make sure you really know what the points are. If you don't know what the points are...don't eat it. Things can definitely surprise you...and not always in a good way. Then...on the days you are not very hungry, experiment with new foods so that if you don't like them, you will be full from sampling, but not feel like you have wasted your points.

Definitely find something, as far as exercise goes, that you absolutely love doing. I am not exactly sure where you are from (I didn't look at your profile yet), but if you like country music, or even if you don't but want to try something new, see if you can find a country bar and learn the line dances...they are a blast and if you do them correctly they use SO many muscles and it is great cardio! My husband swore up and down that dancing was not a workout...I proved him wrong by going out dancing three times in one week. The other days that week, I was in the gym, walking my dogs or riding my horses...I lost FIVE pounds that week (keep in mind I had been off the program for over two weeks because I was sick, so I had skipped a weigh in). I have found that changing up your exercise routine even week to week will throw your body off and get the matabolism guessing again. I used to just do the stationary bike EVERY day for an hour. It was great at first because I was losing 2 or so pounds a week...then I would only see those .2-.5 lb losses you are talking about. I couldnt figure out what was going on. I was following WW perfectly, getting all of my good health guidelines in...working my butt off at the gym...and not seing the great weight loss I was. I got really discouraged and quit for a while. Then I started dancing a couple days a week, I would walk the dogs...then do the gym. The key to weight loss (I have found anyway) is to try new things and try not to get bored with it. Don't eat the same things over and over. Definitely make sure you get those good health guidelines in. I never knew how much they really helped until I started really following them. Go back to the "younger years" and go buy a jump rope. It is great cardio and can be really fun. Trust me, I sweat a lot too, so I know how gross it can feel. I have never had to experience an infection afterwards though, so I can see how that would have been very discouraging. I hope your doctor can assist you in figuring out a way to keep that from happening. Hopefully when that does clear up, that "red, hot, sweaty" feeling will be encouraging to you. i used to hate it...until (and I thought this was absolutely gross and still don't understand it very much) my husband said it was kind of a turn on. He said it just shows him how hard I am really working to get to a healthy weight and that I should feel good about sweating and being "flushed". Now...if I don't sweat or get red...I feel like I didn't get a good workout! I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to email me if you need any ideas for new low-point foods to try. I made a killer chicken alfredo pasta dish with salad and asparagus the other night and it was relatively low in points! Just remember that not everyone's bodies are the same. You could eat exactly what I do and gain and the same thing could happen to me if I followed what you eat. Oh...and last thing...if you just started working out and watching your weight...give the weight loss a couple of weeks to catch up with you! My husband is a firm believer that it takes two weeks for your body to reflect what you have done in the current week. I have found that most of the time it is true. Especially after the first couple of weeks because then you are done losing "water weight" and you are truly burning fat. Smile Good luck!

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