Losing Weight Without a Gym?!?

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Posted: 28 Feb 2013, 17:05
I work a 8am-5pm job, Monday through Friday. It is an office job that requires a lot of sitting. I have been trying to exercise consistently and watch my calorie intake. My calories are pretty well supervised, however I am finding that I am wasting money on a gym.... I never go. I need help with finding some really good techniques to exercise at home (mostly abdominals!).... ANY AND ALL INPUT IS WELCOMED!!! Thanks!Embarassed

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Posted: 28 Feb 2013, 17:12
Search for "50 bodyweight exercises". I'm also a big fan of burpees.

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Posted: 28 Feb 2013, 20:03
I bought a bench and a rack, with dumbells, a barbell, and weights. I work in a set here and there as I do other things around the house. There is no wasted time driving to a gym or sitting around waiting for equipment or between sets.

I also have been doing bodyweight exercises. I'm close to doing my first chinup, and I have been doing a lot of (real) pushups, too. My goal is to do 100 pushups and 10 pullups on my 58th birthday and put the video on youtube.

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Posted: 28 Feb 2013, 20:16
How about getting some resistance bands, and combining those with bodyweight exercises?

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Posted: 28 Feb 2013, 21:06
I love finding free workouts on You tube! Tiffany Rothe has some awesome ones along with Fitness Blender, Sugar Pop...and the list I found goes on! Go ahead do a search and it won't take you very long to get in to a daily routine Smile
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Posted: 01 Mar 2013, 05:28
Planking for core work...planking kicks my butt lol there are plenty of instructional vids about it and as your core gets stronger, other exercises get easier too. Lunges and squats at home, you could even do them at work in your office. Use the stairs as often as you can at work and at home. House steps can be used for step up exercises. Resistance bands are great, and you can do it watching tv.

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Posted: 01 Mar 2013, 06:50
I belong to an online club called "Maxworkouts" (www.maxworkoutclub.com). I do all my workouts from home with just some free weights and a treadmill. The workouts are high intensity so they are only 20 minutes long, add another 10 for warmup/cool down. But you get videos daily on what to do, he mixes up the workout so it's not boring/repetitive. I've been a member for over a year now and I'm in the best shape I've been in years and am working out a lot less. The initial fee to join was about $80 (that gets you a 90 day start program including an instant download of videos you can start right away. After the 90 days, it's just $29 a month. (which can be cancelled at any time) To me, that was way cheaper than a gym membershipi and I get someone who determines my workout for me so I don't have to think of things to do. May not be for everyone, but if anyone who is self-motiviated, wants a home workout program, I recommend it.

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Posted: 01 Mar 2013, 07:59
Buy a recumbent bike (a good one). You can pedal off the pounds while watching TV and/or listening to music. Works for me. A set of dumbbells is also a great idea.
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Posted: 05 Mar 2013, 17:02
P90X sounds like it would suit you well. I'm on my 5th round of it and is a great full-body, at-home workout. I see you want great abs. P90X has an ass-kicker ab workout called Ab-Ripper X. Remember though.... You can do the best ab workout ever but unless you hit the cardio and have a clean diet, your abs will never come out and say hi!!!

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Posted: 06 Mar 2013, 07:58
The only time in my day for a workout is 5am...the first two weeks were rough but after that I was golden. P90X was awesome...I've done P90X2 as well along with Insanity. I'm developing quite the beachbody library but 5 am workouts are my future for quite some time. I've been at it now for 9 months.

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Posted: 06 Mar 2013, 08:28
Insanity and P90X are both terrific, but be careful if you're new to exercise. They're both very intense and if you're a beginner, you could really hurt yourself. Also keep in mind that P90X is an incredible time commitment (sometimes 90 minutes a day), and requires weights (or bands) and a pull up bar, whilst Insanity is shorter (about 30ish minutes per workout) and requires only that you can push yourself to the limit for those 30 minutes nonstop. I love them both, but don't want you to get hurt.

There are lots of beginner exercise DVDs and lots of things OnDemand, depending on the kind of cable you have. YouTube also has lots of really good free stuff, just to get you started.

