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Hi FJ,
Congratulations, you're already halfway there! Admitting there's a problem is fully HALF the battle!
With a little applied Nutritional Science, you win the REST of the battle, that of getting your body working like it should.

You body is designed to do 2 things:
1. Keep you alive
2. Heal itself

RE: #1
The foods you eat determine how hard your body has to work, to keep
you alive. Cooked foods, by nature, require extra energy from your
body, to break them down and salvage usable nutrients, which it uses
to fabricate the amino acids that are then combined to become the
proteins from which you are made. Cooked foods excite the taste buds, and stimulate the appetite. The end effect is that your tongue is constantly seeking stimulation, and your appetite is always "On". Since cooking foods denatures and destabilizes the nutrient content, your body uses your stimulated appetite to try and get the nutrients
it needs, from these "dead" foods, and so you eat and eat and eat, and
your digestive system works itself silly, trying to get the stuff you've dumped on it processed. During this processing, your storage container (your stomach and intestines) get backed-up, with the result you are now dealing with - a distended belly - and whatever is leftover, after processing, that your body doesn't use to keep you alive, THAT DAY, gets stored as energy in the form of adipose tissue (body fat), which you wear until your body uses it. Meats, grains, and dairy products all require huge amounts of energy, to metabolize - so much so, in fact, that your body has little or no energy left, to do its other main task, that of healing itself.

RE: #2 -
The solution is remarkably simple - STOP EATING COOKED FOODS! Instead,
fill your mouth and your belly with raw, uncooked fruits, vegetables,
nuts, seeds, and greens!
Start your day with fruit - your body is waking up, its systems coming
on, when you arise. It's not ready for a carbohydrate-dense cavalcade of meat, potatoes, grain products, and coffee. The fructose supplied in
fruits converts readily into the glucose your body uses to make the glycogen it uses in every cell. The pulp from the fruit scrapes your
intestines clean, so they are ready to absorb the nutrients flowing through them. Fruits digest easily and quickly, and their nutrients go almost immediately into the blood stream, supplying nourishment, without supplying fat. Eat as much as you need, to stop feeling hungry.
When you start feeling hungry again, eat more fruit! Take it with you,
wherever you go, and eat it, instead of candy, cookies, or other junk from the vending machines. Do this all morning. Around lunchtime, your
body will be ready for veggies. Eat raw, uncooked veggies starting at lunchtime, and continuing throughout the day. Eat as much as you want,
until you are not hungry anymore. When you get hungry, eat more veggies, or fruits, just DON'T COMBINE VEGGIES AND FRUITS IN THE SAME MEAL (veggies ask your digestive system to do different things than fruits do, so if you combine them, you confuse your digestive system
and reduce its effectiveness). Have deep, leafy greens - kale, collards, turnip, and mustard greens, mesclun ("Spring Mix"Wink, romaine,
and all the lettuces (except Iceberg) - ALL DAY, morning through night.
Drink distilled water. None of these foods supply fat, which your body needs, in certain quantities that it will determine, so guess where your body goes, to get it? YOU! That's right, your body starts burning all that "stored energy" you're currently wearing on every part of you!
As long as you eat raw, uncooked fruits and veggies, and snack on them,
together with dark greens, you will never go hungry, and you will burn fat like crazy. It takes 3 weeks for your "cooked food hangover" to go away, during which time you will also be detoxing (you'll smell, you'll see stuff coming out of you that will scare you, and will smell horrible). Your taste buds will "normalize" (cease being over-excited) and your appetite will normalize - all you have to do is not cook your food, or eat it during those 3 weeks. This is the outline, and I know it sounds extreme, but YOU CAN DO IT! There's more to be said, so please feel free to send me a reply, and I'll help you connect with people in your area, who, like me, are living this lifestyle, and loving it. There are also "half-way measures" that I can tell you about, to make the transition more "human", and livable. They slow the whole detox and "shift-over" process down, but in the end, help you accomplish the same thing - taking the emphasis off of having to "Live to Eat" and restoring it to a basis where you "Eat to Live". As you continue, you will feel more energy, because your body is not having to fight to keep you alive, and you will experience renewal and restoration, as your body takes advantage of having energy leftover, to heal itself! I want you to succeed in this more than you do, FJ,
so please feel free to contact me. We can go offline if you like, and continue our discussion via personal email. I have websites, recipes, and means-and-methods to help you get the most out of what you are eating. Ultimately, as you begin to see the you that is hidden behind your belly, and under your fat, emerge, you'll start developing your own solutions to what to eat, how, and when, and your friends and family will be utterly amazed and thrilled for you!

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