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mama cracker

Joined: Aug 11
Posts: 95

Posted: 16 Aug 2011, 08:17
Knock Knock

Who's there?

Cow Says

Cow Says who

No, a cow says moooo! Smile

Joined: Oct 12
Posts: 1,081

Posted: 29 Oct 2012, 21:31
What do you do if you mess up carving your jack o lantern at Halloween?
Send it to the pumpkin patch.

Why wasn't Titter allowed to have dinner?
Because he'd been outside playing with Pooh.

I'm not losing WEIGHT. I'm converting FAT to MUSCLE to be healthier.

Joined: Sep 12
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Posted: 30 Oct 2012, 02:46
i love all these! here is my contribution,

why did the chicken cross the playground?

to get to the other SLIDE!

and what do you call a pig that knows karate?

sugar is the devil XD
Liz Chaffin

Joined: Oct 12
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Posted: 30 Oct 2012, 08:50
I love this....

Knock Knock

who's there? Alex

Alex who?

Alex you know later, but keep up the good work!
Taking it one day at a time

Joined: Aug 12
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Posted: 30 Oct 2012, 10:40
Wish I could "like" some of these replies and jokes. Thanks all. Was fun to read!
What is the difference between Broncos and Cheerios?

Cheerios are good in a bowl!

It is food related after all.

Joined: Jul 13
Posts: 14

Posted: 02 Sep 2013, 14:54
Odyssey, your two year old is more quick witted than most adults! (The knock knock yodel joke was good too. I intend to make someone laugh/groan at it later today. LOL)
Grace29 -thanks, it took me a while to work out the reversible year -but you might want to amend the question - from 'this century' to 'last century' (or omit the word 'century' and put 'from 1900 to 2000' instead.)
Juno, I loved the 'pumpkin pi' one!
Nikita007 ,I loved the 'what is another other word for Thesaurus' and the 'is there an imaginary cure for Hypochondria' !

Joined: Jan 15
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Posted: 10 Jan 2015, 17:16
Love all these riddles..gave me the giggles!

Joined: May 15
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Posted: 23 Nov 2015, 13:29
had fun reading these lol

Joined: Mar 17
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Posted: 30 Oct 2017, 14:44
I enjoyed all of these, nice diversion from the work I am not doing

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