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Posted: 18 May 2008, 10:12
I know my weight problems have resulted in using food for filling the void, loneliness, stress, boredom etc. Reading the paper or watching television, I will snack unconsciously even though I am not hungry. UGHH - EMOTIONAL EATING!!!

More than 50 percent of all overweight people use food to cope with depression, anger and stress. Are you among them? "You can't change what you don't acknowledge" as best stated by Dr. Phil.

The goal this week is to become brutally honest about how we use food to comfort ourselves. I want each of you make mini goals in changing the unwanted behaviour of emotionally eating. Here are mine:

1. My new mantra: "I will stop comforting myself with food when I am sad, stressed, or bored."
2. I will not eat 2 hours before bed time.
3. I will only eat when I am hungry and not upset.
4. I will journal in FS to my buddies when I am having difficulties.

Food For Thought!

Why do you use food as emotional comfort? I eat because.....

Good luck to all!!!

Karen & Jenn


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Posted: 18 May 2008, 12:35
Emotional eating---the story of my life UNTIL Jan 2008! I have a long list of comfort food, and don't think any of its is very good for my body even when not on a diet, so why do I find it soooo comforting?Confused Question

Well, cooking is something I am fairly successful at and I luv the taste of good food and meals. So, when the world is treating me bad, I turn to an easy way to do something enjoyable for me. In the past I didn't think of the carbs, calories, fat, what it was doing to my diabetes, just what comfort/pleasure I could get when it seem the world was dumping on me.

Jan 2008 is turning point for me---I have a positive attitude (most of the time anywaySmile ) about what I can do, its just a matter of time before all my goals are attained. I have stuck to a food & exercise plan for 4+ months despite health problems, medications issues, and bad situations at work that I could do nothing about--and am proud to say I have lost 28 lbs!

I have focused on finding new comfort food that are low carb and/or SF. I now challenge myself with new recipes and hopefully find success there as well.

Exercising is becoming my new comfort---the feeling of well being after a good workout is a high like no other! Currently my workouts are confined to the pool because of the arthritis (feet, ankles, knees, hips, lower back), and I will take 30 min, 1 hour or my best time 1 1/2 hours anytime I can, it is time well spent, it even relaxes me emotionally!

I just wish my arthritis allowed me to participate in more activities, at least now I don't have to worry about hurting just to walk. Going to the chiropractor has exceed all my expectations---I even have days where my lower back does not hurt at all!

I don't complain about being on a diet, its my choice, its the right choice, and its doesn't matter if it meets everyone else's approval or not. Losing the weight, getting my diabetes in control, not letting the arthritis or medications rule my life, those are my goals. I can do it, some of it I have already have success with--and YES, success breeads success!

So, this week my new goal is before each meal/snack to ask MYSELF specifically,
Arrow WHY AM I EATING? the answer better be I am hungry or it has been 6 hours and my body needs the fuel. Then ask,

Arrow What AM I EATING? and if it is not on my food plan,


Question Question Question WHAT IS THAT YOU ARE EATINGQuestion Question Question

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Posted: 18 May 2008, 14:40
I too let emotions get the best of me when it comes to food. Ever since I was a kid food has became an unwelcome friend. It's like a bad habit. I'm stressed, I'm bored, I'm nervous etc. etc. I eat. It takes alot to stop and halt the food from entering your mouth. There are times when I don't even realize that I am doing it. It's like a subconscious thing. I'm so used to doing it, I don't react properly. Opps there went the danish and the chocolate cake and piece of cheese and so forth. It's getting better, I just have to patient and really watch what I am doing.

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Posted: 18 May 2008, 15:23
Exclamation I can so identify with the emotional eating thing. I do think it has got better since i joined FS, i feel more in control.

Previously i would eat because
*i was bored
*i had had alchohol which reduced my resolve
* i was mad at someone or something that i had little or no control over.
(my remedy to this is to go to the computer and type a letter which never gets seen but allows me the chance to say how I feel and why, this seems to work)

NOW - I stick to the plan and if i do have something naughty I DO NOT beat myself up over it, i just forget it and move on!!
love yourself especially your bum! x

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Posted: 18 May 2008, 18:29
Why do you use food as emotional comfort? I eat because.....

I find that I eat when I am bored or if I get a strong craving for something. If I'm at work and there's a little down time or I'm not being bombarded with questions I look for a snack. When I'm at home and there's nothing to do or my friends don't want to go out I get bored and reach for a snack. Now, I'm trying to divert my attention to something else when this happens. I've even considered turning off my cable for a while to see if that forces me to do other things. I just bought 3 new books and started turning off the tv when I get the urge for a snack. Instead, I head to my room to read or take a bath and read. This has helped because the urge to eat goes away when I focus on something else. For me, weight loss is more mental than physical. When people compare food addiction to drug addiction they are very right. To me it's the same. The only difference is that you can stay away from drugs, you can't completely ignore food. Although you can choose the right foods to eat.

