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Posted: 04 Feb 2012, 11:29
Well I just joined this group..I'm dietbetic..Since I went on insulin a few years ago I have been fighting a losing battle with all these extra pounds..
I also am on oxygen 24 hours a day..I Can't walk over 5 minutes so exercise is out..Also on a Cpap all night for sleep..
If anyone has any ideas to help me I'd be happy to hear your ideas..I'm 69 years old..Married 48 years..Live in central Florida..
Love Always Char..

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Posted: 04 Feb 2012, 11:56
Hi Char, sorry to hear you are not in good health. It is very hard to give advise to people with medical conditions. You really have to talk to your doctor about that. You cannot really change your diet drastically if you are on insulin. Try to make small changes, eat more fresh produce, less processed food, whole grains. Again I don't know if you can cook a lot yourself so it might not be in option. Even if you cannot exercise vigorously, you can still try to add a little bit of gentle stretching and moving while sitting or even lying in bed. There are times in life when even moving your toes is considered an exercise and allows you to improve circulation in your feet. Try to do some stretching for 2-5 minutes at a time so that you don't run out of breath. You might not see a drastic weight loss but you might start feeling a little bit stronger. Also logging your food and writing in a journal makes you more aware of what makes you feel better and what does not.

Welcome to FS, I hope you will find a lot of support here. Wishing you good health.
The first thing you lose on a diet is your sense of humor. ~ Author Unknown
It doesn’t matter what diet you follow… What matters is what makes you follow your diet. ~ Tom Venuto

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Posted: 04 Feb 2012, 12:00
So glad to hear from you..You gave me some ideas to try..

Thank You
Love Always Char..

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Posted: 04 Feb 2012, 12:32
The best advise I ever received was that you have to eat to lose weight! At least three small meals a day and two snacks and drink plenty of water.

Look for a balance of healthy foods. Fruits, vegetables, grains, lean meats, fish and poultry. I too am diabetic. My diabetes nutritionist recommended that I include plenty of fiber, omega-3, vitamin D and calcium in my diet. But not more than the daily recommended intake. All in all, it seems to have helped. I've also started adding a tsp. or two of 'Salba' seed to my food. It's an amazing little seed that packs a whollup of goodness, especially for diabetics.

I wish you well.

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Posted: 04 Feb 2012, 13:01
Ask the Doctor about a good low carb diet. It seems to work easier than the "rabbit food" diets I have been on in the past. Next thing I have to do is reduce sodium intake though as some of these meats are high sodium.

Good luck

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Posted: 04 Feb 2012, 23:47
I'm not diabetic but I second the recommendation by UnclePen,

This is a journey that you're going to have to figure out however I'll share some of what I've learned from reading in trying to figure out my path to weight loss and health.

From my understanding of the disease a diabetic (Type 2) is someone whose body becomes so insulin resistant that their pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to lower the levels of sugar in the blood, which is toxic. The amount of insulin is unable to do its job of directing blood sugar out of the blood stream. Since insulin is unable to do its job properly weight loss is often one of the first signs of Type 2 Diabetes.

So doctors prescribe insulin injections to increase the amount of insulin in the blood beyond what the body can produce to help clear sugar from the blood.

Insulin is our fat storage hormone (it actually turns off fat burning and turns on fat storage). From the book Why We Get Fat Gary Taubes notes that a large majority of diabetics who are prescribed insulin injections start to gain weight rapidly due to the excess insulin being sent into the body.

This is why it can be impossible for a diabetic to lose weight eating a 'well balanced' meal with ‘healthy whole grains’ and then taking an insulin injection to counter the blood sugar spike.

I follow a lot of low carb happenings and one of the people often mentioned with regards to diabetics is Dr. Bernstein, who has an interesting life story as a type 1 diabetic and who switched his life focus from engineering to medicine because none of his doctors were giving him good advice. It is often recommended to diabetics to follow his diet plan outlined in his book Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution.

He is very much against a lot of the mainstream advice given to diabetics and you can see a short debate with him here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PZno7Nkuuw

You have nothing to lose to at least consider new advice and if you do decide to pursue an alternative treatment such as this make sure you have a fully supportive doctor, there are lots out there. And read, read, read!

"Eat as if your life depends on it!"

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Posted: 06 Feb 2012, 20:29
Assuming you are on oxygen for a lung problem you could also see if your doctor could refer you to a good pulmonary rehab program. it can really help with building up your endurance and getting you to where you can do normal daily activities easier. Ive had alot of patients who really benefited from it.

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Posted: 07 Feb 2012, 11:42
You can lose weight without exercise, I have lost 90+ pounds so far and I am not starving myself on rabbit food. Talk to your doctor to see if they can recommend a nutritionist for you to see. Until then try to eat unprocessed foods with low carbs and low fat. Also, track all the food you eat in on Fatsecret, it will help your buddies/nutritionist/doctor give you tips to help your weight loss. Good Luck, you can do this.

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Posted: 09 Feb 2012, 13:47
You are never to ill for exercise, it is just that some of us need to talk it over with our doctors to be safe. You don't have to run or do jumping jacks, just find activities that are within your means and approved by your doctor. While you sit in your chair you can raise your arms above your head doing repetitions, then resting, or lifting one foot or leg at a time in the same manner. Ask your doctor what he recommends, as I have never met a doctor than maligned *all* activity. Believe it or not, any calories you are burning can help with your diabetes (if you are getting a good diet) and make your muscles that much more efficient. I am not going to go and tell you can run a 5k race, but I will suggest you can at the very least slow the progression of your breathing problems and diabetes. Talk to your doctor. S/He may notice you are eating too many starchy foods or too many calories all together or that you are smoking and need help to quit... They are smart people and can refer you to others like a nutritionist or physical therapist if they do not know... The hardest part is deciding whether or not you are going to listen to what they have to say. I worked long term care for ten years, and excepting rare occurrences like terminal cancer, I have hardly seen any *truly* motivated patients that were not able to make even small gains. I am glad to see that you want to work on your health, and hope that we can all support you on your journey. No person on this entire earth knows the day, hour, minute, they will expire and so it is never to late to live better or happier.

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