Slow and Steady

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Posted: 13 Jun 2018, 20:31
Been a long haul but I can see the light at the tunnel. Once I reach this first goal then I'll aim for another.
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Old Timers
I would love to join this group. I am not over sixty -- I am 59 I am sure that is close enough to count! I have nearly 90 pounds to lose and would love to talk with people in the same or similar boat!
by 59Carol on 14 Nov 18 07:26 PM
Help with Atkins or other diet
How is it going Irena Are you figuring it out Cut down carbs to 20 net (total carbs minus fiber) The rest is not that important at first
by liv001 on 14 Nov 18 03:55 PM
28 Day Diet
I don't know what the 28 day diet is but as far as your RDI try using CALCULATOR.NET to get a better # than FS works out.
by mummydee on 14 Nov 18 02:07 PM
28 Day Diet
Hi All - I am on Day 2 of the 28 day diet but i see that my calories are pretty much half the RDI. Is anyone else on this diet. Am i possibly doing something wrong.
by TashaK01 on 13 Nov 18 12:46 AM
Another invite for old-timers
Hi Roz, If you follow keto I am afraid macros are all important, calories are not so but need a 'weather eye' kept on them, I find protein quite hard to keep down but I am still building my menu ...
by terryBW on 12 Nov 18 10:03 AM