I'm excited about week 3. I'm in the game this week and I feel good about the goals I've set for the week.

120 minutes of exercise
3 days of free weights
Re-Start WW and attend a meeting
Minimum 4 pound weight loss this week ( I can do that!)

Here we go!
Paige E

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Posted: 18 May 2008, 21:13
I am sure I use food as an emotional comfort. But I'm not sure why - because it never works. I alsways end up feeling lousy, both physically and mentally. So why do I keep doing it?

Comfort...habit....lack of creativity....inablity to figure out exactly what I need.....denial of what is really bugging me...etc, etc.

Instead of addressing those insecurities, I reach for food and try like hell to forget them!!!

It reminds me of an old Garfield cartoon. Garfield is telling Jon that he just knows that there is a thin person inside of him just struggling to get out. "But," he reports, "I can usually suppress him with a box or two of Twinkies." !!!!

I have been better, I think. When you are committed to making changes in your life it forces you to deal with things you didn't necessarily bargin for. And I think that emotional eating is one of those things. So, when I reach for that extra food that I really don't want, I stop myself and ask myself why I'm doing that....and then I find myself having to address what the real issue is.

Dieting is not so simple - it's not just about reducing your portions, eating less and making healthier choices. It's also about dealing with yourself again.

This weeks challenges for me:
- I will keep up the exercise!! I will exceed this weeks minutes.
- I will not eat two hours before bed.
- I will remain positive and focused.

Have a great week everyone!! I think everyone is doing great and I love reading all of your posts on the challenge!

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Posted: 18 May 2008, 22:37
I eat emotionaally becauseQuestion

I smoked for 36 years and quit in 2000 due to health reasons. My nibbling is the same addiction in some ways because I do it when I am watching TV-instead of a cigarette-food. I am especially bad when I am bored or tired. And when my hubby isn't home I don't have him to answer to so I snack. I also have a terrible sweet tooth. My nibbling is not emotional but automatic.

So for this week I will:

1. Eat breakfast
2. Not snack in front of the TV
3. Eat less than 1600 kcals
4. Go outside and work if I get a snack attackExclamation
5. measure my portionsExclamation Exclamation
Very Happy
"Our lives improve only when we take chances - and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves." - Walter Anderson

"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try." Beverly Sills

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pretty face

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Posted: 18 May 2008, 23:35
Week 3 Challenge:

The goal this week is to become brutally honest about how we use food to comfort ourselves.
Why do you use food as emotional comfort? I eat because.....

my reasons:
1)I know that I was hiding. Trying not to look good. Being fat made me unattractive. So EAT... EAT... EAT... It worked!!! It's just I didn't have happiness being fat, but I didn't have happiness hiding either.

2) The old story of "eat everything on your plate". I still find that I eat just because it is on the plate. Growing up I would get in trouble if I didn't eat "everything".

3) Then it just became a way of life. Once I was fat it was easier to eat & get the joy of food. It became my reward for working hard or whatever reason I wanted to think made it OK to eat.

4)I am an obsessive/compulsive person.. When I work, I work hard, when I make jewelry, I stay up all night working on a piece, when I am golfing, I like to go all the time. When I eat, I eat alot. Everything I do I do excessively! It is who I am.

I want each of you make mini goals in changing the unwanted behavior of emotionally eating.

My mini goals:
1)Trying to put the past behind me & knowing that hiding only makes my life worse. Knowing that nobody will take advantage of me when I become physically attractive. It's all in the mind! I will control this!!

2) Put less food on my plate & becoming more aware of not eating blindly.

3) Becoming aware of what I put in my mouth. I know that through this site I have the assistance to stop myself. Especially with these challenges. I need to realize that losing weight is my reward!!!

4) I am still trying to figure #4 out... Probably pretty deep. It will take a lot of professional visits to fix that one. For now being aware will help.

Very Happy Very Happy NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS!!!Very Happy Very Happy
My journey start weight on Jan. 10th, 2008 was 238 pounds of WALKIN' TALKIN' WOMAN!!!

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Posted: 18 May 2008, 23:44
wow..the story of my life..

i eat because i am....
sometimes happy

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Posted: 19 May 2008, 00:56
I eat because...

