What my Digital food scale taught me.

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Posted: 28 Aug 2013, 21:41
I have been using a digital food scale for the last few months. When it comes to dieting and following strict calorie counting, I become less than honest with myself, in fact, I lie.

Here is a prime example. I eat one salad a day. The bottle tells me that two tbsp equal 150 calories. I figure that the 150 calories will fit my diet. I also figure that I can eyeball two tbsp of the dressing.So I pour it on, guessing at the two tbsp. I did notice that when I finished my salad, there was small pool of dressing at the bottom of the dish left.

So, this time around in my quest to lose weight, I bought a digital scale. I look at the label and find that two tbsp equal 30g. I put my lettuce in the bowl and set it on the scale. I push the reset button and the weight resets to 0. Slowly I drizzle on the dressing.

Now I am suddenly surprised. Long before my normal pour scale read 30g. I couldn't believe how little I was allowed. The happy ending to the salad dressing story is that I find 30g plenty. I also find no dressing pool at the bottom of the plate.Now I can taste the lettuce and not the oil bath I used to give my salads, and finally, I am cutting at least 1000 calories a month without missing any salads.

Also. I eat only portion control frozen healthy dinners.(Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine) and love the Spaghetti. So I did the same as above with Parmesan cheese. I like the cheese so I would really pour it on. I never counted the calories. Using the digital scale I found out I was pouring on about 100 calories. Since between the Lasagna, Spaghetti and other things I use Parmesan on I am using about 300 calories a week. That is 1200 a month. The scale has saved me at least 2200 cal a month.

This is not a tale of whether to use or not use a digital scale. It is a reminder to me of how dishonest I can be when trying to loose weight.

Thanks for reading
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Posted: 28 Aug 2013, 22:29
Glaun, Thank you for posting your story. I found it very informative! It's true that you can't trust yourself to "eyeball" portions correctly. Usually the portion is much smaller than you think. Sounds like using a scale to measure by weight is much easier than measuring by volume and constantly washing your measuring spoons!
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Posted: 29 Aug 2013, 00:56
Here's a good way to teach yourself to eyeball portions.

Instead of weighing something and stopping when you get to the size you want, start by measuring out the amount that you think is right and then weighing it to see how close you got. Make it a game to try to get as close to the exact measurement as possible. Pretty soon you'll be good enough that you can eyeball your measurements and get them close enough.

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Posted: 29 Aug 2013, 09:34
This is an excellent post, sad it isn't getting more "buzz". A New England Journal of Medicine article reported on a study that, essentially states, the more that we are overweight, the more likely we are to under-report our food intake, and over-report our activity.. by as much as 50% each way.

So - for those who struggle to see results, probably the biggest culprit is self-deception - and the quickest answer to removing self-deception is removing the ability to "eyeball" quantities.. ie) food scale, measuring cups, etc.

I know that I have struggled (and still do) but when I am religious in my attention to accuracy, somehow, magically, I start losing weight again!

Go figure.

Good post and great topic for discussion.

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Posted: 29 Aug 2013, 12:17
Good post! and so true, the general rules like 4 oz of meat is the palm of your hand! who's hand? I've got tiny hands and this is good but what about a large person with large hands?

And you're so right about the salad dressing, less is more! When I go out to eat especially I always ask for the dressing on the side.

Another thing people tend not to include, or miscalculate in their daily intake is condiments. Ketchup is loaded with sugar and I've seen some use amazing amounts.
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Posted: 29 Aug 2013, 13:25
I have a Ozeri digital scale and love it. Keeps me honest.

I keep a couple of spare old TBS spoons in the drawer. I also eyeballed my dressing and thought it was time to see how close I was to getting it right at 2TBS considering the bottle said there were 16 servings. Needless to say, I use the spoon to measure. I wasn't getting the so called 16 servings per bottle.

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Posted: 29 Aug 2013, 16:27
My Ozeri scales are in constant use when I knuckle down to keeping my eating habits under control. Trying to eyeball portion sizes is a disaster for me. I always weighed my dogs' kibble every mealtime to keep them slim (I had retired Guide Dogs and had to keep their weight steady) so why not do the same thing for myself? It works. Scales are currently red hot keeping track of my intake.
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Posted: 29 Aug 2013, 17:04
The digital scale has proven to be priceless to my diet. It's the one tool I can count on (no pun intended) to "GUARANTEE" my efforts are not in vain. I learned from a FS post that we really should measure everything in grams but that is a challenge sometimes on FS when adding food. I have also learned a tbls or a tspn from the drawer can be far from exact. If you don't have a digital food scale (14.99 at wal-mart), get one and then use it! Great post gluan!
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Posted: 29 Aug 2013, 17:32
I love my digital scale. Your thread is a great reminder of why I need to measure.

