Atkins..i'm trying really trying, but if i have to eat another egg or piece of meat i'm going to bar

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Posted: 14 Nov 2011, 18:05
that's so funny!! oh well, maybe someone else can use the advice!!

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Posted: 07 Dec 2011, 16:28
pudgey911 wrote:
I honestly believe these diets, Atkins etc, are dangerous. I truly believed in them too for a while, I couldn't believe I could eat all this great stuff and lose weight at the same time, until I started to get kidney stones (kidney problems are a known side effect of high protein diets) and then I found that I missed certain foods and ended up craving them and then ultimately eating them again. Of course back came the weight too.

I am mostly vegetarian now, because I believe that good eating habits are not just about portion control and moderation, although obviously that is HUGE, but it's also about quality nutrition and I think we all know that virtually all of the vitamins and minerals our bodies need are in the phytochemicals found in fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes etc and NOT in meats. One can make an argument for vitamin B12 but not a whole lot else. So for me I needed to get off these fad diets, because ultimately they don't work because you simply can't adopt them as a lifestyle. Eventually you want some carbs and you pile the weight back on. They also don't work because they are unhealthy. Incidentally, I threw away my Lipitor as the change in my diet NATURALLY reduced my cholesterol from a stubborn 255 to a steady 160. My doctor was bowled over.

We need to find a way to lose the weight by adopting a new way of eating, moderation, lots of exercise, a balanced healthy NUTRITIOUS diet and making all the right choices. We KNOW what to do, there aren't any shortcuts. It's always a challenge; our diets shouldn't be something we "go on" but a lifestyle choice we make that we can maintain for the long run and keeps us healthy and well.

Calories in, calories out, good nutrition, plenty of exercise, everything in moderation. It's easy really it's us that make it difficult.

Just my 2 cents worth. Good luck everyone ...

Everything you said i completely agree on. however, i'm not vegetarian at all(lots of fish, turkey and chicken), but my doctor advised me to eat no dairy products, so some of the things i eat are technically Vegan. following exactly what you did (minus vegetarian) and i have lost and kept off 15 pounds in 4 months. I pretty much follow Eat this! not that!

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Posted: 08 Dec 2011, 11:30
Once upon a time I too believed that Atkins was a dangerous diet. I thought that it would cause kidney stones, liver failure, and heart disease. I was wrong.

I think what formed my negative opinion of Atkins was a nutrition class I took at a local Jr. College about 12 years ago. I held that view up until earlier this year. It's all about calories I would tell my self. I had about 50 lbs that I would gain, lose, gain. I've been one of fat kids since I was in grade school. It was my fault I told myself. I simply eat too much and can't control my hunger, I told myself.

Voices of government and authority are strong influences. Who has time to learn everything about everything? Many times we just have to trust the voice of authority in order to be productive in other aspects of our lives. Reducing nutrition down to calories in / calories out made it super easy to tell myself I know enough to be healthy... I just need to control my urges.

I've been trying to figure out what it was that caused me to question my own opinions about health and nutrition. The only thing I can come up with is that I was at a point in my life where I was ready to question myself and let go of what I had already learned. This is hard for most people and I had many times prior the opportunity to question myself and didn't take it. I wasn't ready.

Earlier this year, after doing some life changing reading, I did the Atkins diet for a while and discovered that it is a great diet for losing weight. I do not think it is the best diet out there but it is a pretty darn good starting point and easy to follow. The Atkins Diet, like the vegan diet, talk about the problems with processed foods and sugar. This may surprise many people but the Atkins diet is basically a vegan diet (but reduced fruit) with meat. Fatty succulent meat! When a person transitions from the SAD and starts doing a proper Atkins diet she will start consuming more leafy greens and other colorful vegetables than ever before.

And because of the lack of processed and refined foods one's constant hunger diminishes almost over night.

Saturated Fat and Cholesterol are NOT bad for you but important building blocks for health.

It is the non-food / food like substances that we consume that are causing us to get fat and killing us. Sugar, artificial sweeteners, Seed oil (Canola, Sunflower, Soybean, Corn, Cottonseed, etc.), refined flour, and excess grain consumption.

If a person simply removes these foods from their diet they'll have trouble keeping excess fat on!

I've discovered that nutrition is a very personal topic that many people get offended by when questioned. And rightly so. Throughout human history nutritional concepts have been the corner stone of the human experience, codified in tradition, ceremonys, and religion. When reflecting on this it is amazing to me how far astray we've come in the acceptance of items such as skim milk as a health food, or boneless, skinless, fat-less chicken breasts. Soy Milk wha!?!?!

A day of reckoning will come for each of us in terms of health. With heart disease, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer, etc. ever increasing when will we start to question the experts? The experts have been giving us the same bad information for the past 40 years. The only thing keeping us from our loss of vitality, so far, are the tremendous gains in medicine and pharmaceuticals. We're seemingly unable to connect the dots between diet and disease.

Sorry for the rant but when I see people saying that the Atkins diet is dangerous I see my old naive self, and I wish I could go back in time and smack myself strait!
"Eat as if your life depends on it!"

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Posted: 09 Dec 2011, 08:39
Nice post Mike.

The Atkins diet has had a profound impact on me as well. I have learned a lot about foods and chemicals and how my body works. These are things that I can use as "weapons" to keep working on good health.

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Posted: 09 Dec 2011, 08:56
Well said Mike.

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Posted: 09 Dec 2011, 09:57
Mike, it is obvious that you have done your homework and what you said is very well stated. Thank you....

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Posted: 09 Dec 2011, 12:57
I would never say to a person to *not* use Atkins or any other low carb diet. I personally hate getting diet advice, and my post was not meant to be diet advice.I'm sorry if it looked that way. if you love atkins, keep at it! if it doesn't work in your lifestyle, take a look at other methods!

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Posted: 09 Dec 2011, 17:10
pudgey911 I don't accept that Atkins is lacking in vitamins and minerals. He advocates eating meat, vegetables and berries etc. Surely that has a rich source of nutrients? He advocated taking a good quality vitamin/mineral supplement because you drink a lot of water and it causes you to flush out some vitamins and minerals. You have to drink lots to help flush out the results of Ketosis. All I can say is I never felt better, AFTER the initial 4 days.
Lynne ~ Smile


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Posted: 09 Dec 2011, 17:12
BTW, as an alternative, Rose Elliot had a vegetarian low carb book.
Lynne ~ Smile


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Posted: 09 Dec 2011, 17:24
Oh Mike, I have just spotted your brilliant post and I am smiling now. I wish the people who have a downer on Atkins, would actually read his book, for a start. Too many people condemn his WOE when they know nothing about it, or what they DO know, is gleaned from the media or chinese whispers. What gets my hackles up is when those people talk to me about Atkins being dangerous, when I am the one that has read the book, and they haven't. Or they tell me they have done Atkins and it made them ill, but when pushed on the subject, they weren't doing atkins at all. In one case, they were actually doing the 'cabbage soup diet' (yummy, NOT).
Lynne ~ Smile


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Posted: 30 Dec 2011, 21:30
Counting calories does not work. I don't know where I read this but it's something along the lines of, "Your body doesn't do mathematics." Point being, every body is different. If you eat 1200 calories a day and all of these foods consist of unhealthy foods, you're not gonna lose much. Worse off, your cravings get a lot worse. My HUGE problem is cravings. You gotta detox your body from these foods.

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Posted: 22 Jan 2012, 21:18
When I was on Atkins, I never got that burst of energy that some get. I just got more tired and more hungry. My body does really well on the second phase more viggies/fiber carbs, but I fail at the first few weeks. Just the way my body works.

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