What time do you work out?

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Posted: 21 Nov 2013, 15:01
I used to be a morning person, now due to a new job, I work out around 10pm.

How about you?

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Posted: 21 Nov 2013, 21:46
I work out at 7 AM, after a 5K walk and before going to work.

I work out fasting - I don't eat until 11 AM.

After I started doing this, my workouts have been WAY more enjoyable, MUCH more efficient, and I'm pushing myself WAY harder! Love it!
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Posted: 22 Nov 2013, 07:15
5 am 5-6 days/week for the past 16 months! I work out at home. If I try to fit it in later in the day "life" always seems to get in the way. Night time is out because i drink quite a bit when i workout so being up every hour makes for a restless sleep.
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Posted: 23 Nov 2013, 06:58
6 am MWF, TTH run 0400-0600. Sat depends, Sun is off day

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Posted: 23 Nov 2013, 11:34
I'm working in two different places and I have break about 2pm, so I usually exercise about that time. It is actually the best time to exercise, as our hormonal levels are in the best proportions for activity at that time. Therefore, exercising at 2pm is the most beneficial;]

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Posted: 23 Nov 2013, 12:08
5am and 5pm. Usually cardio in the am and weight training in the evening. I do cardio 6-7 x week and weight training 4 x week (different muscle group each time so as to give muscles adequate rest). Currently working w/ a personal trainer 2 x week. I change things up periodically to see what works best. Working on taking Sundays off (I have a hard time stopping and fear getting out of habit, so I had not been skipping any days until now). But I'm pretty sure I officially am addicted to the gym, so getting out of the habit is not likely to happen. Also looking at doing weight training one morning per week instead of always in the evening and changing up my cardio. Maybe flip flopping cardio and weight training. Monday is my first test of doing weights w/ the trainer at the crack of dawn.

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Posted: 27 Nov 2013, 01:38
Im a morning person

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Posted: 27 Nov 2013, 02:01
I love doing yoga in the morning. I start when it's dark and watch the sun come up as I practise. With a soft relaxing music it creates a magical sensation.

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Posted: 27 Nov 2013, 09:45
I work out in the morning before I go to work; fitness club is just around the corner from my work place so it works out great. I used to prefer after work but there are too many disruptions that interfere.

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Posted: 27 Nov 2013, 09:53
I like to workout in the morning or right after work. I enjoy the morning because it gives me a boost of energy for the day. However sometimes I don't like getting up early before work

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Posted: 11 Dec 2013, 07:53
6am 5 times a week

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Posted: 11 Dec 2013, 08:09
Weekdays I go after work around 4.30pm, weekends around 7am. I really want to start working out in the morning before breakfast (way better for weight-loss) but just cant get my lazy butt out of bed early enough!

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Posted: 11 Dec 2013, 08:48
5 am weekdays and 6 am weekends. With small children there is no such thing as sleeping in anyway so out of necessity i became a morning person. It is so much easier in the spring and summer but it is routine now and i wake without an alarm most mornings.

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Posted: 20 Dec 2013, 06:28
When I feel into it. The most in the mornings...

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Posted: 24 Dec 2013, 08:21
M-W-F, I am up at 4 in the morning to be at the gym by 5:20 at the latest. Tues. and Thurs, I am up (hopefully) at 4 in the morning for a run: usually 6 miles, unless running for time/speed, then it's 1.5-miles. If I am unable to get my ass out of bed on run mornings, I try to make up for it in the evening. At least one day over the weekend, I'm up between 8 or 9 in the morning for another run...this time shooting for 8 miles or more. Always on an empty stomache.

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Posted: 26 Dec 2013, 04:09
i do work out every morning and lift some small weights 2 times a week.

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Posted: 26 Dec 2013, 09:29
walk on my gazelle to get my body moving @ 5am before work. Then on strength training days after work abt 5pm depending on overtime this time of year. Fitness center closes early on Friday so can't get there-closed on Sunday and only open 12-4 on Sat. Kinda puts a crimp in getting there those days--community center and just $20.00 per year so for now it fits my budget.
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Posted: 30 Dec 2013, 11:32
I get up at 5:15 to be at the gym at 5:30. I do weight Mon. and Wed. and spin on Tues. and Thurs. I usually do a workout video on Weds. I find that if I workout first thing in the morning, I am more inclined to stick to it.

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Posted: 01 Jan 2014, 18:55
I do work out 11:30 to 12:30 at home ,i do dance or running 30 mi

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