Do you like cottage cheese or does it make you cringe?

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Marlboro Man

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Posted: 09 Mar 2011, 19:27
I like cottage cheese with tomatoes and black pepper.
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Posted: 17 Jun 2013, 04:31
It seem that it won't effect your healthy lifestyle and eating it is quite healthy.I also love cheese in fact i am exploring it i bought cheese in Finland at and most of their cheese are really taste good and it make me speechless when putting it in pizza.

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Posted: 17 Jun 2013, 07:54
I love the "Daisy" brand cottage Cheese because it low in fat and low in carbs and it's creamy. Great way to get my protein.

Cottage Cheese is an efficient fat burner because of the amino acid producing I think it's great for weight loss.

I sometimes dice onion into the cottage cheese add some chopped parsley and pepper, mix and let it sit in the fridge for an hour or more....tastes good on crackers or alone.

I use it as my salad dressing to moisten the other ingredients..

Instead of ricotta when making eggplant lasagna

For breakfast with matchstick carrots and flaxseeds for crunch

With chopped walnuts

Some people add cinnamon and a drizzle of honey, make pancakes with it, or make a creamy sauce for pasta.

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Posted: 17 Jun 2013, 12:08
Just had some this morning with diced strawberries. Yummy and a good small pre-workout breakfast.

Also, I like blending it with onion or garlic and a little salt and pepper, maybe some hot sauce, to make a great protein packed dip for veggies or pita chips, or use as a sandwich spread.

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Posted: 17 Jun 2013, 12:40
I mix cottage cheese with scrambled eggs before cooking them in the morning. Great additional boost and the flavor is wonderful.

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Posted: 18 Jun 2013, 13:15
a teaspoon of Mexican Hot sauce (Salsa) will change your whole opinion re Cottage Cheese. Should be on a crunchy cracker. The real problem: Cottage Cheese is just another calorie laden food, so measure portions and read how many calories your portion has. Fit it in your diet, not in addition too.
About that 2% stuff. Most 2% products (American Cheese etc) will gag a maggot. Same for Cottage Cheese (IMHO). I need the full flavor 100% (IE all the fat) stuff to taste good. Also, the 2% is a measure of the solids, not the total liquid in the container.

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Posted: 18 Jun 2013, 14:30
I used to like cottage cheese, but it is high in lactose, so I gave it up.

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Posted: 18 Jun 2013, 15:37
I love it!! I once hated the stuff, because of how it looked but enjoy it most days, now Smile
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Posted: 18 Jun 2013, 18:59
It depends. I can't stand eating it with fruit or anything sweet, like most people do.

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Posted: 19 Jul 2013, 05:31
I never been use cottage cheese but i love cheese in fact i went to Finland just to try their cheese at where they are really perfect specially on making pizza and other kind of recipe with cheese.

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Posted: 19 Jul 2013, 14:53
More on cottage cheese
Cottage cheese is a slower-digesting protein. Some cottage cheese is more creamy than others...Cottage cheese comes in small, medium and large curd sizes and small and large curd are more readily available. I love the large curd while others enjoy the small curd. Very low in sugar and high in phosphorus and it does have sodium.

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Posted: 19 Jul 2013, 15:01
To give it a kick, add a touch of cinnamon and a little sweetener. Changes my perspective on the stuff considering I used to cut up fruit in it.

Very high in protein and filling.

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Posted: 20 Jul 2013, 14:50
Once I was able to let go of my 'cheese is high in fat and that's bad' restriction, I loved it. Plain or with fruit. I prefer the large curd to small but that's for the texture. Great protein without having to cook on days when I'm in a hurry.

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Posted: 20 Jul 2013, 16:52
IowaBill wrote:
I mix cottage cheese with scrambled eggs before cooking them in the morning. Great additional boost and the flavor is wonderful.

LOL. That sound's gross but I really want to try it. I would probably love it. Especially with chives.
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Posted: 20 Jul 2013, 17:03
Sounds really good .Cottage cheese is great with fresh fruit also

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Posted: 31 Jul 2013, 09:10
If you drain the cottage cheese with a yogurt strainer it is pretty good in Palak Paneer. Here is a recipe for the dish from Manjula's Kitchen, it's basically a spinach curry with ginger, garlic, coriander, turmeric, cumin, onions and tomato. Typically you use homemade cheese that has been lightly browned but the strained cottage cheese is pretty good too.

Yogurt Strainer

Palak Paneer


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Posted: 04 Aug 2013, 15:46
I have picked up 8 lbs since my last weigh in but I wont beat myself up. I have been craving sugars and starchy foods for the past couple of weeks because I have been stressing about finances. But that is no excuse. I just have to do better.

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Posted: 04 Aug 2013, 15:47
Cottage Cheese tastes horrible to me, I cant eat it. I just cant.

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Posted: 04 Aug 2013, 20:04
I'm not a big cottage cheese eater. But years ago I discovered that you can whip cottage cheese in the food processor and it becomes a spread with a completely different texture than the original form. I make low-fat lasagna and other casseroles by whipping nonfat cottage cheese with fresh parsley or basil. And cottage cheese whipped with strawberry jam makes a delicious spread for toast. Also, whip it into egg whites with some curry powder and you can make a delicious omelet.

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Posted: 05 Aug 2013, 19:51
Yes.. cottage cheese is great.. add some diced cucumber (essentially no calories) and some seasoning salt and pepper.. yummm.

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