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Kacie C

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Posted: 13 Jun 2018, 13:30
My husband and I have decided we want to LIVE until we die. We have watched his parents get older, sedentary and pretty frail, as my mother remains very active at 85. Being in our 60's we know we could possibly live another 25 years and don't want to have someone else taking care of us because we chose not to take care of ourselves now.

Eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise is a priority now. After only 2 weeks of really being careful about what we eat and intentional about our physical activity we are already feeling more energetic and less achy! To all, IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!!!! Get moving!!!

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Posted: 21 Jun 2018, 06:36
You are so right!!! My husband and I have been exercising together for years. We walk 63 to 70 minutes plus a day.
And, we eat healthy. We are seniors with no desease, high blood pressure or cholesterol problems. We work every day at keeping our weight at desired weight. Have been going to TOPS since 1978 for support. I know it’s not easy not to revert to old habits. Do it and you will feel better and live longer. As much as 14 years longer is what I read with studies on longevity.
Good luck!!!

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