Why did you used to eat badly?

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Posted: 13 Dec 2007, 16:44
I had a moment of clarity earlier today, and it got me thinking about all the people here and why we all used to eat so badly? I came up with the following for me;

1) I eat when I am bored.
2) I eat to celebrate and reward myself.
3) I eat to comfort myself and to relieve stress.

Why did you eat badly? I would love to know, and a little self analysis never hurts!

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Posted: 13 Dec 2007, 18:18
1.Because it was there.
2.Thought I was too busy to make something healthy.
3.Because I was depressed(..about my weight! go figure).
4. Because eating a lot of junk made me feel good..for a little while, until I crashed down from the sugar/carb high.
5. Because everyone around me was eating junk.
6. for no reason! Just to have something to do.
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Posted: 13 Dec 2007, 19:18
2. Being in the house all day.
3.Finances...much cheaper to buy a $1 double cheeseburger than a $5 salad.
4.Ate kids leftovers.
5.Only thing that changed in my life was my next meal, i really looked forward to it, and felt like it made me happy, for about 10 minutes. Then i just felt fat again.
6. Not much to do other than go out to eat.
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Posted: 13 Dec 2007, 20:14
Just the same as everyone else is saying.
boredom, kids left overs, its in front of me.

growing up i was always thin, but growing up we ate what was on our plates or you didn't eat at all. Yes I try my best to put healthy things infront of my children, but I don't make them clean there plates if they are truely full.

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Posted: 13 Dec 2007, 22:30
I always was a healthy eater, I grew up in a household of home-cooked food and very little junk food. I gained weight earlier in life mostly because of medications that I was put on because I was having intestinal problems that were (I found out later) just misdiagnosed food allergies. Once I stopped eating what I was allergic to, that really helped. I was able to get off the medications that made me gain so much weight and when my naturopathic doctor prescribed the Atkins diet, I lost a lot of weight. I didn't really understand it at the time, so when I had to reintroduce carbs I went a little overboard and I lost control of my eating. A little later I tried the South Beach Diet, which didn't really work for me because I have high metabolic resistance. In the last year I gained a lot of weight because I had to stop going to the gym for financial reasons. Now that I can go to the gym again and have a diet lifestyle that takes my food allergies into account I am doing so much better.

I have researched health, diet and nutrition since I was a teenager, I just had unfortunate luck with food allergies. I am so blessed to be healthy and not in pain today.

Love the food that loves you back.

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Posted: 14 Dec 2007, 08:48
I eat junk food because it's there and everyone else is eating it. Just seeing it makes me want it. If there are free samples at the grocery store, I can't resist. I can't say NO to myself.
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Posted: 15 Dec 2007, 19:26
I eat because Im lonley
I eat when Im depressed or sad
I eat to keep myself occupied.

Now that Im on a diet there are times in the day I just go crazy cause all I want to do is eat.

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Posted: 15 Dec 2007, 21:20
I have only been on atkins for 2 days and I am still fighting that urge to eat a box of oreos... I guess I eat when I am bored and because I feel lonely sometimes... I eat when I am anxious or procrastinating... I need support so that I dont fall imto this binge eating cycle again... please help me!!!!

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Posted: 16 Dec 2007, 06:33
This was an interesting post and it gave us all something to ponder. I agree w/ everyone's reasons up above. A few others that I would add would be:

1. A dish someone made and I didn't want to hurt their feelings.

2. Because I paid "good" money for it!

(This is a really stupid one that I used to do more when I was a child!)

3. To keep someone else from eating it (like my brothers!).


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Posted: 16 Dec 2007, 07:15
Because I was uneducated and ignorant about healthy eating.

Because I hung out with lots of boys that eat junk.

Because I liked the taste of junk food, I was so used to it.

Because I suffered depression and found comfort it all the foods that were actually bad for me.

Because I never actually STOPPED and thought about what I was going to put in my gob!

Good post Lara.
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Posted: 16 Dec 2007, 12:03
most already mentioned, boredome, celebrating, easy and cheap.
I also didn't realize until I cut out the "bad stuff" that some of the things I was eating was triggering me to want more and creating cravings. Im actually "afraid" of some food now because I know it triggers that overeating response in me.

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Posted: 16 Dec 2007, 17:37
Thanks for all the responses - good to see I'm not alone!

It seems most people are emotional eaters here, which really makes sense. Not being able to say no to yourself is very interesting too, because as a chubby child, I was often told no to certain foods, so by the time I was in charge of myself - I really let rip and had anything I wanted - because I could! That's the hardest one to break actually - the "I deserve it" mode of thinking. I am determined to get there though....

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