Also consider what you can do at your desk throughout the day. I sit on a stability ball rather than a chair and it's great for the core. I also do leglifts under my desk throughout the day. It's not much, but for me, everything helps!
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Posted: 15 Mar 2013, 20:49
I love doing zumba. The core zumba workout for the Xbox Kinect took about 3" off my waist in the first few weeks. You can feel your abs work and you get a great cardio workout. The game has 40 some preset workouts ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minutes or you can program your own. It even has a tutorial if you have never done it before. It is so much fun I look forward to it and miss it when I don't get the chance. Since it is a game it doesn't feel like exercise, but it will make you sweat. I still do traditional abs as well with Jillian Michaels exercise DVD 's. All can be done in you living room and only cost you the game or DVD.
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Posted: 16 Mar 2013, 08:55
Shadow box 12x3 minute rounds with 30 seconds active rest between each round
Make sure to use your whole body to throw the punches and stay on the balls of
your feet , you can add some low kick s or knee bend s to change it up.
If you put the effort in you will be in a pool of sweat by round 7 depending on your level of fitness.

Takes no space, and about 45 minutes in total including 3 minute cool down at the end
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Posted: 18 Mar 2013, 09:32
If you're at all interested in getting outside, I do walk/run intervals and they really get the blood pumping. I started with a loop in my neighborhood that's a little over 3 miles start to finish. Walked it exclusively for a month, just to get in the habit and to work myself up to a pretty brisk pace. Then I started with walking fast for 5 min/jog slowly 1 min. I'm up to walk fast for 3/run pretty darn hard for 1. By the time I'm no longer panting, it's time to run again! LOL Hope this helps Smile

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Posted: 22 Mar 2013, 17:22
100% do the HCG Diet! I did it when working 9-5 at a desk as well...You get as much coffee as you want (bonus for office working). I lost about 30lbs in 27 days and it was life changing...all my co-workers were stunned and confused. It was awesome. I am doing "Insanity" right now and it is a lot like "P90X" but it takes a lot more dedication. it is way easier to do the workout programs when you are 30 lbs lighter. I got my HCG Diet from www.hcgwarrior.com It will work...and fast too.

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Posted: 22 Mar 2013, 22:15
Something that I do that works when I can stick to it is just walking. I'll put in a movie or turn on netflix and just walk. Sometimes I'll use my little 5 pound hand weights and walk with those. Or if I'm doing laundry I'll walk in place while I'm also walking around to put things up. For an extra challenge I might walk each individual piece of laundry to its place after folding it. I can spend an hour doing laundry like this and while its not the same as some of the other actual work outs posted (which are all great) its at least something. Even on the days I don't feel like doing anything I can do that.

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Posted: 31 Mar 2013, 15:05
I did jenny craig without exercise and lost 35lbs in about 6 months it well cost you about 120 a week though but when you think about the Money you spend eating out its not that bad it is the only thing I could stick to one because I was spending all this money which gives you breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks in between

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Posted: 31 Mar 2013, 15:31
chelletre wrote:
I did jenny craig without exercise and lost 35lbs in about 6 months it well cost you about 120 a week though but when you think about the Money you spend eating out its not that bad it is the only thing I could stick to one because I was spending all this money which gives you breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks in between

I knew a guy who spent a lot of money and lost a lot of weight doing Jenny Craig. He gained it all back. I think he is probably the rule rather than the exception.

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Posted: 31 Mar 2013, 18:30
I must admit I have gained some weight back too but like with all diets if your not careful you will gain weight back. Its really a lifestyle change I just did it to get a head start. I get on the plan and off the plan.

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Posted: 31 Mar 2013, 19:27
Well Samage, I recently found out and tried it, that green coffee bean extract works best. Now I have tried the home method as buying the raw unroasted green coffee beans and just around 15 of the beans soaked it overnight and then drink it as chilled coffee. Never boil it. It just dissolves body fat and keeps the day full of energy. Without changing any routine or eating pattern easily can shed off 2 pounds per week.

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