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Joined: Feb 14
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Posted: 13 Mar 2014, 12:58
ok so i just got the insanity workout dvds and was wondering if anyone else had tried them, if they work, and do they actually kill you like it makes you think it does from the infomercial lol

Joined: Jul 13
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Posted: 13 Mar 2014, 13:24
It's a self-paced workout, but it's tough and effective.

Joined: Feb 14
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Posted: 13 Mar 2014, 13:24
lol well thats good cause i think its gonna kill me lol

Joined: Nov 13
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Posted: 13 Mar 2014, 13:31
I would not recommend it for a beginner and any prolong physical active will help with weight loss but it’s not the best for it.

Joined: Jan 10
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Posted: 13 Mar 2014, 13:58
Insanity is awesomeVery Happy

Joined: Mar 14
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Posted: 19 Mar 2014, 13:13
Yes it is I have completed it four times. Now I'm just doing insanity plyo, insanity cardio and p90x kempo. Monday I will do a hybrid insanity and p90x3.

Joined: Jan 10
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Posted: 21 Mar 2014, 07:51
Cool, I do a week of insanity, then a week of P90X, would love to get P90X3 it looks fun Smile

Joined: Mar 14
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Posted: 23 Mar 2014, 23:05
Insanity kicked my butt the first couple of times but if you stay focused it's a really great way to get back in shape! Smile

Joined: Feb 11
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Posted: 24 Mar 2014, 21:01
I tried the P90X and got to the 4th day before I got injured and couldn't workout for a couple of weeks. I wish I had thought better about how to transition into the workouts. You really need to be careful when building a fitness base.

Joined: Aug 11
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Posted: 28 Mar 2014, 08:46
Insanity is great just got to make time for it and cooking healthy. just need to keep it up got board after 4 weeks.

Joined: Aug 12
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Posted: 09 Jul 2014, 07:39
Did the fitness test on Sunday - wow built up a sweat or what?!

Going to attempt the first real workout today....looking forward to it(ish)

Joined: Jun 13
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Posted: 09 Jul 2014, 10:37
It is what it says on the box!!!!!
I have done it for a 2weeks and yes it's a killer, but it is fantastic, I've lost 7lb and 2 cms (each) on bust waist hips and thighs. Got a holiday now till Tuesday, but will be right back at it on Wednesday, think I'm addictedMad , I hate doing it and shout at Shane and the floor, but the effects out way all the hard work. Let me know how it goes.

Joined: Jul 14
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Posted: 09 Jul 2014, 17:25
Well done, buny1.

Joined: Jun 14
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Posted: 11 Jul 2014, 06:05
I did the Insanity workout for the full 60 days last year.
The results were pretty impressive.
The only bad point (for me) is that the lots of push ups built my back muscles a bit more than I would like for a woman.
Now I'm on going with "Turbo Fire".
I feel the classes are smooth to go through without lowering the intensity. Also for those with injury problems (special on knees and back) there are the low impact classes. Wink.Very Happy

Joined: May 11
Posts: 382

Posted: 14 Jul 2014, 12:00
Love insanity but I pair it with PiYo and it's a match made in heaven. PiYo is tough but it's a nice compliment to the pounding my body gets with insanity. You should check it out!

Joined: Jul 10
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Posted: 14 Jul 2014, 12:29
T25 is a great alternative to Insanity, especially if you're just getting started. It's still Shaun T and it's got the intensity and many of the same moves but they also offer ways to modify the moves- if you aren't strong enough yet or can't handle the impact. The thing with Insanity is that the 40 minute workouts have 10+ minutes of stretching after the initial circuit, plus the cool down is part of the workout. With T25, you don't get that break in the middle and your cool down is AFTER the 25 minutes, so your real workout is about the same length of time and then you're DONE. I've done both and would recommend T25 over Insanity because it's more compact and there are less knee injuries (which Insanity is infamous for)!

One caveat: I did not like Gamma (which is a separate purchase from Alpha - month 1 - and Beta - month 2.) Gamma is more about strength training and has way less cardio, so it's better if your goal is toning rather than weight loss. Way too much bicep work for me as well - I know guys love that but I definitely do NOT!
- Natalie

Joined: Feb 12
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Posted: 14 Jul 2014, 15:24
I'm on the 4th week of insanity and it is a good workout for sure, I feel like I may have lost a couple inches but that scale is not budging! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong!

Joined: Jun 12
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Posted: 14 Jul 2014, 15:56
If you are losing inches, you are doing great. Remember that you are likely building muscle which weighs more than fat...

Joined: Dec 13
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Posted: 16 Jul 2014, 14:08
Absolutely loved it! Did it a while back and I had to modify some moves, but it is a truly great workout. There are a ton of Insanity reviews you can check out to get specific feedback Let us know how it goes!

Joined: Sep 11
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Posted: 16 Jul 2014, 14:43
I am on week 2 of insanity. It has been a struggle to keep up, but I really enjoy how I feel after. I am trying to lose the last of my baby weight, and I need to get back into shape!

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