At My Wits End!!!

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Posted: 28 Jun 2012, 13:58
Hello all!! I am one of the ones who has been told continuously that I need to lose weight, but then in the same conversation have been told that I don't eat enough.

I have several health conditions that prevent the normal types of exercises, so I began compensating my intake to make up for the lack of exercise. Now it has just become a habit. I rarely think about eating until someone mentions that they haven't seen me eat anything. It is not rare for me to forget about eating anything until 5-6 in the evening if not reminded.

Now I mostly try to stick to salads (with very little meat, just diced ham and pepperoni normally) and fruit (I'm a fruit fanatic).

I'm up for any suggestions. I am trying to raise the money to purchase a recumbent bike and a Wii to get in on the "accidental" exercise that comes from playing the sports games on there.

I guess this is an introduction/plea for help. So some quick data. My name is Stephanie, I'm 46, married with five adult children (one in heaven), 16 grandchildren (number 17 is due in November) and a wonderful church family that I love to life. Very Happy

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Posted: 28 Jun 2012, 14:07
The first thing I would need to know before making any suggestions would be- what are the health conditions that prevent you from doing normal exercise? And what do you consider to be "normal" exercise?

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Posted: 28 Jun 2012, 16:50
All I can tell you is that I use to drink pop all day and then eat supper. Now because I am diabetic I eat a little every 2-4 hours and have lost over 10lbs in the last month. If your body does not get food regularly it will hold on to all the reserve it can AKA fat. When I eat it's not hugh amounts. I will warn you if you try this after a few days your body will tell you it hunger. My belly never use to growl at me but now it does Smile

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Posted: 29 Jun 2012, 13:10
Maybe use something like this?

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Posted: 29 Jun 2012, 13:18
to increase your food volume, add lots of fruits and veggies. I did this by making a list of all the F&Vs that I love and making sure I had several kinds in the house. Next I learned to plan my meals by choosing 3 F&V at each. then I add the other foods. For BRFST I usually only eat. at lunch and dinner I use 1 fruit and 2-3 veggies - remember, veggies includes pickles, olives, pickled beets, baby carrots, salsa, etc. I believe you will eat more AND lose weight this way because it will affect your metabolism so you burn more fat. After just a few days, you will start to enjoy the fresh foods. Also even diet pop will slow your weight loss, so if you drink sodas, try to cut back. good luck!

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Posted: 13 Aug 2012, 22:44
Hi Nutz4.. Instead of the Recumbent exercise Bicycles which are kind of expensive have you seen the ones that are just pedals that you can put in front of any chair and pedal away? I bought mine at a garage sale but have seen them in Wal-mart and also in magazines... not so pricey .. much easier to find a place to put them when not in use and I pedal on mine every night while watching my favorite TV shows!

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Posted: 18 Aug 2012, 17:52
Molax- why will diet pop slow your weight loss? I haven't heard that- do you have link to that or something I can read?
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Posted: 20 Aug 2012, 20:54
Hi there,

I have had a lap band for 4 years, and as my weight was dropping I became complacent and started gaining weight due to eating the wrong foods. Shock I also really only had cereal for breakfast and dinner and never felt hungry. But I stopped losing weight.

I have recently started on a high protein diet. Doubt Now I'm a big cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch type girl, so I was sceptical. However since I have started eating protein the weight is falling off. I am also eating six meals a day, ie every 3 hours. I work on 100 grams of protein for the 3 main meals and 50 gram snack (m/tea, a/tea and supper). My metabolism has sped up and I have lost 10 kilograms in about 4 weeks, with 4 kilograms lost in the first week. Very Happy

So a typical day for me would be; Breakfast - scrambled on toast, or bacon and egg, bacon diced and cooked with 3 bean mix and tomato paste, cereal and protein powder with skim milk (it should be water but I can't do that!). Mid morning snack - protein bar, or shake. Lunch - often leftover's from dinner, tuna or chicken salad. Afternoon snack - cottage cheese with celery and carrot. Dinner Chicken, beef, pork or any other meat or tofu and vegetables. Supper - protein bar, hommus dip, etc.

This works because protein burns carbohydrates, and if you are not eating carbs then the protein burns fat. If we were running marathons then yes, we would need carbs, but most people with weight issues are lucky to go for a walk. I find it easy and at this point I am still not doing much exercise, however as the weather warms I will get out more (I live in Australia - coming into spring!).

This works for me and believe me I have tried everything - and I thought when it came to dieting I knew everything too! Good luck with your journey. Smile

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Posted: 25 Aug 2012, 07:58
So just from your post I would suggest eating four or five smaller meals throughout the day. Set a timer if you tend to forget. Eat a high protein breakfast within thirty minutes of getting up in the morning. Try egg white omelet with spinach and black beans (no cheese). Or if you're like me and can't stomach food that early, then a high protein low cal drink.

