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Posted: 20 May 2014, 16:07
Hi All,

I need some help.I've come so far...starting around 280 pounds and losing about 100 pounds over the last 3 years. I am having trouble completing the last 20-30 pounds. It seems like everytime I get to within 20-30 pounds of my goal I can't do it. I'll gain 10 pounds and then restart the diet only to find myself at the 20-30 pounds away from goal point and floundering again. Is my body set at some set point that keeps me from reaching my goal? Is it psychological, do I sabotage myself? I'm just not sure anymore.Am I afraid of reaching my goal? Does anyone have any advice for tackling the last 20-30 pounds and reaching goal? Thanks in advance for your help

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Posted: 20 May 2014, 20:38
Bestlife wrote:
Is my body set at some set point that keeps me from reaching my goal?

Everyone body has a point of equilibrium but I don’t think you are there this only happens at lower body fat percentage for most men 14-10% for most would be my guess.

Is it psychological, do I sabotage myself?

I can only speak about the physiological stress of losing weight and this stress when prolong will have adverse effects on our physiology, the only effect that I know of that is very similar is sleep deprivation.
And yes you are sabotaging yourself but don’t feel bad about it, it is completely normal to do so after losing so much weight.

I'm just not sure anymore.Am I afraid of reaching my goal?

I don’t think anyone is afraid of looking as good as possible, without even talking about the many health benefits, but at the same time losing weight is not very pleasant.

Does anyone have any advice for tackling the last 20-30 pounds and reaching goal?

You already lost 100 pounds so you must understand the basics, just know that the closer one gets to the lower body fat percentage the longer it will take to see progress, when cutting calories don’t overdo it no more than 500 calories va diet any addiction calories should come va exercise.

Last thing be patient.

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Posted: 20 May 2014, 20:53
2 points: we can't see your start weight and your goal weight so my question would be, how did you come up with your goal weight and is it unreasonable?

Without knowing your social situation, yes sometimes people don't want to reach their goal because that would make them open and vulnerable to maybe dating again, and that might frighten you. sometimes our bodies are our shield against getting hurt.

congratulations on losing 100 lbs, you must be proud and healthy! You deserve to be happy so stop knocking yourself down over the last few lbs.

Look at what you have achieved instead of what is not done.

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Posted: 20 May 2014, 21:06
Not only does the pace of weight loss slow down, but your body will work harder to hold on to your fat stores the leaner you become. We are left with a sobering fact – the ability to lose more fat decreases and it becomes even harder to do so. The most common plateaus I see for guys is first around 20-22% body fat, then around 12% body fat (for those guys looking to break into single digits).

This is a quote from builtlean.com as wellas the other reasons you already know. Mayo Clinic says you may be at a good weight for yourself. But if you are determined to lose more, re-examine your caloies in and calories out. That would be the sabotage you mentioned. Maybe a few days of less strict eating would be good so you recharge your batteries to go at it again

good luck You know what you are doing

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Posted: 20 May 2014, 21:11
and have you changed your RDI as your weight changed?? try this site, I find it much more realistic than FS calculator

If it is a plant, eat it, if it comes from a plant, don't!

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Posted: 20 May 2014, 21:14
There is also a hormone secreted by the liver called Leptin. That hormone is responsible for fat loss. When the body becomes accustomed to the daily routine we have set for ourselves, the leptin stores in our body become depleted and it's easy for us to hit plateaus. In SOME cases, it's nice to do a re-feed day in which you still eat foods that are good for you, but just MORE of them so you are actually at a calorie surplus for the day. That one day of surplus is often enough for the liver to wake up and start producing Leptin again, which will kick your fat loss into overdrive again. Once your re-feed day is complete, go back to your regular diet with a caloric deficit of at LEAST 10%. You can keep cycling this program as many times as you like on a weekly basis.
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Posted: 20 May 2014, 22:05
Bestlife. Have you got an idea of what your bodyfat % is? I had a couple of sticking points that I think were psychological. The first was dropping below 200. My goal was to see abs, and I did, sort of. I didn't have enough muscle there for them to be very impressive. Anyway. The goal for me was 165. It was arbitrary. I wish now I had found my maintenance point and stayed there for a while instead of going radical with the diet. I think it would have been easier knowing I could stay where I was before moving into a further weight loss. I agree with kari and the Leptin issue. It may do you good to go maintenance for a week. You'll see a little weight gain, but it will be water mostly. Trying to cut my last few pounds to 165 was brutal. I believe I hit about 12% at that point. I've been gaining to support my exercise and believe I'm around 15 - 16 % now. Just about time to lean out again. Good luck.

Exercise isn't diet. Diet isn't exercise. Binging trumps exercise.

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Posted: 21 May 2014, 13:44
Thanks to everyone who replied. I was feeling pretty frustrated at being "stuck". It's a new day and I'm ready to tackle this challenge. I will take all of youu advice into making my new plan. Thanks for being here FS community!

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