I use food to supress everything. Food has become an addiction, it's so readily available, and, well, you can't "quit" food. I'm a former binge eater (I'm sure most of us are, that's how we ended up here), and my day would revolve around planning my next meal. Sad, I know. I've gotten out of that mindset and am trying everyday to make healthy choices and to actually stop eating when I'm full (what a concept!). I'm a master of excuses and can talk myself into or out of anything. I can talk myself into eating a huge dessert even though I'm full, and I can talk myself out of exercising, because after all, what would be the point in exercising since there's no way I could possibly burn off all of those calories I just ate. Like I said, I'm slowly getting better and learning to journal as a way to release my thoughts and feelings, not suppress them by eating.

Start weight May 5th, 2008: 208.6
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Week 3 (May 26th): *208.0 * (+1.2 lbs.) - didn't keep track
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Week 5 (June 8th) : *202.2 * (-3.6 lbs.) -
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Week 8: *current weight * (loss/gain in lbs) - minutes of exercise

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Posted: 19 May 2008, 04:20
Oh Dear Lord where do i start.......
I eat when I'm.....
just because

the list goes on and on and on
Its all the time if Im honest even when Im doing good(on a diet) I feel 'I deserve a treat' but then I just feel sick and disgusted and like Ive let myself down you guys recognise most of this anyways but I dont like my relfection I never smile anymore I find no happiness in anything (not even food) anymore.
so its a MUST to change my eating, my outlook and my attitude to food and health.

my mini-me goals are

Arrow1: Really analyse what I put in my mouth.Why this?-Is it allowed?

Arrow2: Take time out to enjoy food when I do eat it.savour every flavour and texture.(instead of gobbling it all up)

Arrow3: When feel a snack attack coming STOP!! Exercise-Brush Teeth-Drink Water-anything except give in.....

Remember how it feels to Feel and Look good and Know I CAN get back there.And know that losing weight is going to be a long journey accept it and DO it not expect overnight results.Arrow
Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels.......


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Posted: 19 May 2008, 09:34
I like your goals. Mine are:

1. I will not eat out of boredom or imagination. This means not eating after reading Gourmet, watching the food network, or talking to my foodie friend
2. I will not eat after dinner
3. I will eat more in the morning
4. I will also use the community here if I am having problems
5. I will actually exercise

I didn't realize I was an emotional eater. I used to literally always have a cigarette in my mouth, so it was easier for me to control how much I ate. I used to starve around a lot because I didn't want to end up fat like my older sister and mom.
This fall, my older sister was diagnosed with cancer, and I gained 10-15 lbs. I was already way too fat. I think I must have eaten my way through her diagnoses.
Last night, after reading the challenge, I asked my boyfriend if he thought I was an emotional eater. He didn't. I then thought that I felt like I eat when I am happy or around people. I have been much happier these past few years! I don't eat much during the day when I am with my son and then eat lots in the evenings when Josh is home from work. I have portion control problems. I eat fast. Then, I have the whole snacking on leftovers at night thing. I really need to work on this behavior. When I very first began to gain weight, it was with my friend who obsesses over food. We would eat out and talk about food all of the time. He has a blog of local restaurants now. I try to talk to him about anything but food, because he always makes me hungry.
I need to pay better attention to my behavior. By now, I know what I need to do. No excuses!

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Posted: 19 May 2008, 09:51
Arrow The goal this week is to become brutally honest about how we use food to comfort ourselves.
Why do you use food as emotional comfort? I eat because.....

I eat because I like the taste of food. I can't stop at just one treat, one chip, one bowl, one anything. I love to eat, even after I'm stuffed, I usually try to eat more, just because it tastes so GOOD! I can usually also talk myself into eating bad foods, because I deserve it, or because I went to the gym, or some other reason. Dieting has always been such a challenge for me. Unless I live alone, with no distractions!Laughing

Arrow I want each of you make mini goals in changing the unwanted behavior of emotionally eating.

Well I don't emotionally eat, (I don't think) but some changes I'm going to commit to changing are:

1. Drinking 4 bottles of water a day
2. Going to the gym AT LEAST 4 times a week
3. Portion control, portion control, portion control

Thats all I can commit to right now... Very Happy


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Posted: 19 May 2008, 09:54
Why do you use food as emotional comfort? I eat because.....
I know that a lot of people comfort eat.
I truly do not believe I am a comfort eater, in fact when I'm upset I do the opposit and not eat all. There doesn't always have to be an emotional reason to over eat. Everyone has stress in their lives to some degree, but I am truly a happy person, I have a wonderful husband, children and friends. I believe I am this weight because I eat out of boredom, I eat out of habit and I just love food.
So in order to continue my weightloss, I need to continue to not eat because of boredom and habit.

50 lb weight loss challenge, Started May 5th
66.6 lbs of my 50 lbs lost!!

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Posted: 19 May 2008, 11:55
I eat because I love to eat! Smile I am definetly an emotional eater. That's why I try to not have certain foods around and have alternatives to snack on if I have to have something. I try to plan small meals and snacks and spread them out through the day. Especially with Nursing my little one. It makes me super hungry!