I'd lose the ham and pepperoni in the salad. Nitrates, salt and calorie dense. You don't have to eats lot to eat too many calories. Instead exchange those meats for a lean grade of grass fed beef, chicken or organic pork.

When choosing dairy products, choose ones that lend value to your gut: Greek yogurt is a good choice, cows milk is not.

Eat fats that are healthier for you. Choose olive oil when cooking and dress your salad with a simple olive oil and vinegar dressing.

Cut down on the fruit. Although healthy, it is loaded with sugar which spikes your insulin and could play havoc with you metabolism. let your fruit be a once a day treat.

Your four to five meals should focus on high protein, high fiber choices. When you eat carbs, make them slow carbs- no refined carbohydrates, just carbs in their natural form, such as potatoes, wild or brown whole grain rice. Avoid refined breads, flour, prepackaged food products.

Try it for a few days at first. To gain a comfort level. Let us know how it goes!

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Posted: 25 Aug 2012, 21:43
A balanced diet is the best. You have to have some carbs for quick energy, but you also want to include protein that will last a little longer in your body. If you are essentially fasting from bedtime the night before to dinner time the following day, you are slowing your metabolism. Your body thinks it is starving, so it slows it's metabolism to sustain life. God made us very well. 5-6 small meals like the others have suggested is a good idea. It will keep your metabolism higher since your body will know it's not starving. I used to do the same thing you are doing and I used to overeat or make poor choices once I sat down to eat in the evening. I have no idea if this is what you are doing or not, but it's just an idea. Also, the closer to bedtime that you eat will cause you to hold onto more weight since your body doesn't need as much energy to sleep. I am struggling with this habit myself right now. Make sure to drink enough fluids. Everyone should get about 2 liters of fluid per day to stay hydrated. If you have any health issues that would prevent you from drinking more fluid than follow your doctor's orders. From your description of your diet, it sounds like you eat more carbs than anything else. Fruits and veggies are healthy carbs, but they are still carbs. Mix some more protein with your meals (cheese, meat, fish, etc.). Hope this helps

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Posted: 02 Sep 2012, 10:50
People who tell you to eat more food either don't have your best interests at heart or don't understand your situation. Try to eat a balanced diet while staying within your calorie requirements.

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Posted: 03 Sep 2012, 23:59
I lost weight on a low carb, oat bran diet plan. The basic aim about this diet is to eat the right kind of carbs (found in whole grains such as oat brain, whole wheat, rye, barley etc, fruits and veggies) and to try and eliminate fatty, starchy carbs (found in white bread, white rice, potatoes and pasta) from your diet as far as possible. You should try to eat protein rich foods such as lean meat, chicken, eggs, turkey, fish, tofu, soy etc. Exercise boosts weight loss so I’d advise you to work out at least 4 times a week, if not every day. The key is to enjoy what you do- so you can consider your options from swimming, spinning, boxing, Pilates or even enroll in a dance class like salsa or something. If you enjoy your workout, exercising will feel like no difficult task.

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Posted: 08 Sep 2012, 20:31
With a little planning I have found this diet to be very easy to follow. Basically I buy ground turkey, chicken breasts. plain greek non fat yogurt, chobani non fat yogurt with fruit, oatbran, and grey pupon mustard and egges. All from Costco about once every 10 days. Turkey burgers with a plain yogurt and dijon mustard dressing are my favorite. I mix the mustard with 2 table spoons of non fat plain greek yougurt slice a whole onion and put it on top of that they add my burger. Its very filling. If I dont have cooked chicken breast I will hardboil some eggs on the fly so I have something to eat while at work. Going out to lunch with clients is always a treat. On Thursday I was downtown at a SteakHouse. Ordered a shrimp cocktail while my client enjoyed there appetizer and for my entree a plain grilled salmon. A cup of decaf after lunch and I was good until 8 p.m. that night. I am on phaze two. Lost about 10 pounds and want to go down another 4-5 pounds. I am loosing some weeks 4 ounces. Last week was my biggest week I lost 1.2 pounds. The inspiration is that I have lost every week. My trick is that I weigh in under the same conditions every week. My weigh in is on an empty stomach, after a tough workout. I never weigh in inbetween ( it would just drive me crazy to see the fluctuations ) One more thing... I was really good for the first 6-8 weeks, but now will have a glass or two of wine if I am out with friends. Over the last 3 weeks I would say I drank 4 times. It was worth it!

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Posted: 08 Sep 2012, 20:34
Tried on cloths today. Everything that was tight is comfortably loose! Bought a new pair of RL jeans - waist 26.

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Posted: 13 Sep 2012, 21:33
Congratulations, DV123! It'll be another 6 inches for me before I have a 26" waist again.

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