How many calories are in 4 0z. of grilled or roasted pork?

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Posted: 10 Jan 2017, 16:01
Help! This is making me crazy. The calories on FatSecret for pork are all over the place. I generally eat either 4 oz of pork roast that has been roasted in the oven, or 4 oz. of the meat from a grilled pork chop. What are the calories? I was using a pork roast entry from FatSecret that says 4 oz. are 217 calories, but I see there are many other sites that say pork has 130 calories in a 4 oz. serving. That's a huge difference, especially when I'm trying to stay under 1,500 calories per day! Does anyone know what is really correct? Thanks in advance!

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Posted: 10 Jan 2017, 16:20
its going to be hard to pinpoint exact calories in something like pork. I can tell you though the huge disparity you are seeing in calories (130 vs 217) is probably the difference between 'pork loin' and 'pork tenderloin' with tenderloin having less calories than loin.

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Posted: 10 Jan 2017, 16:21
Roasted pork varies a lot depending on how much of the fat you are eating. If you're doing LCHF, then eat the fat and count the higher amount. If you're working a low fat diet, then don't eat the fat and count the lower amount for the lean meat.

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Posted: 10 Jan 2017, 16:30
Both your responses helped a lot. It's looks like I have been doing the right thing by using the higher number because I have been buying loin. In the future, I'm going to use tenderloin to keep the calories down. I didn't realize there could be such a big difference & I like tenderloin just as much. Thanks!

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