Foods that stall weight loss?

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Posted: 28 Oct 2010, 16:47
I was doing really well my first six weeks here. Since then my weight loss has stalled. Some if it I am sure is due to the loss of a family pet 3 weeks ago. I am starting to think it is also because of some foods I am eating. Since I started here I completed the 100 mile challenge, and am now doing the couch to 5K challenge. So I have started running in the last week or so quite a lot. I think I have ran about 6 miles so far. I realize that I am building muscle, but that is also supposed to help you lose weight from burning more calories.

I have noticed that if I eat ground beef, even just a 4 oz patty my weight loss stalls. Someone told me to cut out carbs to lose weight. I'm confused!

Am I not eating enough?
What am I doing wrong? My food logs and exercise are 100% accurate for the last 30 days. Feel free to take a look at them.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted: 28 Oct 2010, 17:01
Ed, if I mentally fit a line on your weight history squiggles you seem fine. Initially you didn't weigh often, so it looks smoother. Recently you have been weighing more frequently so you can see what is probably mostly water weight fluctuation.

As I understand it glycogen (one of your body's fuels) likes to have some water with it. So you deplete your energy stores you lose a little water, you rebuild the stores you gain some water. Also muscles like more water when they are repairing themselves, or so I've read

So net net, yes building muscle with help you burn more, but building muscle is very slow. Meanwhile the signal to noise ratio on a fairy fresh diet and stressed tissue with make you want to weep.

Or so I read the tea leaves.

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Posted: 28 Oct 2010, 17:34
Change. What you're doing one day may not work the next. I think our bodies realize what we're doing and compensate. So raising or lowering calories, changing up your routine, etc. But I think you're fine right now. Give it more time. Running won't necessarily cause immediate weight loss, but if you stick it out, you should see results.
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Posted: 28 Oct 2010, 17:41
Maybe I should change my alias to Nostradamus? You may not remember this, but a while ago you commented on a thread, and I told you this exact thing would happen. Look here:

It's not the food, it's how you look at it. Eating ground beef doesn't make you gain weight specifically, it just adds weight to your stomach temporary (while your body is digesting it). Obviously, if I eat a 16 oz steak, and weight myself right after, I will have gained a pound (assuming the 16 oz was measured post-cooking).

Eat more. You have to realize that you were losing weight faster than a recent amputee! You should have taken things much slower. There's a reason why people recommend you lose only one or two pounds per week. Anything more, and it's a sign that you're stressing your body too much. You have to give your body room to progress. If you're already eating only 1500 calories a day, what happens when you get to a point where your body adapts to that amount of calories? Well, I guess you just found out.

My recommendation to you would be to up your calorie intake drastically, decrease your cardio, and increase the amount of resistance training you do. Your metabolism will see a larger boost, your muscles won't be stripped, and if you consistently keep upping the intensity (start slow!) then you won't see these stalls. Lastly, weigh yourself once a week so that the little bits of food you eat don't freak you out. Remember to take measurements! A lot of times people lose a lot of fat, but don't lose weight because of water/muscle replacing it. You need to see the complete picture. Remember, also, that if you start eating more now you will gain some weight, but this is only temporary until your body's metabolism fixes the mess you've made. Don't sweat it, champ.

Good luck, and let us know if you have more questions.
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Posted: 28 Oct 2010, 18:19
I stalled for a little while, I have found that changing my excersise up helped get the ball rolling again. I do a different excersise every day for a cycle of 3 days, then start over.
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Posted: 28 Oct 2010, 21:21
I see the standard plateau advice on the thread, but I disagree that it's really a plateau.

You have been dieting 7 weeks by my calculations and have lost 17 lbs. Aka 2.4 lbs a week. That's more than the 1 to 2 lb a week suggestion you often hear. You really don't need to knock yourself out of a plateau so much as set a healthier expectation for your progress, in my opinion.

I do agree with an00bis about eating a bit more. Some days you are close to 2000, other days like 1000, 1200. Maybe it's a recording thing, but if I ate your lows I'd be starving, and feeling really crappy.

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Posted: 29 Oct 2010, 02:27
i completely understand about eating from being upset but you can let it beat you set apart you emotions from your dieting and just keep motivating yourself!!! you can do it!

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Posted: 29 Oct 2010, 06:17
I guess my problem is my cat died in front of me. I felt so helpless! I am so angry that the vet didn't do more! I loved my cat enormously! I hold myself responsible because he died!

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Posted: 29 Oct 2010, 06:43
I had to put one of my old kittys down a couple of weeks ago. She had lung cancer and no quality of life. She was 16, so it was her time. You need to take time to grieve, talk this out with friends. You will have more sympathetic ears than you think. Here is a place that you can visit to help with the grieving process.
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Posted: 29 Oct 2010, 09:03
Awe I put my cat to sleep last month and he was very young. I know your pain and how hard it is, it will take time, but just focus on getting healthy and your progress and a time will come when it isn't so bad. Hope you start to feel better.

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Posted: 29 Oct 2010, 11:32
I will agree with an00bis. I think that you are starving yourself with such a low amount of calories that you eat.
I will pm you with a site that helps you determine the least number of calories that you should eat for not to be in starvation ...

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Posted: 29 Oct 2010, 22:03
thanks for the advise everyone. I will start eating more. Obviously the loss of my cat has had a big impact on me. I'm so upset with the vet because I thought that everything would be ok after he went there. I expected them to keep him because he was not eating and they said he had diabetes. His sugar was 400! But no, they sent him home. 19 hours later he died rite in front of me. It was horrible! I have never felt so helpless in my life! in my opinion it was 100% preventable and the vet did not do her job. I called her and went off on her today!

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Posted: 11 Jan 2013, 05:46
If you want to loss your weight then please follow your nutrient's instructions and stay away from oily junk food.

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