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Posted: 29 Aug 2013, 19:01
I've linked my digital scale to a scanner, so all I need to do is scan the item bar-code and weigh it after using the item. As the computer remembers the previous weight, it calculates how much you use, when you use it, etc. Fast, easy and keeps track of both RDI and how much of each item is left for reordering. I've patented this and will be selling shortly if anyone is interested.

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Posted: 30 Aug 2013, 03:50
Crystalwitch4 wrote:
My Ozeri scales are in constant use when I knuckle down to keeping my eating habits under control. Trying to eyeball portion sizes is a disaster for me. I always weighed my dogs' kibble every mealtime to keep them slim (I had retired Guide Dogs and had to keep their weight steady) so why not do the same thing for myself? It works. Scales are currently red hot keeping track of my intake.

You are so right. Often times we are so keen on making sure then everyone/everything around us is okay that we simply forget ourselves. Thank you for pointing this out.
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Posted: 30 Aug 2013, 15:29
That was my original problem when i first tried Atkins years ago. Read you didn't have to count anything just your carbs. Never measured the oils or meats etc just the vegetables. So shocked when i lost nothing after two weeks on induction then a pound after a month. So...for 3 days I measured everything. Turns out i was having an average of 2800 cal a day.....only 18 net carbs though. No wonder it wasn't working! I still use my scale all the time.

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Posted: 30 Aug 2013, 16:08
I am doing low carb and monitor my calories via Weight Watchers' iPad app for convenience. Just as well since today I have made some very carb friendly, but calorie expensive choices and would probably go well out of bounds too. I can't be trusted to gauge calorific totals without weighing and tracking. It's so easy for me to get it wrong. I'd be lost without my scales!!
He who wants a rose must respect the thorn. (Persian proverb)
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Posted: 23 Jan 2014, 02:59
I am also using weight watcher to control over my diet. And i have a proper diet plan that help me in controlling over my body weight. The main benefit of scale is that you know exactly that how much diet you are using and what will be the amount of calories that you taking through these diets.

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Posted: 23 Jan 2014, 03:34
Dietary scales are best to calculate calories in out diet.I am a new gym starter and looking for a food scales which provide me exact measurement of calories in my food .I have seen a loot of different suggestion in the discussion which solve my problem.

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Posted: 23 Jan 2014, 08:14
I always say "best present my husband ever got me" is my food scale. I have a kitchenaid and use it every day. and lol at mummy I'm 5'3 with tiny hands I would love to see my 6'2 husband eat something the size of my palm. Also to the post about grams, you can Google a gram to oz calculator my scale has both on it but I have still used this tool for some things.

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Posted: 25 Jan 2014, 19:03
I also love my food scale, it's so helpful to find out exactly what you are consuming. I feel more in control when I measure and or weigh my food.
My journey started May 15, 2013 at 260 pounds with Weight Watchers. I'm continuing with this wonderful lifestyle plan and support program, and am now adding Fat Secret calorie tracking to what I am already doing. I can now use both in reaching my goal weight and then to ensure I don't return to the unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits I'm working so hard to discard permanently.

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Posted: 26 Jan 2014, 03:56
Roblaw2b wrote:
The more that we are overweight, the more likely we are to under-report our food intake, and over-report our activity.. by as much as 50% each way.

So - for those who struggle to see results, probably the biggest culprit is self-deception

Absolutely agree with those two points above. I'm sure this is the reason why the groups of people who say "I'm eating right and exercising right but I'm just not losing weight" aren't losing weight.

I'm from the UK and find the 'cup' measurement a real nightmare! A pair of £5 digital scales I bought recently are a godsend. I always use them for weighing things where getting it wrong will have most calorific error eg how much cheese for example - but I'd likely not be so likely to weigh lettuce for example. They're a single sheet of glass so you can put a piece of cheese or a few strawberries directly on there and weigh them.

At dinner this is what I do: I put my plate/bowl on the scales, zero it, then add the rice or potatoes or pasta so I know I've got the right amount, then zero the scales again and add the other item(s) so I know my whole meal is the right amount. And I find I need to have planned ahead and know which ingredients I'm cooking that night so I know I can have 100g of pork steak so when I use the scales, I know the weight for that portion of the meal must be 100g or less.

I also agree with previous poster who said you can then learn how much is the right amount and I think after a while of doing this I will be much better at recognising the right volume of each thing.

I agree. Overweight by a lot or just by a little, it is VERY easy to get your estimates by eye very wrong.

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Posted: 04 Feb 2014, 03:52
Until you have a proper diet you can't control over you weight. Because after using a food scale i have completely control over my diet as well as on my weight. So i think it is necessary to use any weighting scale if you want to control over your weight.

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Posted: 04 Feb 2014, 03:58
Since joining, I log and weigh all my food...it has been a great tool to help me lose weight

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