Menopause and weight gain

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Posted: 06 Sep 2012, 09:32
Let me add myself to the group that thinks you need a new doctor.

First - unless you are very small and VERY inactive, 1200 calories is way too low. You might lose weight for a while, but eventually your body is going to scream "famine!" and you'll slow things down even more.

I hope I can post this link -- This is the Harris-Benedict calculator. The key to making it work is being COMPLETELY honest about your activity level. What you will learn from it is what you need to eat to maintain your current weight. Then drop down no more than 20% below, for three consecutive days. On the fourth day, go back up to 5-10% below. Keep this up -- by increasing calories on the fourth day, you'll keep your body from panicking.

Also, add weightlifting to your répertoire. Muscle bumps your metabolism, fat doesn't. If you're at a "Y" (I think you said -- forgive me -- brain cramp) you should be able to get some help to get started.

I'm 51 and I'm doing this successfully (and I have a lot more than 40 pounds to lose! Smile)

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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Posted: 06 Sep 2012, 13:39
I am only 40 but entered early menop a year ago. Well I have to say that I was 185 when I started. I had myself on 1200 cals but the key for me was do do it 5 days a week and the other 2 were about 1400.Key was to change up which days were which so my body didn't settle in a routine and eating 5 times per day. As the weight dropped so did my cal intake. Now at 132 I try to eat about 1100-1200 per day. I'm happy to say that 1200 cals is not a danger zone. Danger zone is around 1000 cals or less per day and is doctor supervised even that can work in certain cases although I don't like the thought). 200 cals here or there may not seem like alot but it is. It's those 2 snacks that keep you going. My body has not gone into starvation mode. If you feed your body the right combo of foods and keep them as clean as natural as possible it will work. Of course I have my treats but I'll tell you and I swear this is true I can 1200 calories and eat ALOT of food (and I do more protein too)and am not tired or hungry. Exercise and variety of it is also a huge part. Menop does make it harder but it can be done! (My 63 year old mom just lost 25 lbs with just adding exercise).

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Posted: 07 Sep 2012, 18:29
I am only 36 but was told 2 years ago that I am already in premenopause !! Weight has been a constant struggle for me my entire life. I've battled eating disorders, depression, 2 divorces, 4 pregnancies ... The list goes on and on. Fortunately I happened to go to a physician who also happens to be a personal trainer... And i have hit a jackpot lol. He told me that as strange as it sounds there is such a thing as too much exercise and too little calories (yay!) He cut me back to cardio 3 times a week, toning and strength training the other 3, Sundays rest, and between 1225-1500 calories a day and suggested Gilad's quick fit schedule that increases your workouts and calorie intake over a course of 12 weeks so that your body has a chance to build up to the exercise. The weight drops steadily but slowly, however the changes in my body have been dramatic. I am smaller and leaner and have more energy than before, and the workouts leave me sore enough to feel like I've accomplished something, but not so sore i want to quit lol. I'm planning to try the p90x or insanity programs eventually because as this condition (AFFLICTION!!) continues i know women have to try ten times as hard as before to drop the weight! Remember when 10 lbs fell off in a week.... *sigh*.... Sometimes I miss highschool.... I started at over 300 lbs and the last time i weighed i was 161. I have since boycotted the scale but if i can do it you can too! Good luck to you!!! And please, find a New doctor. Your current one sounds like a quack.

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Posted: 27 Sep 2012, 15:59
I, too, have gotten discouraged with my weight loss. Never had a problem in my past and could lose 10 lbs if I needed to at the drop of a hat. Now, here I am, at 49, quit smoking and gained 30+ lbs. I've been doing the Atkins plan since August 3rd. It has taken me almost 2 months to lose 15 lbs, but at least I'm losing. I have recently joined a gym in hopes that the weight training will help me out. You see, I also found out that my BFI is around 35%...which is not healthy. So, like evelyn said, build the muscle and your metabolism will speed up. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that it will kick me out of this plateau that I'm on.

Also, I did some reading on the Dukan Diet, and found this review:

I'm sure that it does work, but I would worry about the health portion of it. Just a thought.

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Posted: 30 Sep 2012, 10:53
thanks all, your posts have been great.. i too have been working out frequently and posting calories and eating well and am frustrated as i don't feel its coming off fast enough.. so with your help and tricks I hope this week will be better...i think i wasn't having enough calories in the day, as i cut down to under 1000 so gonna boost it this week to 1200 and stick to it and see what happens.

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Posted: 30 Sep 2012, 12:49
OMG this is me too !! I'm 49 I just went for my yearly check up last week. I told my doctor that I think I am coming down with Menopause. I'll get the blood tests back soon. PLUS I quit smoking a year ago.
Otherwise, I'm healthy as a horse. Thyroid, glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure all good/
The rest of boomergal's story fits me to a T.
My doctor suggested 1200 calories a day to get motivated. I'm going to gibe it a try starting tomorrow. Taht article apatrick1 provided was helpful.
Wish me luck, please and to all of you also.

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