Gastric Bypass surgery

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Posted: 29 Apr 2008, 14:12
I am considering gastric bypass because of my difficulty with food and dieting, what do you think?

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Posted: 29 Apr 2008, 15:51
I'm an RN and 3 people I work with had the surgery. Two of them I don't know well but one did very poorly and spent 3 months in the hospital due to complications. She had the surgery in July(not a good month- new docs) She has lost weight but probably has gained back 20 # and wears a size 12-14. She still occassionally goes on South Beach or WW to try to maintain or lose her weight. I'm on a new diet; Fat loss 4 Idiots, this is the 3rd day of my diet and I feel great (no cravings). I have done WW, SB and Adkins and can't get through the second day without losing it. Good Luck Nancy

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Posted: 29 Apr 2008, 16:06
I ditto what janelleas said in your journal today about this.
Also, I have a co-worker right now that had the lap band surgery done last Sept. A few weeks before I started SB. He has lost about 25 pounds I think, but it wasn't a quick fix like he had hoped. I still see him eating cakes and cookies. He keeps asking me what I'm eating. Mine method (South Beach)was free but his cost a couple grand and had some risk. Anyway, be sure to really discuss this with your doctor. Whatever you decide, it has to be best for YOU.
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Posted: 29 Apr 2008, 18:52
I work in the medical field and when I worked in a hospital about 4 years ago, I saw a patient of gastric bypass surgery suffer a long painful death. He ended up with an infection which started on the skin by his suture, then spread systematically throughout his body. He was on monitors and eventually respirators and in the last 3-4 months he was unconcious. He was in his late 30s and left behind a wife and two small children. These failures are not widely publicised and usually settled out of court. Think about it long and hard.

Also, many of the people I know (nurses included) who got bypass surgery never lost as much weight as they thought they would and are still in the "obese" category. Not only that but they have many digestive issues and various complications from the surgery.

It is not a quick fix. It will not solve all your problems. It won't counteract the effects of your medications. It will not give you motivation or will-power. That is something you have to find within yourself.

My suggestion would be to try to stick to a reasonable diet of your choosing with the help of all of us on FS. Give it a long hard try. Do it for your health and for your future. I believe you'll be surprised at the strength you can find within.

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Posted: 30 Apr 2008, 20:33
I think u should have a friend to help you loose weight the healthy waySmile
I'm trying
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Posted: 30 Apr 2008, 21:18
I had the surgery several years ago. At first, it seemed like the miracle answer to my eating disorders. I lost over 100lbs! But you know, since my eating habits didn't change, I found ways to eat aroudn the surgery. Over the last 10 years, I've put about 70lbs of that back on. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't. I would learn to do it the right way. Because it really isn't the easy way out that I thought. Now that I'm trying to do it the right way, I can't eat some normal foods because of the surgery. And it actually prevents me from eating healthy things like lean meat and fruits and some veggies. I don't have problems eating things like donuts, soda, cake, starches and all the things that are hard for me anyway. Good luck in whatever you decide to do....

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Posted: 30 Apr 2008, 21:26
I'm a massage therapist and have worked on several clients that have had Gastric Bypass. Like others have mentioned, they lost weight but it did not change their habits. Also, losing it so quickly and with little exercise left them all with ALOT of excess saggy skin. One is considering having another surgery to remove the sag, but her doctor will not allow it until she maintains her weight for awhile.

Even though its hard work and takes awhile, HEALTHY DIET AND EXERCISE are the best ways to lose Smile Good luck!

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Posted: 30 Apr 2008, 22:48
just hang in there, you found the right place and these people are wonderful. This is the longest I have stuck with any "diet." You will find the right answer for youSmile

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Posted: 26 Jun 2009, 12:48
I think when considering Gastric Bypass you need to be careful and look at the actual statics of the surgeon. You can look at and see their statics. Alot of general surgeons do Gastric Bypass or LapBand surgeries on the side, however, there are very few who are specialized in Bariatric Surgery. I myself had Gastric Bypass in 2007 by a specialized surgeon and have been very successful and have had no complications. With anything else in life, Bariatric Surgery is a tool and not a miracle. You have to listen to your surgeon and his medical team and nutritionist.