Keep up the good work everyone!!!!
50 Pound Challenge
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Week 4: 173 (0) - 3 hours of gardening.
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Posted: 19 May 2008, 13:09
Why do I eat? I definitely am an emotional eater but any emotion will do. If I am being honest, I need to go way, way back. As a child an young adult, I was skinny and actually saw a doctor about trying to gain weight. He told me ' don't worry, my dear. One day you will be wishing for these days'. I always said that I would never be fat because I knew how hard it was to gain weight so I would have no problem losing it. I was 107lb on my wedding day (I am 5'Cool. Must have been very contented because in the first 6 mo, I gained 28 lb but that put me at a good weight. I maintained that weight for a long time. After I had my son, I lost most of the baby weight. Then he went in and out of the hospital and I ate and ate. That started my eating and although I have lost weight at times, it has always found its way back and then some. I vowed for each of my kids weddings that I would lost weight however my love of food and other things always got in the way. Last year I was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol. I have had high blood pressure for years. I decided it was time to get serious. I lost 30 lbs. This year I put back on 11 lb before I asked myself what I was doing. That same day I saw an article about this site and resolved that this time I WILL be successful.
I eat when I am happy, sad, bored, tired whatever.

My goals 1) eat 3 meals a day
2) think about what I am eating & eat slowly
3) try to distract myself with an activity if I get hungry at non-meal times or eat a healthy snack
4) do not beat myself up if I go off track but try to contain it

Thanks for helping me keep on track.


Start weight May 5th, 2008: 215.8
Week 1: *215.0* (0.8 lb loss) - 180 min of exercise
Week 2: *212.0* (3 lb loss) – 240 minutes of exercise
Week 3, 4 & 5: MIA
Week 6: *217.0 * (5 lb gain) - nada exercise
Week 7: not recorded
Week 8: *216.2* (0.8 lb loss) - not recorded minutes of exercise


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Posted: 19 May 2008, 13:18
Sorry do not know how but my height got messed up. I am 5'8". forgot one other thing which probably has been a contribuitn factor. Although I have been overweight longer than I was underweight, in the back of my mind, I keep telling myself that my metabolism is going to go back to the way it was. Because of this, I am adding another goal and that is to change my thinking and acknowledge that my metabolism is not going to magically change. If I am being honest, I must accept that this is me and if I want to lose weight and get healthy, I must accept that it is going to be a long hard journey with setbacks but that I can do it. I will prove that I was right when I said that if I gained weight, I would lose it.

Here's to a successful week for us all.

Start weight May 5th, 2008: 215.8
Week 1: *215.0* (0.8 lb loss) - 180 min of exercise
Week 2: *212.0* (3 lb loss) – 240 minutes of exercise
Week 3, 4 & 5: MIA
Week 6: *217.0 * (5 lb gain) - nada exercise
Week 7: not recorded
Week 8: *216.2* (0.8 lb loss) - not recorded minutes of exercise


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Posted: 19 May 2008, 13:54
Why do I eat?

All of the above, but mainly because I'm lonely. If my friends and I do something, it's going out for a meal. Every social event includes food. Every conversation has food, whether actual or discussed. It's everywhere.


1) Continue this plan
2) Increase exercise
3) Be proud of my accomplishments (hardest)
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Posted: 19 May 2008, 19:07
The goal this week is to become brutally honest about how we use food to comfort ourselves.
This is a great challenge – that is at least one that makes me really look deep inside me. I believe that food as always be a comfort and a reward in the good times and bad. I could go all day without thinking of food and focusing on the job, meetings, deadlines, dealing with issues – you get the picture. Then at night I would make up for not eatting but consuming more than my share of calories.
I would eat because I hadn’t eatten all day – but no longer, I have eatten breakfast and some kind of mid-day snack since January 08
I eat when bored, depressed, watching TV
I eat to celebrate or reward myself or out with friend
I want each of you make mini goals in changing the unwanted behaviour of emotionally eating.
1. Write out my menu for the day before the day begins – keep a journal of what I am eatting
2. Drink water before snacking – make sure that I am really hungry before adding something not on the plan for the day
3. Find something else to do instead of sitting and eatting – exercise, read, call a friend or check in on line
Now I need to find other ways to deal with my emotions that allowing food to consume them.
Very Happy
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Posted: 19 May 2008, 22:03
I too eat with every emotion I feel...Happy, sad, angry, bored, all of em' Rolling Eyes !

I think that it is the one thing that I can control however when I step back...I realize I am letting it control me. so for my goals I will:

1. find other things to reward myself with..
2. be happy and appreciate even the smallest of successes...
3. take it "one day at a time!"...

Have a great week everyone! Laughing

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