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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 14:09
My biggest struggle has to be actually getting motivated to pick up a weight, or take a walk, or do anything remotely active - this was never a problem when I was younger, but most evenings after work I just want to sit and veg.. Outside of diet, how do you guys get motivated to get in shape, not be a shape?
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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 14:15
I just looked in the mirror one day and decided enough was enough. I also decided that nobody else was gonna do this for me, if I wanted it, I had to do the work. I knew that if I kept going the way I was I would end up being "more" than a shape...I was gonna be a blob!! The biggest motivator for me is the scale and the way my clothes are beginning to get loose...I love that feeling and I want more of it...I also know what I have to do to get It!!

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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 14:36
I get mental shut down after work, big time. I've started working out right after I leave work, BEFORE I go home to veg out. My rational is that I cannot relax until I've done it. I may feel differently after a couple of months, but so far so good for now.

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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 15:06
Scheduling my workouts into my week has helped me to make sure I do them. Signing up for a fitness class that meets regularly (could be as little as once a week) may help you be more accountable. So for me I do an aerobics class on Tuesdays after work, go for a run Thursdays, and do an hour of cardio on the elliptical and treadmill at the community workout room on Saturday.

I think it's also helpful to start out with small fitness goals such as "walk for 15 minutes every day". Could be done during your lunch break, an afternoon break, etc. and you should be able to get in at least 15 minutes on both Saturday and Sunday. Other examples of good starter goals are:

"do 20 crunches every day"
"do 10 pushups Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and one weekend day"
"do 10 squats and 10 lunges on Tuesday, Thursday and one weekend day"

You can get a lot done during commercial breaks of your favorite show! It's fine to start out small and build up every week or every other week. Just start!

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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 15:42
My experience is that the sluggishness wears off in about a week once I start exercising again.

There's a number of big losers on here that have done it with minimal exercise. I think being very careful not to injure out is very important. I tend to want to overdo things when I get motivated so I can end up shooting myself in the foot by overexercising.

Since exercise isn't exactly necessary to lose weight I'm trying to focus on what activities I enjoy or what will support what I enjoy.
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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 17:15
I have to schedule my workouts earlier in the day or I won't do them. I'll get too busy, get too tired, etc. And I feel so good starting out my day with a great workout. Then I also workout during lunch. Otherwise I'm too tired to work the rest of the day.
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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 18:20
This isn't for everybody, I know, but I workout before I go to work. This makes sure that the time for exercise is there. If I wait to exercise after work I am often just too tired to get it done. Also, there seems to be added benefits for me in working out in the morning. I just feel better throughout the day. Also, my appetite seems to be less when I start the day by moving. It may just be that I'm less inclined to add calories back on that I just worked off. Who knows, but for me it is working.

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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 22:23
Walking is what's doing it for me. That and keeping track of it with a pedometer. No one is more surprised than I am at how motivating that is for me - seeing those steps go up and up.

As I looked at the stats this morning, starting just from the first of November '11, I was shocked to see that the pedo on my waist has logged 1091417 steps. I did a double take, realizing that is over 1 million steps. In basically four months. I am astounded.

And most of the time I'm not doing this for hours at a time. I get in about 10-12 minutes walking just from my car to my desk in the morning. Then, a friend and I do 15 - 18 minutes mid-morning; 25 - 30 minutes at lunch and then we stretch our 10 minute break in the afternoon into the 15 minute range. (Don't tell management!) I am fortunate enough to work in a very large building (it's actually three buildings connected by walk-ways). Soon we'll be able to walk outdoors.

I readily admit that I really stuggle to get this in on weekends, even with a treadmill in the basement. I've taken to walking at the mall on occasion.

It gets down to doing something you want to do that you can keep doing and deciding what it is you really want. Is it more important to be able to get back to doing things you used to do and get healthy OR more important to be that couch potato??? (This is what I hear myself saying to myself, almost every day.)

Good luck with finding your motivation. Joyce
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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 23:35
I've got to get it done in the morning. If I wait till later I have too much time to talk myself out of a workout.

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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 23:35
And i really enjoy running outside. Being outdoors is motivating enough!

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Posted: 07 Mar 2012, 00:14
Haha, I have the exact same problem. After I get home, I want to relax, watch TV, surf the 'net, and cook. Exercise doesn't sound like something that interests me. But then, lately, I have realized that I am getting tired more easily and things that were easy earlier are a lot more difficult now.

So I have promised myself that I will do 5 minutes of exercise everyday. Just 5 minutes. Five minutes isn't an inconvenience, doesn't take much, and is way better than 0 minutes. And at the end of it, I feel nice about myself.