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Posted: 26 Jun 2009, 13:15
ur not even 300lbs why would u even consider mother was over 400lbs and it still would have been better if she hadn't gone thru with the surgery, she almost died from it. its been 10 years since she got the surgery and her health just isnt the same anymore...just lose weight the normal way and be healthy

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Posted: 26 Jun 2009, 15:05
Listen to teekay! I think s/he has their thumb on it. I am pre-opt to Gastric/RNY and I've really done my homework on this one. The most important thing to remember is that this is the LAST HOUSE on the block that you want to go to for help. The reason is simple. Everyone that has reasons for going this rout are going to be totally different than yours, or mine. This is because we all have different ways to tell you our truths which are only going make you more confused unless you dive in and do your own homework first. As it was correctly stated by teekay above, it is a tool. It is also a brand new stomach that only holds about a cup of food which you can use for fuel for the rest of your life. With some procedures, there is no turning back. On the other hand, if there is nothing wrong with your stomach and all you need to do is a personality change, then take the others' advice and skip this Bariatric idea altogether. Good luck. Exclamation
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Posted: 26 Jun 2009, 15:09
I think this is a great post for people considering the surgery, but the person that first asked for help hasn't been to this site in over a year now. I remember back when they first posted this. I wonder what they ever decided.
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Posted: 26 Jun 2009, 15:29
Good point LmLuuvd but maybe we can use some of this as a consensus on some points for future seekers. I personally am using Gastric Bypass as a way to fight the co-morbidities of diabetes. Otherwise I would probably do something different. The problem is presently my co-morbid problems are winning. Unless I try something radical soon, any weight loss will be a moot problem.
We're not here to change things, we're here to be changed.

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Posted: 27 Jun 2009, 06:37
Hi Dealaw, I was just wondering if you've already tried low carb diets like Atkins, South Beach etc?

Mainly because Gastric Bypass means you will be on a low carb diet for the rest of your life so I was wondering if you've already tried this way of living previously.

Plus also these kind of low carb "Ketogenic" diets are well known for controlling diabetes & other illnesses (epilepsy etc).

Not saying that anyone considering weight loss surgery should or shouldn't go ahead. As you said, it is a last result & we all have to decide what's best for us. Hopefully with all the information we need to make the best decisions.
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Posted: 09 Jul 2009, 09:24
I'm doing fat loss for idiots too! 7 lbs gone in 11 days! It works when you reach plateaus with other diets.

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Posted: 16 Jul 2009, 14:50
I had a by-pass over 10yrs ago & some of the bad points that were mentioned above are true. Me myself I did it cause I got tired of battling so I took the easy way out, no other reason, at least for me. However, I did have highblood pressure & diabetes in my family (not me I was as strong & healthy as an ox) but that was my excuse in order to get the surgery. anyhow I did lose weight but plateaued @165 & kepted it there with my smoking but once I quit I qained 30Lbs plus & because of my surgery I became an anemic which lead to other problems that caused me to lose 30Lbs very quick & unhealthy but once I fixed that problem I gain 30Lbs + more so with everything together I was back to 205Lbs, only 25Lbs from where I was before the surgury. So now I'm back to watching my food control. I'm not eating the wrong foods at night cause thats another problem I have but, I'm working on that. Well as for me I wouldn't change what I did & if I could do it over again I would but thats just me. I didn't have any complications at all. I could eat anything, but I did become lactose but I still can eat all dairys just not alot at one time & whole milk is a huge NO NO (pain wise) so I drink 2%, nonfat or vanilla soy which I love. I was one of the lucky ones because I do know people who's had surgery & they look really bad or doing bad. So its not for everyone. & still look at me I'm back to battling my weight even with the surgery. so there you go. But I wish you the best in what ever you decide.

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Posted: 20 Jul 2009, 02:29
I am now 1 week post op RNY. It was the right thing to do although, it's not the best thing to do. Already, I have stopped taking most of my diabetic medications. I have lost weight, lots of it. I have vigor, (ooh baby).

I'm learning to live a "NEW NORMAL" lifestyle. We should learn something new everyday until we die. I believe many post ops don't come back because they didn't learn enough. Presently, it's the honeymoon effect I am watching. I don't need it. On the other hand, while I am feeling pretty good today, I'll be dammed if I let someone rain on my parade. I know I am not the person I should be; heaven knows I am not the person I could be; but I thank our Great Spirit that I am not the person I used to be.

There is only requirement in my book. That rule is to TRY doing my best in everything that I do. So, isn't that the way to lead a good life? Or did I miss a memo?

Remember, everyone must go the Gastric Bypass route differently. Therefore, everyone needs to educate themselves as as much as possible until it's post op time. Then the real work (and play) begins...Cool
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