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Posted: 05 Dec 2013, 12:38
I'm not that old, but recently I have been regretting not getting into shape when I was younger, with no kids and plenty of time and money. Doh! I even had way less to lose then, but somehow my 25 year old self couldn't motivate to cook healthy food and exercise. Hell, I couldn't even get up in the morning and was constantly late to work.

Somehow now at almost 40 it seems doable even though my life is way more hectic (little kids, work, continuing ed classes, etc).

I'm a little bummed that even if I get super fit, I will never get to wear the hot jeans I coveted when I was younger (and wear them well), but I'm sure it's still worth it.

I'd love to hear some stories of people who lost weight in middle age so I know it's still worth it! At this point I wouldn't say my weight is seriously impacting my health although I would love to avoid future health issues that crop up when you're 40+ and fat (joints, heart health, bad breath from statins, etc.).

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Posted: 05 Dec 2013, 12:58
It's never too late to start. I lost 45 lbs. since I've turned 40 and now at the age of 50, I can honestly say I'm healthier & fitter now than ever before; I'm even eating healthier foods and have said goodbye to a lot of stuff that wasn't good for me. One of the most important thing is to make time for yourself and not allow other things to get in the way too often. Just taking a 30 minute walk is better than nothing.

I've always been in and out of fitness sessions over the years but I would get discouraged because the vision I was aiming for wasn't there after 2 months so I'd quit. It took me a long time to understand that the vision I was aiming for was one that society dictated I was supposed to be rather than the one I was meant to become. With health issues like diabetes [both Type 1 & 2] being on both sides of the family tree, I'm doing what I can to avoid the mid to late life diagnoses they all got.

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Posted: 05 Dec 2013, 14:55
Definitely worth it! I'm 38 and in the best shape of my life. I am almost down to my high school weight, but look so much leaner. I workout a lot and have toned up. I feel fantastic. I admit I am addicted to the gym which has boosted my energy and mood! I'm happy 99.9% of the time! It's a great feeling to have your health, be at a normal weight, and be strong! I do wish I had done this at 25 - I was just telling someone that last week! I would have been unstoppable! But I can't turn back time and I can only try to lead a healthy lifestyle from here on out. Prevent diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and all the other risks associated with being obese. I lost 80 lbs and do not plan on going back ever. It took about 1 1/2 years, but I learned a ton and am still learning. It is very eye opening as you open wounds and discover what caused you to gain the weight and address those issues.

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Posted: 05 Dec 2013, 15:17
I'm 41 with an almost 4 year old and a 2 year old. I was 210 after my second child. I started working out and seriously watching what I ate and although I weigh about 10lbs more than my lowest weight, I fit in size 4 jeans which I never even fit into in high school. I went from a heart rate of 80 resting to 46 and have muscle definition I can honestly say I have never had. I am often mistaken for one of the younger mothers now and get the jaw drop look when I correct them with my real age. I figured my two toddlers deserve a healthy, happy and fit mommy. Feels great!! I wish I had this rear end when I was in my twenties Smile

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Posted: 05 Dec 2013, 15:47
I just turned 44 last week and have lost 50 lbs. this year through careful eating and exercise, after a lifetime of (morbid) obesity and numerous attempts at "diets". It was finally my mindset, not a program, that helped me see success. I'm still heavier than you and have 60 more pounds to lose, but I'm glad I'm finally doing it. I, too, could kick myself for missing out on all the cool clothes and things I could have done (SHOULD have done) in my teens, 20's and 30's. But I have to look forward and be happy that I'm finally getting fit in my 40's. If you have the mindset that this is a gradual shift or course correction (not a drastic U-turn which means deprivation) and a lifelong journey, you should be successful. Good luck to you!

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Posted: 05 Dec 2013, 18:49
Congrats to all. I'm 55 and I'm at my lightest and most fit since I lost 70 lbs. back in 1986 (at age 28 ). I'm about to go lower than that by the end of the year. And so I'm on my way to equaling my most fit (when I worked out daily in the Navy at age 19). That will also take me to a perfect BMI. I never thought I would see it again, but I finally figured this deal out and with FatSecret's help, I'm on my way. It's never too late!

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Posted: 05 Dec 2013, 19:33
Gained wt after surgery in my 50's. Lost it some of it. Changed jobs @ 58. Gained it back plus some doing a desk job and out of control asthma. Clean slate now from my doc. Asthma is mostly controlled. Have lost 35 lbs and am working on exercising daily again. Still have at least 20 to go. I'll decide then if i should go for another 10. Am 64.
"The way we eat in America makes us sick, and if we change our diet--simply incrementally-- we will be healthier." Mark Bittman Food Matters


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Posted: 06 Dec 2013, 11:57
I'm 47 and I've lost 95 pounds in the last two years. I feel better than I have in many, many years and every single day I rejoice at not having my big fat belly.

I did it with no exercise (for the first ~85 pounds) and low carb so no starving or the usual diet related misery. I finally started exercising a few months ago and I am very pleased with the results but I was fortunate enough to discover Doug McGuff, Drew Baye and Bill DeSimone. I spend about 20 minutes a week on exercise Smile

"bad breath from statins"

If statins were harmless and free, then it wouldn’t matter how many people need to be treated to prevent a heart attack or extend someone’s lifespan. But statins are not free, nor are they harmless. Statin use has been associated with a wide range of side effects, including myopathy (muscle pain), liver damage, cataracts, kidney failure, cognitive impairment, impotence and diabetes.

Unfortunately, studies show that physicians are more likely to deny than affirm the possibility of statin side effects, even for symptoms with strong evidence in the scientific literature. (9) Assuming that physicians would likely not report the adverse reaction in these circumstances, it’s probable that the incidence of statin side effects is much higher than the reported rates.

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