I think that once I get into the habit, I will increase it. Gradually of course! And I'm hoping that when I get used to exercising, it will be more of a comfort than a chore. (At least, every exerciser claims that).

Best of luck!!!

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Posted: 07 Mar 2012, 06:45
When I look into the future of my skinny me, I see myself running in the mornings, being active, back to being fit and healthy... Of course, I am peering into the crystal ball while I am sitting on the couch Sad

I am thinking I've got to get into a morning thing - get it out of the way and build it into my morning routine - that way, it's done, over with and get on with the day - as my metabolism picks up and I gain more energy, maybe the results will be motivation enough..
Goal 1 - 200lbs - reward - Go sky diving...
Goal 2 - 175lbs - reward - get my tattoo...
Goal 3 - enter a 5k before my 40th birthday - reward? Being able to say I did it!!

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Posted: 07 Mar 2012, 07:31
I do it first thing in the morning, also. That's the best time for me to squeeze it in without any excuses (I have two young daughters and my husband works swing shifts), but it's also motviation to stay on track the rest of the day. If I worked my tail off at 5:00 a.m., I'm less likely to indulge the rest of the day and make all of that hardwork for naught.

I also get really bored, so if motivation is a problem, find something you love, not just something that works. I avoided running at first because I thought I hated it, but once I got into the "zen" aspect of it, I adore it. It's truly like an addiction for me now. But that may not be the case for you. Maybe swimming is your thing. Or Zumba. Or Wii Fit. Or Just Dance. Or racketball. Burn calories like kids do: PLAY!

In the end, I workout now because I love it, but when I started this journey, I did it because the payoff was huge. And once I started to see results, I couldn't deny myself the satisfaction.

Happy sweating!
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Posted: 07 Mar 2012, 09:18
Hi there. I am fairly new to the Fat Secret forum. I am starting at 244 down from 249. I have a long way to go. But with God's help and self motivation I know I can do this. I just wanted to encourage you because you are so close to the finish line.


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Posted: 07 Mar 2012, 10:13
I completely agree with umdterpsgirl. I don't know if you're a tv junkie, but my friend and I turn sporting events or tv shows into a workout challenge. If you watch a TV show religiously, make a set of rules such as "every time someone says the word ____ do 5 pushups", or "every time someone scores a basket, do 2 situps."

March Madness is coming up... I know everyone will be watching some games... you may as well turn a few into a good workout while hanging out on the couch!

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Posted: 07 Mar 2012, 10:17
Honestly, just do it. Build it into your schedule and treat it as mandatory, not optional. Once you're in a routine, it's easier to stick with but when you're getting started, you have to force yourself off your butt. First thing in the morning works for some and if I'm working out after work, I'm not allowed to sit down when I get home. Walk in the door, change clothes, grab my stuff and get to it!

Exercise classes may be a good way to add structure and motivate yourself, too. I love kickboxing and it's surprisingly easy to motivate myself to get to the Friday evening and Sunday morning classes (which are the only ones that work in my schedule), especially when the alternative is doing a workout on my own- much more of a meat grinder for me. Or find a workout buddy, so you can motivate each other. Whatever you do, making physical activity a regular part of your life is key for weight loss, so make it something you enjoy and can stick with in the long run. The more you involve others in your life in your routine, the easier this will be.
- Natalie

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Posted: 07 Mar 2012, 13:37
I am the opposite of a lot of people on here. I work out after dinner before bed. if i go right after work I end up not working as hard or as long. I go home and allow myself to sit and rest for 5 or 10 minutes. Make dinner, eat, do dishes then go to the gym around 8 or so. I have more energy because I ate and I am am able to destress from the day and sleep GREAT after my shower when I get home

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Posted: 07 Mar 2012, 13:47
I do that tooo....great way to end the day....good job on pounds lost!! i am working to be just like you

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Posted: 23 Apr 2012, 10:52
If you have a 'before' picture of yourself, make copies and keep one where you will see it every day, several times a day. Or take a current picture and do the same. This is what I did and it is a good motivator. I do have trouble finding time to fit exercise into my schedule, but when I'm ready to grab the junk food, that picture helps me to remember why I'm doing what I'm doing. Good luck!

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Posted: 23 Apr 2012, 11:22
I forced myself to do it. I did a 30 day no excuse challenge. I do bodyrock, it's hard, but quick, so I can easily work it into my day. 15 minutes a day most days. I have a notebook that has my before picture on it, that I use as my workout notebook. I write down my workout in there. It does help to see my before picture to get me motivated to get moving!
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